A Change in Attitude

The knitting circle for failed political pundits, otherwise known as the never-Trumpers, is annoying, and nowhere more so than in Arizona. Arizona is home to scumbags like Jeff Flake, a traitorous cur, who really needs to move out of state. He tends to maintain a low profile in Arizona, but will be stumping for Biden elsewhere. I’ve heard that he’ll make a speech in Nevada. He can stay there. I’m sure that he’d be happier there. And don’t get me started on Mitt (Pierre Delicto) Romney, or John Kasich – just don’t.

And when it comes to the Chinese Plague, the same people who sell the panic, sell the pill. I think that everyone except me, should take it. That way I’m safe and if the pill isn’t…oh well, you were a good little lemming.

I find it strange that the people in the Portland area (mostly Democrats), tired of nightly riots, are said to be moving to Washington State. It’s sort of like having fleas jump from one dog to another.

Democrats had a party in Kenosha, WI.  I’ve heard that insurance won’t cover it. Democrat authorities in all these cities have made it clear that they will not even TRY to prevent this sort of rioting. They’re complicit. You can expect these events to get bigger, more dangerous, and more frequent until they are forcibly stopped.

It’s not difficult to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican. Just look at the conventions. One is pro-America, the other is a gaggle of socialist freaks, actors, who pretend to be other people for a living and misfits.


Today is the anniversary of the eruption of Vesuvius (79 AD), Visigoths sacking Rome (410 AD), Vandals sacking Rome (455 AD), British troops burning the White House (1814), and the release of Windows 95 (1995). Rough day.


    • Any time past about 200 AD was a tough time to be in Rome, truth be told. After Hadrian (117 to 138) the old empire began to contract. Many of Rome’s enemies learned Roman tactics and weapons and the legions themselves were no longer primarily Roman.

      I hope that 2020 isn’t the beginning of our end.

  1. Trump hit back hard last night…perfectamundo! Capped it off with the biggest, baddest, “in the Dem’s face” fireworks show ever. Brilliantly done.

    Anyone voting Biden/Harris is obviously psychotic…there’s the door, get the hell out of our country. Send them all packing, heard Siberia needs snow shoveler’s.

    “Made in America, not China”…Nov. 3rd in a landslide.

    • I didn’t want to be distracted so I watched on CSPAN. After President Trump’s finale (great speech), I turned to FOX where they were mildly trashing and critiquing the speech and it ticked me off.

      Donna Brazil, Wallace and Juan Williams need to find another network.

      • Wallace: “This speech was flat”…what a tool.

        I’m trying to figure out how they managed to get “Trump – 2020” in fireworks. Very cool indeed.

        • The Trump 2020 fireworks were uber cool. I thought that the whole fireworks show was spectacular. I heard that Hillary sold all of her fireworks for her coronation back to the company at a loss. I can’t help but wonder whether Donald Trump bought them for a dime on Hillary’s dollar. It would be fitting if that happened.

      • The coverage on PBS (your tax dollars not working) was horrendous. You’d get a speech, and then 3-5 talking heads picking it apart. Bastards.

        Defund all PBS news.

        • Thankfully I found a Fox Live Stream on YouTube, zero interruptions or talk-over. No one wants to hear what these arrogant narcissistic clowns editorialize about over we just watched and heard.

          • They make a lot of money to spew, don’t they. Fox hosts talked over a lot of the speeches and had people on flogging their new book. It was intolerable.

            I couldn’t watch PBS, Beans. I’d want to take a hostage if I had to listen to those smug …(deleted) people for any period of time. I want to reach through the TV, pull them into my living room, rip an arm off and beat them to death with it. Throw the carcass off the deck and let the cougars and bears finish it off. Times like that makes you with that you raised pigs.

  2. Wow, what a series of anniversaries. And I see there was a level 3 chimpout in DC last night. Good election strategy, Donkeys.

    • The Democrats are promising to sue President Trump for making the DNC look like a bunch of bush apes, squawking in the jungle.

  3. I find it strange that the people in the Portland area (mostly Democrats), tired of nightly riots, are said to be moving to Washington State. It’s sort of like having fleas jump from one dog to another.

    Just so they don’t jump the border to Idaho.

    Last nights repulsive and criminal behavior by the “protesters” gave Trump another 100K votes. I expect it to get way worse before it gets better.

    For a mildly OCD type – the attention to detail at the RNC made my heart skip beats and do a happy dance. Check out the flags with exactly 3 stars showing on the bottom row. In a few other speeches, which were obviously taped at a different time, there was exactly 5 stars on the bottom row.

    • I’m sure that the speeches were recorded at different times, and not live. There wasn’t anyone in the hall for them to speak to. They speak, and then the crew sets up the podium (height), and everything for the next one.

  4. Interesting take on the riots, seen elsewhere:
    The protests have been peaceful, in that, obviously many of them are armed and under strict orders not to shoot.
    Which is also evidence of discipline, command and control is established and expanding.

    Wonder what group of protesters he’s been watching?

    • The rioters do seem to have some limits. It is a good thing that I live in a riot free zone. I don’t know that I could just remain calm. If they were in front of my house taunting me to come out, I’d do what they asked me to do. Then I’d be on the national news standing next to a pile of severed heads with a shit-eating grin on my face and a tomahawk in hand.

  5. I am a Canadian and I watched the last night of the RNC. Trump makes me want to be an American. He celebrated the USA and offered a plan and genuine hope. The Democrat production was amateur hour and offered nothing except trashing the USA. I sincerely hope that he is re-elected.

      • BW, the RNC offers hope, freedom, light, prosperity, and legitimate equality of opportunity. The donkeys, as with socialists everywhere, only offer pain and suffering.

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