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As with others, I’m traveling a bit this week. Things in the micro sense of our lives tend to dig out after the holidays, and I’m no exception. The week begins, a new month and year is upon us, and finding some direction amid chaos in the sense of the work that I personally do is far more of a challenge than it usually is. My little organization is spread to the wind. B is heading for Malaysia, C is in Mexico and M is in Greece. John D (Norway) and I are trying to figure out how we’re going to put 2021 in the category of “normal.”


I could get into wearing a mask…at Costco.

(French soldier wearing an anti-shrapnel mask, WWI)

Better if it’s rusty and blood splattered and is connected to an old Frog helmet. A hockey goalie mask would work almost as well. …more here.

Ten Years from Now: As 2030 ends, you’ll put on a jacket only to find a mask in the pocket. “Oh, man, what a weird year that was,” you’ll chuckle to yourself. Then you’ll pick up your machete and continue across the wasteland, keeping to the shadows to avoid the gangs of cannibal raiders.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, admitted to lying about COVID-19 herd immunity in order to goad more people into taking the vaccine, according to a recent report in the New York Times. “Trust me, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”



Wild Turkey and offspring

Unlike humans, she has no guile.


Are Aliens Hiding around Uranus?

The moons of Uranus, look very promising. The moons — Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon — are covered in a mix of ice and rock, but knowing what lies deep within them has proven a challenge. So, scientists compared them to moons like Enceladus and Europa, both of which are believed to hide vast oceans beneath their surfaces, and they’ve noted some striking similarities.

The moons of Uranus have endured impacts from objects in space, just like the rest of the worlds in our system, but there is also evidence that the moons aren’t just frozen wastelands. There are clear signs of what is known as cryovolcanism, which is liquid water erupting from within the planet and then freezing on the surface. That means there is likely liquid water in vast quantities deep beneath the ice, but does it host life? That’s another question entirely.




Military Coms are Better Now

We’ve come a long way from the PRC 25.


Fat Guys Shouldn’t try This

There’s nothing keeping them from trying, and I’m not body-shaming anyone. I’m just trying to throw out some helpful tips here on the blog because, I’m nothing if not helpful.


  1. No, aliens aren’t around Uranus. Those are hemorrhoids…

    And I can finally see the pretty pictures. Much better.

  2. my “nuclear” clock is 20 minutes fast this morning. should i be worried? be careful out there my friend.

    • The National Bureau of Standards is in Boulder, CO…they are a little off to begin with, it’s in the air.

      • NIST is in Boulder, but the signals the “Atomic Clocks” use are broadcast from the WWVB site, a bit SW of Wellington. You can see the antennas for miles at night.

        But yeah, Boulder is definitely “a bit off”!

        • That’s right, used to drive by their very large building on one of the nicest pieces of land below the Flatirons, with NCAR perched above.

  3. PRC-25. Hadn’t thought of those in a while! One of those babies strapped to a PRC-77 was an RTO’s worst nightmare!! Wish I could do that now.

  4. The Prick-25, slightly older brother to the Prick-77, and just as heavy. We would take the plastic bag the batteries were wrapped in and tape them over the handsets. Why didn’t the damn army just waterproof them to begin with.

    No, no. That was not a question………

  5. Apparently there is no more flu, or any other seasonal disease, or any other diseases or afflictions for that matter…Covid equals death if one listens to the “experts” and MSM. Fear-mongering to maintain the Lockdown over a coronavirus w/ a twist. Masks…don’t get me started.

    Traveling huh…better man than me. Be safe out there “among the English”.

    • There is no danger of catching anything but the plague. Even auto accidents are all plague related now…as are the phases of the Moon.

      • It’s clearly Halloween year round, howling at the Moon is De rigueur…Harris/Biden are offering free candy for all.

  6. Amazing how all the folks who said a vaccine couldn’t happen quickly are jumping to the head of the line to get theirs.

  7. PRC-25 was heavy and only had a 5 mile range on a good day. There were few good days. The radio I worked on was a little bigger, TRC-170.

    • 5 miles with two Watts to the antenna in jungle is pretty good.

      I’ve got friends who collect/restore/modify these older Green Radios, and use them for Amateur Radio use. They sound pretty bad on-the-air (really pinched audio) unless you’re using one to talk to another, and then they’re “OK”.

      I can’t see using them for Ham use, but then these same guys mock me for doing the same with Heathkit equipment.

      • The PRC 25 was only slightly better than two soup cans and a string.

        Calling in a fire mission with one nearly at the extent of its range was a risky biz. The cannon cockers are all deaf anyway, “what did he say?”

  8. Thank you for the helpful and sound advise for us fat guys. I have no intention of climbing on anything pointy in the near future. Be careful out there.

    • Don’t leap onto a spear willingly.

      I don’t think that quote is unique with me. Somebody else must have beaten me to it, but I don’t know who they might be.

  9. Re: Vulnerable?

    Can Red get her muzzle pointed at the wolf before the wolf gets his muzzle on (or around) Red?
    There’s gotta be some sort of Tueller-type rule of thumb on this.
    I’m guessing that, as depicted, Wolf is too close to Red for her to swing around nearly 180 degrees before the bitey stuff.

    • Ad the AR-15 isn’t much good to the wolf – without opposing thumbs. Red, on the other hand, is a source of ready protein.

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