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The Spoon Lady

Abby Roach (October 29, 1981) was born in Wichita, Kansas, United States. She had an abusive husband who knocked her teeth out. The state took her children, and she began to ride the rails. Today she is a percussionist, spoon player, and American storyteller, considered one of the best-known street performers of recent times. After learning to play the spoons while touring the United States by train, Abby began her career performing country-style and folk songs in Nashville. When she settled in Asheville in 2013, she met the band man, Chris Rodrigues, who has been her musical partner since then.


Durham’s Report

“Based on the review of Crossfire Hurricane and related intelligence activities, we concluded the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report,” Durham wrote.

“The FBI personnel also repeatedly disregarded important requirements when they continued to seek renewals of that FISA surveillance while acknowledging — both then and in hindsight — that they did not genuinely believe there was probable cause to believe that the target was knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of a foreign power.”



Netflix’s “docudrama” Queen Cleopatra launched two weeks ago and now looks to have earned the unenviable plaudit of drawing the worst audience score in TV history. from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/fplQh9W


Gaslighting Gas Stoves

New York is virtue signaling. Those fools in New York! California did the same thing over a year ago. So, you’re NOT the first! No one can out-left and out-woke California. They lead the nation in dumb-shit ideas that will and have cost average Californians thousands of dollars in energy expenses every year. https://thehill.com/…/3663271-what-does-a-ban-on…/


Popular Science

Inner Space -The project, called Proteus, would be a marine analog to the International Space Station, and would primarily accommodate aquanauts, the equivalent of an astronaut in the ocean. It’s an idea that has been bubbling for some time now. But it could start taking shape relatively soon. Proteus Ocean Group, a private company that would operate and run Proteus, has recently signed an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract with a firm that has expertise in creating hyperbaric and pressure vessels in the ocean environment. Much of what Proteus is doing in terms of the technology they’re exploring is similar to space technology.

The first unit will be installed off of Curaçao, an island north of Venezuela, in a marine protected area around 60 feet deep. The team is looking into additional locations across Europe and the US for future stations— their goal is to create a network of them. They’ve already completed 3D mapping of the seafloor around the general area where Proteus will be located.



Norse (Viking) Expansion


Identify the Aircraft


45 thoughts on “Oh, Come on Now

    1. Are you sure it isn’t a Venom? The nose looks kinda… funny, to me. I can;t really tell from this picture.

      Of course, it could be a “Mistral”, too…


        1. Surly, your AI skills need to be trusted. You were right the first time. It’s a Vampire.

          1. Are twin boom aircraft more stable or more maneuverable or able to carry more weight? There are several examples of twin booms and they don’t seem to be designed and used now a days?

          2. Twin-boom aircraft, especially the fighter / attack types, were mostly that way as a method of saving weight. Nowadays, with jillion-pound-of-thrust engines sort of a dime a dozen, that is less of a problem.


      1. The nose looks funny due to the paint job; that’s an optical illusion, not a structural feature. Of course, nobody beats Surly, but I did mutter “Vampire” before scrolling down to the comments.

  1. They need to stick those undersea bases somewhere useful, where they can do research on mining / etc. Plopping them down in sacrosanct marine reserves makes them mostly very expensive grant-driven vacation tourist spots.


  2. I love Abby’s carhartt brown duck overalls, a staple with the rural Kansas “stand knee deep in mud, and have dust blow in your face at 40 mph” crowd. Just don’t wear them without a shirt, the unique strap fasteners will remove tufts of chest hair.

    1. And catch strands of beard for those so gifted with sufficient facial hair. Ask me how I know…

  3. The Scandinavians went far further than people used to acknowledge. There’s some evidence they made it over the top of now-Canada and Alaska and may have made it to now-West Coast USA.

    And if you believe a horrible Lee Majors movie, they made it to Florida, too.

    Though they probably made it into, at least, now Lake Ontario. And may have portageed past Niagara Falls into the rest of the great lakes.

  4. As to the Biden, Obama and Clinton Crime Families, nothing surprises me nor has any of the ‘new’ relevations really been new, most being known before the 2016 elections, many known before the 1994 elections.

          1. Definitely not you, Kle. Equity does not extend it’s boney finger in your direction.

  5. The FBI sure lived up to it’s motto “I’m with her”. Special thanks to Obama. I wonder who they are framing now that we’ll never know about?

      1. Yup, gas stoves are a distraction, they have bigger plans to criminalize regular life so we’re brought to heel. They’re forgetting something: We still have lots of weaponry…and torches and welders. You can do a lot with a torch and welder….Heemeyer did just fine for a while, scared the wussy city morons who thought they were more special than everyone else, until he came to their front doors.

          1. That’s amazing…never underestimate what a guy can do with hand tools when necessity overrides restriction.

  6. Durham’s Report – dunno if it’s still available but there used to be a wall poster with a picture of a river with a number of hippos in it, many of them with their mouths wide open. The wording said “When all is said and done, there is a lot more said than done.”

  7. Durham’s report is already being mothballed, can’t have the truth out there now can we. Can’t have consequences either. Heard a clip of The Magical Mr O being asked by CBS ‘news’ – a high slow softball question – What keeps him up at night? His non-teleprompted pre-written Community Organizer answer: “A divided conversation.” Shear genius, that one. More like ‘sheer’ genius…the guy is almost as hollow between the ears as his 3rd Term Puppet-On-A-String, certainly as divisive. Nothing keeps that guy up at night except when Ol Joe goes off script. This bum weaponized law government shops against political opponents. Heads need to roll…but they won’t…they’ve made themselves nearly untouchable.

    Vikings- Have a Norwegian friend, born in Bergen, long extended family history there, all “purebreds”. Decided to run his DN for grins, thinking 100%. Came back with a small percentage of Aussie. Hehehe, he was REALLY disappointed. Told him, “You do realize your ancestors really got around, climbed into their long boats and sailed off to parts unknown? No surprise they pillaged Australia somewhere along the way….THAT’S a badge, says you’re of Viking stock.” He was okay with that thought.

    1. Aussie as in aboriginal “blackfella” Australian (!) or some sunburnt blokes called Bruce wearing hats with corks on strings hanging off of them?

      The latter would be totally understandable. (“Criminal” pommies, themselves descended in part from Scandinavians, got their genes transported to Terra Australis. So a Norseman having “pommie Australian” genes is merely confused causation, but logical.) Aboriginal Australian genes on the other hand, is not explainable, and I’d be annoyed too if someone accused me of having their genes.

      Two problems with at least some of the commercial genetic ancestry services. 1) they use modern-day gene distributions, ignoring immigration, which is how you get the travesty of, say, Somali genes being “native Swedish”. Because well meaning idiots fell prey to a mix of malignant assholes/well-meaning high-IQ fools, and imported en mass lots of violent retards totally incompatible with Scandinavian society. 2) for later — gotta run to a meeting.

      1. Excellent thought, guessing the criminal element side of things…but…as you say, that fits with the Norseman’s general bent. Yes, these DNA services do tend to bleed over some, mistakes can be made (eg. contamination being the big one as more and more tests are done.) Yet, with markers for everything, including medical proclivities, they are in the 99.8 percentile. Can’t outrun or deny God’s cellular programming.

        Meetings, the corporate alternative to real work, albeit some can be necessary and productive. At least it’s in person, better way to judge the room and disallow the nudges to act out.

        1. I wasn’t calling Norsemen criminals, sorry I was unclear. I was trying (poorly) to say that white Australians are largely descended from people originating from the British Isles. And the British Isles are full of Scandinavian genes. So saying a Norwegian has white Australian genes is backwards causation, since it’s really that white Aussies have Scandinavian genes. Now if a Norseman has aboriginal genes then that’s just weird — which brings me back to point 2).

          2) pardon me while I snug down my tinfoil hat, but I’ll bet that the genetics services are happy to add bits of “African” or other vibrancy to people’s gene reports. For Reasons. Meaning for social manipulation and gas lighting. (I think that’s why many people are fascinated by having Neanderthal genes. It’s a way of separating yourself from the sub-Saharan and sticking your middle finger in the faces of the “we’re all the same under the skin” crowd. “No, we most definitely are NOT! I have 5% Neanderthal genes, and Those People have none. We’re not ‘the same’. QED.”)

  8. Spoon Lady-Shades of 1990’s Friday nights at the Longhorn Café in Harper, a small town in Central Texas. Longhorn, at that time still had the original grease build up and cigarette/cigar smoke stains on the walls. After a plate sized CFS you could enjoy an evening of country music from a group of local musicians. Instruments included the spoons, washtub bass, guitars, banjo, piano, and any other musical instrument someone would bring in. After the music started there was always someone joining the group, playing for a while, leaving and another player with the same, or different instrument stepping up to join the group.

  9. Durham’s report.

    “Durham writes a 316-page report, meticulously detailing the false construct of the Trump-Russia narrative. Yet for some reason, the Mueller/Weissmann investigation, an entire special counsel investigation that was predicated and justified by that false Trump-Russia narrative, never found the same evidence?

    Durham never looked at it. Why? Because he knew Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann were installed to cover up the original fabrications by the CIA, FBI, DOJ and U.S. intelligence apparatus. Mueller’s probe existed in material fact to hide the Obama weaponization to target Donald Trump. Durham knew this; that’s why he never touched it.”

    From here–

    1. Well, that entire “investigatory” group did mange to “spend” $42 million of our tax dollars to put on a charade show while lining their off-shore accounts.

      BTW, will an “investigation” be done for The Fowch Mengele? Nah, that guy is enjoying sun on his pasty white legs sitting on his private Caribbean beach. Nothing to see there either despite glaring evidence to the contrary, like The White Incestuous Mafia that is The Biden Crime Family, The Swamp is quickly mothballing any and all evidence of those 20 LLC’s…it’s sitting right next to the tranny school shooters unhinged Manifesto and The Manchurian O’s real brith certificate and college records.

  10. Big Inner Space deals are similar to the heavy lifting airships that crop up every now and then. Lots of bucks go their way and nothing of substance ever actually flies. Proteus has all the buzz words for getting money — hydroponics, wind, solar and the like. I hope it actually produces good results.

    That being said, I give high credit to Jacques Cousteau, his family and the divers who wanted to do something special. They advanced underwater operations significantly and presented the world with films showing the life that we normally wouldn’t see under the surface. Conshelf I and II look slim by today’s standards, but were world class and accomplished what others said couldn’t be done.

    Now we have luxury hotels with underwater bedrooms and dining areas to allow tourists a tiny glimpse into life below the waves.

  11. decompression time, genetic modifications, socialist/commune government, and squeaky helium speech all covered in (mostly terrible) SF novelettes from back in the day (’40s, ’50s)

    1. And the mystery SF short story about who sunk the underwater city XYZ(can’t remember the real name).
      City started having problems and troubleshooter showed up to track them down, but the city, now evacuated, started going down too soon. Troubleshooter spent time thinking things through, then went to the gal who designed it, and who he had been working with, and said he had two questions. The first was “Will you marry me?”. She gave him the Ye Olde Hairy Eyeball and asked what the second question was, and he asked who sunk the city. Turned out to be a design flaw too obscure to be obvious.
      Story ended by saying they got married and lived happily ever after…but it wasn’t always easy.

  12. Interior decorator. Darn, would not work over my wood stove but I could see a variety of aircraft that could work over a fireplace. B-52 comes to mind.

    Inner space. It may advance our ability to live and work submerged but there looks to be a whole lot of “money pit” involved.

    Spoon lady. Good on her, she made something out of nothing but bad experiences.

    Durham’s Report. Until people go to prison (general population in a Super Max) this is a lot of nothing.

    Norse Expansion. Interesting. I imagine that the traders and raiders could be the same people, just different days and different situations. If they came upon someplace that looked well defended then they traded. If they came across a place that looked like easy pickings then they raided.

  13. Twin tails do have advantages- lower tail height (smaller hangar footprint), less weight, redundancy, and more elevator authority. Re Proteus, that’s already been done years ago by the Navy, it was called Sealab. And Scott Carpenter was one of the participants while he was an astronaut.

    1. Old NFO, yes it’s been done. And this evolution is precisely what I said it is. If you are a trust fund baby with a degree in oceanography (pay to play) you can screw off with this shallow-water sea laboratory in the warm and unremarkable Caribbean, jacking off and telling everyone in the bar how you’re contributing to science.

      Drop it into an abysmal and do some real research.

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