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I heard a progressive crone on television keening that she didn’t understand conservatives and their demand to keep their firearms. I have a response.


Name the Aircraft and the Air Force

I think that this is a tough one, so the answer is at the bottom of this blog. If you got it before scrolling down, take a victory roll.



Irregular, purpose built vehicles. Welderup!

Cartel Jalisco New Generation cartel unarmored technical, armed with an M2HB.

Royal Saudi Army operating Toyota HiLux pick-ups in Yemen.

Converted Ukrainian UAZ-469.


An American Shit Sandwich

Sharpton, jerking off Holder, in public…


Boxer AFV – Family



Answer: Morane Saulnier MS.406, Turkish Air Force. The MS 406 is also the captioned aircraft on this blog post.


    • And The Reverend Jackson next in line for a tug, at what I shall not speculate.

      So much wrong in one place, the description can’t even be speled right.

    • Yes, Bill, you can be assured that there is a pick-pocketing in progress as well.

      WWW – yes, wrong at all levels.

  1. I recognized the manufacturer of the aircraft but stumbled over the model. As for the group of flyers, I am not versed on flying uniforms of foreign nations. Nonetheless, it is a good exercise you’ve presented.

    That picture is a hoot. Holder being patted down and felt up while getting the goods for a political hit. Every one of them a whore with no honor. Tell me if they wouldn’t drop a dime on each other.

    I can see high value in a modular system, commonality being one such aspect. Yet, how does jack of all trades, master of none carry on the battlefield? But was the Boxer designed by committee, which carries the usual negative connotation of that phrase. How did it perform in A-stan?

    • There is an ease of maintenance to modular systems, but in my experience, the Swiss Army Knife approach doesn’t usually do anything really well. True of the Boxer.

      Holder and friends are really despicable people.

    • I don’t know what to say, RR. Others are seeing photos. The problems that I have with the software manifest differently on different platforms at the user end.

      • Windows did an update, saw some code from Gates that singled out VM for graphics blocking. (Graphics not loading is intermittent, even with a reboot/refresh/cache dump, but the iPad loads fine every time. Weird, but a 1st World problem.)

  2. James Woods is always brilliant.

    The EC meets today, should be interesting. Doesn’t stop the prognosticators from endlessly spouting off on “what will happen”. No one knows except God.

    • I don’t have much faith in a positive outcome. The Swamp, and the power elite who live there, has a very long reach…as we’ve seen. And they want a puppet administration that will allow them to do whatever they want to.

      • Was enjoying winning, guess we get to suck on the losing lemon again, or…Galt. Might be time to build a proper entryway – with gates.

        Still defies logic how a political creep who did next to no campaigning could gain the hallowed Oval Office. Stunning (in a bad way). Theft is like that to the victim, especially when it’s homicide at a national level.

  3. The photos of “Technicals” are a good way for us to learn, there might be a reason to use something similar here soon. I wonder would the cartels down there sell us some or at least the details and specs for building, maintaining and operating one? I am sure local armories can supply M2s and other assorted pieces that go bang in a big way…

  4. Well, the pix are displaying again. Time to check the previous posts to see what I’ve missed.

    I think it’s going to be a long, hot summer…..

  5. Last I knew our local SO has an M2 in the armory.
    The sheriff is VERY pro 2nd Amedment.
    We have a large steel fab business in the county.
    That and the local militia’s refurbished M60 tank could provide our rural community the beginnings of an armor platoon if things get sporty.
    Oh! I almost forgot about the 20mm anti-aircraft gun that the old Minute Men from the 70s are rumored to have stashed.

  6. re:
    James Woods

    I visit elderly shut-ins.
    One such is hooked on the televisionprogramming RAY DONOVAN.
    Mister Woods appears in several episodes as the character ‘Sully’.

    I feel honored to watch a professional with decades of experience to hone his craft.
    Compared to some of the other ‘actors’ flailing about trying to find some kind of focus but merely achieving the ‘hit marks, say lines’ minimum (looking at you, Eliot Gould…), James Woods is a natural… and a National Treasure.

    • Regarding the Showtime series, “Ray Donovan” – Was based (early seasons) on Anthony Pellicano (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Pellicano), private investigator to the stars. I knew him and have been to his office. He had the most technically advanced forensic audio laboratory on the West Coast at the time. You can read more on wikipedia if you like. He was railroaded by the FBI and US Attorney.

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