National Championship Air Races (Part 4)

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Jet powered bi-plane. It’s very fast and very loud.

I had a busy time at the Air Races today with very little time to spend on taking photos. All in all, a very good day and worth the distractions. However, subsequent to the Breitling press conference I bought a B-50 Night Mission wristwatch (#5 of #25 limited edition). It’s a very cool watch. This one is the Reno Air Race Edition. No, I don’t think that it will increase in value, but I was hanging out with Thierry Prissert, Pres. of Breitling USA, blood was up and I ended up with a very nice watch on my wrist. Yes, it’s more expensive than a Timex.
F-22 Raptors on the apron
F-22 Raptor tries to shoot down a P-51 Mustang and fails to deliver…
(no, not really)

16 thoughts on “National Championship Air Races (Part 4)

  1. I wish I had time to go to air shows. We have F-15s and A-10s that fly over all the time, but when something like a P-51 flies over around the time of the local air shows, it sends chills…

  2. Race, when you're my age, you'll have time to do that — and who knows but what you may end up owning your own Bearcat, P-51 or something just as cool.

  3. My two year old son's sitting here and going bonkers over the plane photos. You've made his day.

    And now, I NEED A NIGHT MISSION WRISTWATCH. A Night Mission ANYTHING, really, would make me feel way cooler than I am. But am especially taken with the watch. (Have you noticed how many people don't wear watches any more because they use their phones for EVERYTHING? Pretty soon they'll double as pacemakers and people will literally die if they lose their phone. Point: I like watches.) Snazzy.

  4. 🙂 ironically, I just clicked over to that cartoon strip blog I like and the piece today was on watches. (you have to hover your cursor over the image to get the peanut gallery bit that each strip comes with.)
    Apparently I am an "old person"… I'm good with that.

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