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I noticed this morning that President Obama’s approval rating is holding steady at about 45%, and wondered to myself how that could be in light of everything that’s been going on. However, most Americans get their news from sources that wouldn’t report anything negative that he did, no matter how harmful it is to them or to their posterity. 
Most people never have to do anything truly hard their entire lives. Their idea of overcoming adversity is to pull an all-night study session, or to work a little overtime, or not be able to afford the fashionable clothing they’ve always wanted — and actually have to save for something. 
Today, children aren’t allowed to lose so everyone receives a trophy. Hurtful words are now comically being equated to physical violence. A finger pointed by a deaf child using sign language or two children playing in a school yard is equated to pointing a firearm. What do those teachers feel is keeping them safe from the ‘hoard’? Was Ambassador Stevens able to use persuasive language to keep from being tortured, sodomized and murdered at the US Consulate, Benghazi, Libya after it was overrun by terrorists? Did the Islamic terrorists surrender peacefully after they blew up runners and spectators at the Boston Marathon? Those teachers and their students are protected by firearms and by people who are not afraid to use them. I realize that Americans prefer leaders who have never had to face down these monsters personally — but that’s a huge mistake.

The safest places in America are those where citizens are allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. It’s an inconvenient truth for progressives who still wonder how that can be.

Within the past decade, the United States engaged in a war on terror and only.45 percent of the population answered the call. Taxes did not rise to cover the two wars we were engaged in so the average citizen didn’t suffer at all. Even though America fought that war against Islamic jihadists, our leaders discouraged the country from a frank discussion Islam it for fear that Islamic jihadists will be upset about it. (W.T.F?) 
Older Americans were raised by The Greatest Generation. Our parents made the United States of America the safest country on Earth during the bloodiest century in all of recorded history. Our fathers made widows of the wives of our nation’s enemies and orphans of their children. And neither the Nazi Empire, the Empire of Japan or the Soviet Empire set foot on American soil. The Japanese did get a couple of licks in on American soil and we incinerated their nation and turned it into a radioactive parking lot. Then we rebuilt it for them.
Our parents kept us safe as a people because they were tough enough to earn it. You can be naturally smart and naturally athletic. You can be born with every advantage. But when you’re getting shot at, none of that matters. All that matters is the work you’ve put in, the skill you’ve acquired, and your willingness to fight though it all and never quit, no matter what. When you’re fighting for your life, as so many of our best have, the participation trophy (just showing up) doesn’t matter. Either you’re the first one across the finish line or you’re planted in a garden of stones.

Much of America has forgotten what it means to be an American. In a land where only about 50% of the people pay federal income taxes, they don’t need to put skin in the game. They simply need to allow marxist parasites to buy their votes. American leaders borrowed many trillions of dollars so that future generations would have to grapple with and pay for their political decisions. Sewing seeds such as those brings predictable results. That is not My America.

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14 thoughts on “My Morning Rant

  1. The world has gone mad.

    The product of 50+ years of government schools?

    Social welfare?

    The list goes on and on.

  2. Agree completely LL, and I'm frankly in fear for this country… I raised my daughters to know the truth and never sugar coated anything for them. They tell me their peers just don't get it, and are all in the go along, get along mode… sigh

  3. Agreed – I fear the "I want free ice cream" crowd may well be on the verge of complete control. It's going to be painful to get our country back to our foundation.

  4. I've heard a lot about the threat from China lately. That's nothing compared to the threat from the progressive left.

  5. Right now, we need to cling to the hope that we can hold on through 2014. The long term solution of turning the hearts of the children to their fathers and ridding ourselves of the stain is a much more difficult proposition.

  6. The good news is that leftists are notoriously lazy, particularly in mid-term elections when it comes to voting.

  7. Obama's principal mission in this two year period was to effectively destroy the Republican party for all time.

    I don't think that's working out the way he planned.

  8. The popularity polls may be vanity polls bought and paid for. I used to think the MSM shared leftwing ideology with the White House but I'm beginning to believe that it's just paid prostitution of sorts.

  9. Nice to see you here, El Pollo. It's paid prostitution combined with a power grab. Chicago thugs can be intimidating. And Capone is not as far from the White House as you might think.

  10. Well, what has me concerned is the abysmal financial state of some of the traditional print media giants (who are more or less online these days) coupled with their ongoing momentum. Media giants used to be successful businesses. The two somehow got decoupled. I wish I knew more about it or were demonstrably wrong because I would sleep better.

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