As the Europeans bubble over with joy at Dear Leader’s comments about being a post-American president in a post-American world, they need to consider if that’s what they really want. The only thing worse than not getting what you ask for is getting what you ask for.

Allies we’ve stood behind need to reconsider our reliability. I worked in a setting a decade or so ago where one of the things I did was to examine America’s allies in terms of political and other reliability and capability. Today, with this administration, this Congress, this agenda to shred the free enterprise system and replace it with a utopian socialist model where “equal opportunity” is scrapped in favor of “equal outcome” in life, I would rate us as UNRELIABLE.
  • Can we be relied up on to live up to our agreements and obligations? NO
  • Do our treaties hold weight? MAYBE
  • Will we stand behind our allies even if it may be unpopular to do so? NO
  • Can we curb our spending and keep the dollar as the world’s standard for currency? NO
When Ronald Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate and said, “Tear down the wall!” The world knew that he meant it. The world and Russia benefitted from America’s moral high ground and from our willingness to defend the values that made us great.
Yesterday when Dear Leader said that we are not defined by our differences, I nearly swallowed my tongue. That is precisely what defines us. Would Dear Leader have us believe that Israel and Iran are not defined by their differences? (as a potent example) Dear Leader’s speech was so absurd – so foolish and naive that he can’t actually believe a word he said, can he? Ok, maybe he can.
So my message to the world is to enjoy your post-American world. I hope it lives up to your expectations and that Dear Leader’s indecisive waffling and cowardly narcissistic ways are to your liking. But something tells me you’ll live to regret it.