Obama’s War on Women

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Women And The Obama Economy [Infographic]

Disastrous policies undertaken by the Obama Administration have had a disproportionate impact on women over the past four years. It’s an inconvenient truth that the Democratic Party will gloss over as Obama tries to remain in office for another four years.

The disproportionate effect on women will continue to get worse. Former U.S. Treasury official Lawrence Goodman sounded the alarm recently when he noted that investors are shunning low-yielding U.S. Treasuries, forcing the Fed to buy “a stunning … 61% of the total net issuance of U.S. government debt.” (IBD)

The Obama Administration has undertaken the “snake eating its own tail” economic death spiral in an effort to keep the numbers looking as good as they can until after the November Election. The Stock Market isn’t high because free enterprise. It’s there because of government manipulation. I wonder if women are watching what’s going on? I wonder if they care. Perhaps we’ll see in November?

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  1. Sorry WoFat – Maybe if the I opened a "solar power" research company, the Obama Administration could get me $50 million, of which I'd kick back $30 million in campaign donations and keep the other $20 million and move to an island with small, fit, women and umbrella drinks and no internet.

    What I'm getting at is that they could shut me up for a mere $20 million of other people's money… The Chicago Way would be to pay me, then have me clipped so that they'd get all $50 million in taxpayer's money. The Solar Company would unfortunately go bankrupt.

  2. Damn, I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize HOW bad… No wonder my daughters are bitching so much…

  3. Well with all that time on their hands…and free contraception…I'm just sayin…

    But on the serious side, I acknowledge that in our own history, this goes back to the 'campaign' for Thomas Jefferson (or against John Adams) in 1800, where slogans and propoganda against one candidate, may actually reflect the opposite of what is true, but it seems like the left has taken it to a new level, and the media, even the not-so-leftist media, buy in. I am surprized to see the Romney campaign come back with some reality – IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID! Hopefully, candidate Romney can respond as well…

  4. WoFat – $20 million tax free will buy more than a few umbrella drinks… But then Chicago thugs would assassinate me and steal back the money before I could buy a single Mai Tai. Such are the tactics of a thugocracy.

    Race – Politics always paints white as black and so forth, but this current Administration seems to be taking it to new lows – which one should expect from Chicago thugs.

    Old NFO – Women who intend to vote their pocketbooks should consider a vote for Obama very carefully.

  5. Odie – I don't know that Obama has any concept of "lying" in the sense that we all would understand it. To him, persuading you to do anything that benefits him is good. Everything else is "a lie"…it goes with being a narcissist.

  6. Boy, I've thought long and hard about this one. Women (along with other minorities) are disproportionately affected in an economic downturn because we are a service based economy and women and minorities hold the vast majority of those low paying
    jobs. The rub I have with the Obama adminstration is that they keep expanding the definition of poverty and expanding subsidies for the "poor working class." This creates yet another generation of women and others who do not know how to work (or want to work)and become further dependent on the government for their existance. The age of women being financially taken care of by a mate or a spouse are virtually gone but that doesn't mean the government needs to step in. Women need to get an education and learn a viable trade or profession and take care of themselves. We need a President who can create an environment where jobs are created and not an environment where the welfare and unemployment lines get longer and benefits are expanded. I believe in a social safety net for a period of time, but generational poverty will never be extinguished as long as we perpetuate their helplessness.

  7. Obama proudly doles out food stamps. He sees no problem with unemployment. If he did, he would never have enacted Obamacare, the biggest albatross around the necks of American employers we have seen in decades.

  8. Opus, Obama wants to buy the American people, body and soul with their own tax dollars. Talk about irony. ObamaCare was to be the keystone of his plan. It remains to be seen how the Supreme Court handles it and what he will do to try and repudiate their decision. The inconvenient Constitution…

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