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Concealed carry in .45 ACP

Glock-30S – Designed for law enforcement concealed carry, available to the public.
The recently released Glock G30S Gen3 45ACP pistol offers a slimmer slide (the “S” in G30S stands for Slim) than the Glock 30/30SF and is designed for more comfortable concealed carry situations. 10 rounds of .45 ACP +P are not enough for some and more than enough for others. In a concealed carry setting, it’s an arsenal. In the end it comes down to the shooter and personal preference.
The G30S, G30 and G30SF all use an identical recoil spring assembly. Traveling at a higher velocity, the remaining momentum of the G30S slide is greater as the slide strikes the frame in recoil. The difference can be felt compared to a G30/30SF. Compared to the slimline G36, the wider grip of the G30S distributes recoil energy over a larger surface area of the hand making the G30S more comfortable to shoot.
Even though I’m not a Deputy Sheriff and never was one, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department ordered six G-30S handguns nearly a year ago. They just came in and my name was on one of them.

9 thoughts on “Not Quite a Pocket Pistol

  1. For concealed carry, Glock had shortened the grip, which makes handling more difficult. I always use an extended magazine on my subcompact, which kind of defeats the purpose of the shorter grip, but accommodates my wider hand. This Glock just isn't that comfortable in hand. The backstrap is also thinner and feels strange in my hand.

    Ah well. Can't please everyone, I suppose.

  2. Interesting that they did that. I'll stick with my G26 though… That small grip area doesn't make me want to try to handle more recoil and get back on target… Didn't care for the G27 for that reason.

  3. I have ended up owning a lot of Glocks, for several reasons. I believe I would like the slimmer version, due to my appropriately sized hands.

    For concealed carry, I like the full sized Springfield Professional 1911 .45. Its big, heavy, and the checkering leaves a nasty mark. But if I am ever attacked by an aspirin at 25 yards, he's mine.

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