People Ask Me

“When will the war in Ukraine be over?” I reply, “How long did they stretch out Afghanistan?” It’s all about money – lots of money.

This is the situation (below) and it has not changed significantly. The Russians will push forward a mile or two here and there and the Ukrainians will do the same. Small gains and losses.

Kharkov/Kharkiv (below) is one area where Ukraine has made significant progress with very little Russian presence beyond its national border.

The bigger game is being played outside of Russia as sharks smell blood in the water with a weakened Russia. China finds itself shackled to a Russian corpse even as Chinese national credit problems spiral completely out of control. There is a lot of loose talk on the streets about replacing Chairman-for-Life Xi and while that sort of sedition is often punished, people are fed enough to do it anyway.

Ukraine is preparing for a summer offensive using newly arrived equipment and newly trained soldiers but I can’t tell you where that push will be made or when it will come. Russia has tried to break out with armor but every time they do it, the butcher’s bill is very high both in men and equipment.

Ukraine would love to cut south to the Black Sea east of Crimea and cut off the Russian troops there that Moscow would have difficulty supplying. It’s not that they couldn’t supply them, but it would be lean(er) days for the cut-off Russians.

China’s Belt Road Map (below) lays out its plan for Imperial conquest. Pres. Xi came up with the concept and it also stretches into the Pacific. They’ve been having difficulty executing in some places, and there are nations that don’t want to be China’s satraps. I don’t think that the Russians see themselves in that role, but that’s where they’re headed because their population is aging and they’re not having enough children to sustain particularly Eastern Russia.  In time, China won’t have to invade. In 100 years the Russians will diminish themselves all on their own.


Identify the Aircraft

This aircraft was flown by the US Army Air Force early in the Second World War with many of them ending up being given to the Chinese National Army for use against the Japanese. I’m giving the hint because it is not that well known.


DNA Distribution


Every Day in the DC Beltway

Donkeys are giving up American sovereignty by encouraging unrestrained illegal immigration or scheming with the WHO. Whoever is controlling Joe Brandon is the worst president in American history. There is a limited amount that we can do except…


Snitch Lines

(National Public Radio) NPR agrees with Biden’s initial call to “unity,” and as they seem to know, if you can’t get everybody on board, those non-compliers need to be ratted out. How do you openly show obedience to the Brandon Regime? Wear a mask of course. The non-maskers (I’m thinking of you, Mike_C) are natural rebels to the new world order.

NPR maintains a very strict mask policy and has set up an HR tip line for employees to report on colleagues who are not adhering to guidelines—with the possible result of discipline and even termination.


From Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Joe Biden’s “Disinformation Board” is nothing but an Orwellian tool for censorship.

When I had the chance to question the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, he all but admitted it was bound to fail.

After all, the very same people put in charge of determining the truth are the ones who believed the Steele Dossier was “Russian propaganda.” That turned out to be completely false.

They released the information on WMDs in Iraq. That were never actually there.

The same government behind the mask mandates, the Pentagon Papers, and Iran Contra think they’re going to suddenly monitor what is true and what is not? They’re simply not equipped to do that! 

Let’s just face the facts: the US government is the biggest propagator of misinformation out there and we can’t trust them to tell us the truth.

But (it’s me writing now), if you hold your mud, they let you steal as much as you want to and they’ll give you the same medal that they give to everyone who went to Epstein’s Island.

Along with a solemn promise that you won’t do a day in prison.


      • My faith in the system with the inevitable frail minds that cling to government benefits and feel that that the venom democrats spread is truth, the mules (well over 2000), and the grievance groups who wear vagina outfits at parades and believe that men can have babies and their capacity to not be fooled again — is thin.

        • I’m figuring our half is up to their eyeballs with this baloney and will not allow themselves to be fooled…again.

  1. China… The island building, the outpost in the Solomon Islands, the Panama Canal and various other “economic aid” places in Africa (& the world?) that require large numbers of Chinese labor.
    If you find a map that shows the extent of their spread, it would be helpful to see.

    • I’ve posted one before, a comprehensive map. There have been changes since then. For example, China now owns the Solomon Islands and has made hard moves on the Marshall Islands, etc. There are the artificial islands in the South China Sea and the nations like Siri Lanka that are on the verge of being satraps of Imperial China. The economic aid situations in China are legion. I’ll try and come up with a new one.

      With all of China’s gains, they are closing more cities in the effort to fight the plague, credit in China is a massive problem – of almost Biblical proportions. China exported $452.58 billion to the US in 2020. We need to find a way to reduce that to near zero. (yeah, good luck) A portion of that money is owned by powerful US interests and it’s reinvested in more Chinese infrastructure. The Chinese don’t like to see it leave China — of course.

      • It seemed like the more territory the old Soviet Union expanded their influence over, the more money they had to shell out. It’s almost like a monkey trap.
        Wonder if China is/will experience the same problems?

        • If one genuinely valued Chinese currency, it would be a fraction of what the Chinese government says that the RMB is worth.

          China should allow their RMB to float on the world market…. it would be fun.

  2. Looks like a P-63 Kingcobra variant? I just finished a WW2 history book and they referred to the US giving the Chinese these fighters at the beginning.

  3. IDK what the plane is… it looks kinda like a P-36 with a weird engine / cowl / spinner. Not a Seversky P-35 or -43, not a Curtiss-Wright Demon.

    One thing I find very weird on all the Ruiisa-Ukraine area of control maps is that western end of the peninsula between Kherson and Odessa. Everyone shows it as Ukraine-controlled, but IDK what’s keeping the Russians out. There’s nothing much out there (that I can see from space) and any Ukrainian forces must be completely cut off.


  4. Interesting bird. Had to dig some to find it. What caught my eye was the seeming lack of exhaust stacks. Under the cowl flaps?

  5. Seems there is always a time when only the truth can save you. If you spend your life pushing disinformation (LIES) who will believe you when you are telling the truth? Integrity can only be a constant, IMO.

    • Lies continue to ensnare you, while the truth will set you free.
      As to the politicians and bureaucrats centered around DC, it appears that they occasionally run into the truth…requiring them to take time to recover from the horror.

      • If there is enough money in it for them, they’ll go with the truth.

        I heard Joey Grosso, mafia type, testify in a murder-for-hire he was involved in. Deputy DA Chris Evans (now a superior court judge) asked Joey, who had been lying his ass off what his definition of “the truth” was. Joey said, “If I tell you something and you believe it, it’s the truth.” He ended up doing 35 years state time.

        • Please tell me his nickname was “Fat Joey” — and that he was actually fit and athletic. The nickname being on account of his surname and all….

          Anyway, 35 years he gets for that? Meshugganah! Say the same thing, only in an academic tract, and you get a chair professorship in Postmodern Philosophy.

      • Thought the P-61 was the Black Widow two engine night fighter?

        The Vultee V-48/P-66 started with a longated cowling but had more of a shortened normal cowling on models sent to the Republic of China forces (none to the damned commies, of course.)

  6. Mentioned in Dispatches!
    My cold, cold heart “grew three sizes” a la the Grinch.
    Which means a dilated cardiomyopathy. Thanks a lot. Must go look for some Entresto (TM) and carvedilol. Sigh.

  7. In 100 years the Russians will diminish themselves all on their own.

    In 10 years the surviving humans will have their brain’s neuron connection patterns copied onto computers, where their personalities will have an IQ of 1,000. The purpose of the current politics is to attempt to prevent the technological singularity, defined as the continued beyond-exponential growth of the results of technological innovation.

    Arguments along the lines of ‘man will never walk on Mars because he has never in history walked on Mars’ fail when SpaceX is achieving their milestones. Don’t you look forward to your grandchildren colonizing the solar system?

    • Humans may colonize the Solar System – one day. The issue of radiation outside of Earth’s protection and adequate shielding is still a long way off. I’m not a space exploration doubter, but I am aware of the problems with HUMAN exploration beyond the Moon.

      The value of human colonization (beyond not having all of your eggs in one basket) is debatable.

      Once we figure out how to build a working space elevator from the equator to orbit, I’ll feel a lot more comfortable about throwing out timetables for colonization.

      • Water and dirt are the two best radiation shields available to future non-Earth humans. Water/wastewater will be the best for ships. While underground on Not-The-Earth is the way to live, as long as the body one is living in is seismically inactive or barely active.

        The Bigelow inflatable habitats would have used a combination of water and materials, with a central ‘storm shelter’ shielded by more water. Dammit, Robert Bigelow, you could have been great in space but no, you had to go tits-up, dammit. So now Sierra Nevada is doing inflatables and they’re also using water as a primary and secondary shield material.

  8. Excellent demographic point, and it applies to all the West. We decided, apparently, to commit suicide, it’s literally the damndest thing.

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