Give a Veteran a Kiss Day

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Can a US Flag be considered to be mistletoe? Many veterans of both genders say YES! Clearly it should be the case on Veteran’s Day. 
Today is veteran’s day. Give a veteran a kiss. 
Maybe two. 

Tongues optional.

Will I get a kiss today? Very doubtful, but I’m not one who goes out to spoil the good fortunes of fellow warriors who served honorably under the standard.

18 thoughts on “Give a Veteran a Kiss Day

  1. I was thinking of sending Bambi and Leather over to the wood working shop to allow you to snatch a kiss or vise versa, but I'm reconsidering it now…

  2. sounds like a far more worthy tradition than the mistletoe business! Hope you get some kisses! If not, it's clearly for lack of publicity. I do believe this would be a cause that many would rally behind.
    Happy Veteran's Day! Thanks to you and all your readers who served us.

  3. ha– I just blew a kiss in the general direction of California! 🙂 It should arrive sometime next week.

  4. Thank you for your service Lar! I kissed a 91 year old vet today, and got a wink & a hug in return. Thanks too to my brother, my daughter, and my grandson for their service to our country.

  5. You sent it by US Mail, did you? You could have overnighted the kiss by FedEx if you wanted it to arrive on time and in good shape. Just saying…

  6. Either way, I expect it'll die of hypothermia before it gets out of the tundra that is Texas. Tragic. Where the hell's all the global warming they were promising us?

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