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In BLOODY MEXICO: A Novel of Cartel Wars, the Office of Bilateral Implementation in Mexico city received mention more than once because characters in the story interacted there. There has been a lot of talk in Mexico and in the US, suggesting that it is a ‘nest of spies’ or that its presence represents a significant increase in US clandestine interest in Mexico. 
Established by the Merida Initiative, OBI/BIO (depending on your pleasure the acronym still means the same thing) provides a fusion center for US and Mexican relations in their ongoing efforts to stem the flow of illegal narcotics products through Mexico and into the United States. It’s not a spy agency.
The office assists the Mexican government through funding equipment purchases and in other technical measures used to combat the narcotics cartels.
The predatory and violent drug cartels continue their reign of terror in Mexico and it only makes sense that the US would take appropriate efforts to support their allies to the extent they are able and to the extent that the Republic of Mexico requests it. In the photo (right) three people hang from a freeway overpass in Ciudad de Tampico, Tamalupas.
It’s not at all uncommon to stumble across hanging corpses at overpasses, though the Mexican Army and Marines (Naval Infantry) work diligently to cut them down when and where they are found.

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  1. Spring Break MAY be okay. Some of the cartels, I should think, make lots of money off the participants.

  2. And just to think, Sonora is just a bullet shot away from my house. (Well, not really, but it is a short drive….)

  3. WoFat – I think that Cancun is safe, more or less.

    Odie – If a couple of college kids are hung from the rafters it wouldn't mean much to the man in the Oval Office.

    Opus – True

    Euripides – You picked an interesting place to live. We only hope that the
    "colorful" isn't red.

  4. And it's getting progressively worse, less cooperation with US operatives, less sharing of intel, etc…

  5. Old NFO – Much of the funding for ground operations in Mexico has been pulled from US agencies. People can make of that as they will. Note that the Obama Administration is happy to cut THAT but leave many worthless social programs that feed his fawning parasites intact.

  6. I once traveled into Mexico bringing donated SWAT gear to a local PD. We had a letter from the Governor of Arizona (…some guy named Napolitano) to the Governor of the State we were going to – which was supposed to guarantee the safe passage of the stuff (vests, boots, bags – no weapons). Long story short…the letter meant nothing, we had received information that the stuff was going to be seized. A Police Chief of a border town in AZ came up with a solution…he had it smuggled in. True story.

    I hate that place.

  7. Thanks for posting this! I always enjoy coming back to your site!!

    Common Cents

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