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ONE – I was a good sport when the Republicans ran Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. I liked Mitt, but wasn’t sure that he would have been a great president. Anyone who shops at Costco with is wife, makes breakfast for his family and irons his own shirts even though he’s a zillionaire has my attention. 

Now that Trump is the nominee, I expect all of the babies who wanted me to swallow my angst and vote for their dubious (losing) candidates, to suck it up. That includes you McCain, who didn’t show up at the RNC but still want my vote to put you in back in the legislature one-more-time. Arizona might welcome a new face in Washington DC.

These “never Trump” types who want Hillary to win so that they can go out and raise money from the mooches to “defeat Hillary”, need to be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

TWO – I didn’t like the Black Panthers and I don’t like blacklivesmatter because they’re race-baiting bullies. They have their origins in Marxism, which means that they want to be paid to shout and march. There is constant talk in their ranks of a race war. If they want a race war, fine. I’m ok with that. I really am. It will be a short war. I like the target practice that moving targets bring. I wouldn’t feel any remorse as I do when I kill an elk. Anyone who gives in to the BLM tactics or encourages them further is a turd.  I guess that makes Barack a turd, doesn’t it? Right along with the mainstream media.
During the Watts Riots my grandfather handed me a rifle. He said, “remember when you killed that buck (deer) (at age 7) in Arizona?” I said, “yes”. He said, “This will be easier, and you’re good with head shots.” Portents of a lifelong career, but BRING IT, blacklivesmatter. Don’t just chant about it. Don’t be pussies. Put Barack and his buddy Sharpton out in front of the mob. Let’s see how much spine they have.
Sharpshooters will engage at 1000+ meters and those of you who don’t shoot so well, wait until you see the whites of their eyes.

THREE  If the nation wants to send young men and women, and I guess these days also the gender confused, into combat, they/we must take care of them once the toys are broken. It’s not a joke, it’s not something that politicians should have an option on. The VA bureaucracy works in some places but by in large, it’s badly broken.

I’ve been to the VA in Long Beach, CA and vowed never to return.

Thankfully I have the means and insurance that it is not necessary but there are a lot of people who are not as fortunate as I am. That includes dealing with mental health issues that impact veterans – in a MEANINGFUL WAY. (LINK). I had a son-in-law who came back from Afghanistan seriously pranged and the US Navy did an ADMIRABLE job helping him re-thread his bolt. But it wasn’t a gift. They OWED him. And we owe veterans. Society owes the pajama boys, the welfare queens, wet backs (illegal aliens/undocumented guests) and the inner city thugs nothing.

Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side of Heaven

In many cases triple amputees who are combat wounded have to rely on charity to receive motorized wheelchairs. We’re $20,000,000,000,000.00 in debt as a nation and we can’t earmark money for a veteran to have a motorized wheelchair? 
There’s a young man who lives not far from me who lost both hands and arms up to his elbows in Fallujah and had much of his face blown off, his hearing is gone and the military has generously awarded him 50% disability on his Marine Corps (E-2) private first class pay grade. His face (looks like somebody put a fire out on it with a wet chain) was repaired with plastic surgery and his arms now are stainless steel with hooks on them. He was not blinded but wears cokebottle glasses now. We give him $10,400 per year to get by. At $7.25 an hour, the national minimum wage, A full-time minimum wage employee earns $15,080 annually. In California, living on $10,400 a year makes you substantively homeless.

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  1. #NeverTrumper Tim Huelskamp, the little morally upright virtue signaling prig, just lost his primary in Kansas. That should improve your day. In the meantime, I'm sending a big hug.

  2. I read that on your blog. Yes, he needed somebody to open a can of whoop-ass and pour it over him. He could have used a combat tour in the Marine Corps or something to make a man out of the sniveling ball of puss that he currently is.

  3. 1) McCain was one of the reasons I left the Republican party. 2) When they run in packs, close is good enough to bring one down. 3) One of the worst parts of progressive thinking is how little it cares for taking care of its own. Veterans are part of the system that keeps us free and deserve better from the government that hires them.

  4. They don't understand that one hand grenade can get them all. Neither do they understand that Mr. Claymore doesn't care what color you are.

  5. NO PROBLEM. The Mexican Cartels have plenty of them and with the open border policy, it's no problem bringing them across. If the mules can body pack 40 Kg of narcotics per load, they can pack 40 Kg worth of claymores and hand grenades (all made in the USA or Israel).

  6. The US military is so damn big, the system consists of components: manpower, equipment, weapons, etc. These are all high priority, as they are important resources in killing terrorists/commies. Then comes maintenance, administration, etc., all lower priority. Veterans who no longer wear the uniform on active duty are no longer part of the important assets, and they fall into the lesser priority expenses.

    Just like any huge organization, the humans who manage things set priorities based on how crucial to the mission each task is. Taking care of sick veterans doesn't help kill a single terrorist/commie; this is just an expense to be prioritized after killing terrorists/commies. So the vets get back-burner status.

  7. Youngest is medically retired as an E-4. He relies on Tri-Care, not the VA. The Army trained him as a Medic. His assessment of the VA isn't positive.

  8. I was so angry when McCain just quit running. Ugh!
    I thank him for his service, but it is time for him to retire. He is no longer conservative that I can see (he and so many other 'lifers' in the Republican congress).

    I so agree with you on the 'never Trump' people, too. They are more than frustrating. Grr.

    Agree with you on Black Lives Matter, too. Another frustrating terrorist organization that is fawned upon.

    I have a red laser on my gun, because my eyes have never been that great. Sometimes I wonder if a green one would be better, but as long as I am close… well, it works for hand grenades.

    Those cards the VA sent to see doctors outside the VA are worse than a joke. First you have to call the VA to be sure they can't make you an appointment. And when you do, they just keep changing it and making the wait longer and longer. The only plus we have is Tricare Prime, and that isn't always saying much, either.

    It makes me angry to read that the Pentagon has published a handbook on how to work with gender confused military, and it makes me even more angry that the VA seems to be going to fast track people who want gender surgery. Excuse me? I think NOT. GRR.

    It is all so frustrating. I will share this. thank you.

  9. You'd think we'd look after our veterans but not so much. Maybe when the forces go full trans normative that'll change. And our enemies will die laughing.

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