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LL and youngest daughter, Emilie, at Thanksgiving. Among the things I’m most thankful for is my family, who makes me proud and whose love I cherish to the bottom of my soul.

Trivia:  “My Journey” was the name of the original blog that is now Virtual Mirage.  Virtual Mirage was a very small tech company that dealt with a tiny part of the early tech market that I started. The company didn’t enjoy the financial success that I hoped it would and I liked the name. So it moved from one platform to another.

Michael (Goody) Goodboe, a man about ten years my junior, who I worked with in the Navy at JSOC (McDill AFB, FL) was killed in an IED attack in Mogadishu, Somalia a little over a month ago. The information has just been made public. He was injured severely when an IED detonated near him and died of his injuries.  Another dear friend, John Spinelli, was shot and severely injured in Somalia about twenty years ago. …more here

There is naturally more to the story of John Spinelli and Goody Goodboe, that isn’t told. I worked with John in Greece and Italy. The footnotes in history are anemic and don’t reflect these men. One lived and the other died.

President Trump is removing some 700 US Servicemen from Somalia before he leaves office. Biden, naturally, has vowed to send them back to that shit hole (homeland of Congresswoman Omar of “the squad”), and to expand the US presence in Africa dramatically. If you read this blog regularly, you understand my feelings on the subject.



“Japan is struggling with a mental health crisis as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, with more people dying in one month from suicide than from COVID-19 all year long.” …more here from Fox News

CBS broke the story and all of the news outlets followed with it but none of them show much interest in reporting on suicide rates in the US that can be directly linked to lock-downs, stupid masks, and the economy that the nation deliberately wrecked to “slow the spread”. The two week – or four week stand downs from the Spring of 2020 from a panicked world to try an keep hospitals from being overwhelmed have turned into an unconstitutional power grab on a global scale.

As this blog reported on Sunday, in the Metro Los Angeles Area a SIGNIFICANT number of police calls would seem to be focused on drug overdoses from fentanyl and on suicidal behavior.  Naturally failed state policies would never be attributed to the democrat elites who established them. And their deaths are “covid related”, which is a very politically expeditious statistic.


Voter Fraud

Here is a listing from Sharyl Attkisson, worth your review.

Forensic analysis by a former military intelligence analyst alleges proof of foreign interference and/or access in the election. It shows Dominion’s voting machine server connected to Iran, China and Serbia. Also, the analyst says records show HongKong Shanghai Bank became collateral agent for Dominion voting systems on Sept. 25, 2019. The declaration is contained in the lawsuit filed by attorney Sidney Powell and includes screen shots and a summary of the evidence.

Sharyl Attkisson has a lot of credibility with me. I am familiar with a lot of her work and find her courageous, intelligent and fearless. I forgive her for marrying an FBI agent (long retired).



A View of Communist Chinese Intentions

There’s a running dialog where globalists are predicting a future Biden – China linkage… Sixty Minutes Australia

I don’t disagree with the piece that Sixty Minutes Australia put out with regard to Chinese intentions. I think that the piece is worth your viewing.

The problem(s) that I have with all of this is that the series of massive bribes made to the Biden Family over a period of years are never mentioned. The endemic corruption of the Obama years is not mentioned. Some of that activity cuts to the heart of the situation should the election fall to Biden – and all of that is still in dispute. But not to the global elite.


Epic Battle

Thanks to Claudio B., who follows this blog, for his reading suggestion …USS Buckley vs U-66

USS Buckley (DE-51)

The USS Buckley (DE-51) was on ASW patrol near the Cape Verde Islands. The conditions were perfect for U-boats to refuel and replenish desperately needed supplies at sea, and for a hunter killer group to seek out U-boats low on fuel and crewed by men near their breaking point. Submarine duty was dangerous, and crews were often deployed past exhaustion. U-66, commanded by Oberleutnant zur See Gerhard Seehausen, was on her ninth patrol, and had been at sea since mid-January. She was badly in need of fuel and provisions for her trip home when Buckley began to stalk her.



F-16 Falcon

Not quite enough stealth.


  1. Having family over for the holidays is always great. Congrats on raising a daughter with eyes that sparkle 🙂
    Interesting rumor out of DC – the head of the CIA has died of natural causes. Interesting, if true.

    • I’m trying to take the insanity around me and focus on sanity for the holidays. It means compressing the world so that the only thing that I pay attention to is the mountains, the animals and the beauty and order that is nature. There will be a lot of deaths due to natural causes. I hope that Gina isn’t dead, but she may be.

      • Kids and grandkids are good for that.
        Can’t remember if I mentioned it on this site, but once upon a time I worked for an IT shop in the Midwest. Several other employees there had started a band in high school and had played at gigs for a number of years. A couple of them got jobs elsewhere, and had a final performance a number of us went to. An exec showed up with his trophy wife, who had gotten a special outfit and spent time at the beauty parlor before coming. When the music started she and the exec started dancing – you could tell she had had lessons as she danced in time to the music and made the right moves at the right time. At the same time, one of the band member’s wife, in t-shirt and jeans, also started dancing – no make up and hair tossed about by the dancing. But she loved music and loved dancing to it, so her dance was full of her love of life and music.
        The trophy wife looked like a mannequin in comparison.
        I prefer life and joy, and I wonder if the exec went home thinking he got the worst of the bargain.

  2. Blessings abound in your tribe…good on you and MrsLL.

    Seems the Dominion s/w dude is still missing (at last check). Yup. Voting Fraud on Steroids cover up in the making, including control and safe-keeping of the Georgia machines and servers despite election “officials” ignoring (defying!) court orders to cease and desist. Any chance the gear will mysteriously disappear and/or be wiped “accidentally”. (Sort of a Vince Foster/Epstein/Strzok-Page Texts/etc. effect.)

    Broken Foot Joe: Chucky-Cheese Schumer wants to “get things going”…this consummate weasel speaks of haste despite Dec. 9th and 14th being one & two weeks out. Clearly the pea-brain hasn’t read the Constitution in a long while. Seems “the president-elect” (not so fast, Joey) from his “office of the president-elect” (doesn’t exist regardless how many times the MSM says it), is using the Lefty scenario of creating a lie then continuing unabated with daily “legitimate” add-ons as if the lie were truth (LOOKEE HERE!, an “all-woman press team”, like that matters). Pretty soon the initiated think it’s all real.

    House on sand….hoping a storm comes soon to wash it away before they can prop up their grift.

    • The donkeys are constructing a house of cards. Maybe they can break our backs? But I have more faith in America than that. After all, America re-elected President Trump.

      • Most Americans (74 million at last count) are a resilient group and are constantly underestimated. Although, I may be in the home office all day…our 70% chance of snow (means “we have no idea IF or how much”) continues, so yeah, wimping out a little as I’m not quite ready to fight the Winter. Plow truck is at the ready iffin it gets deep enough beyond the predicted 70% chance of flurries. Doubtful I’d hit any Antifa roadblocks in my plowage, they tend to be fair-weather sorts.

        • AntiFA are fair weather hirelings, not hardened troops. They face timid and fearful police who are reluctant to act, prosecutors who are instructed not to prosecute and a woke public who never bothered to arm themselves. Like BLM, they are bullies who hide behind a system that favors them and their conduct.

          They fear to enter places in America who won’t tolerate them. Until there are more of those areas, the problems will persist.

  3. One report says Haspel isn’t dead but has been arrested in Germany for treason. Probably, wishful thinking by some, but that would raise blood and sphincter pressures worldwide!

  4. All gave some, some gave all isn’t a trite throwaway line. Those of us in the “some” category, and those whose willingness but physical limitations kept them from doing so, make up the bulk of your readers, I believe. We damn well care about what we inherited and are determined the generations following us will have the same.

    Biden is just the pawn of organized/affiliated international criminals, hustlers, and con artists. Pox on them all.

    • That’s why I said ‘rumor’. Some things are just click bait, and some turn out to be true.
      Just have to wait and see.

      • If Director Haspel travels, she does so with diplomatic immunity. So there wouldn’t be an arrest by the Germans. If the Americans were going to do anything, it would be done in the USA.

        • Yeah, some rumors are more equal than others 🙂
          The natural causes one at least has some plausibility going for it.

  5. That picture of you and your beautiful daughter LL, she sure can’t deny she wasn’t a prodigy of yours… Do you foresee military action against China within six months? Either instituted by them or us?

    • I don’t think that China would do anything before January 20. After President Trump leaves office, they have a window to invade and subjugate Taiwan with Biden, their bought man, unwilling to act. I suspect that in two years, if the voting issues can be taken away from traitors, that there will be Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, making it difficult for Camela to do what she may be inclined to do.

      • Emilie favors her mother and me in equal measure. She’s the tallest of my four girls. My hair was black before it went white. Her mother’s hair is honey colored (naturally).

  6. You have a lovely family, LL. Perhaps some day I’ll have the pleasure of meeting some of them.

    Haven’t heard any suicide stats from out here. I tend to think the risk of depression, leading to suicide, is far more prevalent in large, crowded, depressing, locked-down and masked-up Big Cities than in more open areas like here. I’m sure the College here has it’s share of angst-ridden, depressed College kids, but I don’t hear about them.

    A Buckley-class DE (The Whitehusrt) was used in The Enemy Below. Sadly, out of 148 ships built, none have been preserved. Most were scrapped or sunk, and the remainders were transferred to other Navies, and then scrapped.

      • One of the guys I worked with on the Iowa was a skipper on a Fletcher-class. He praised the design of the ship, and the fact it could do almost forty knots!

        The USS Kidd has an active Amateur Radio club, and I’ve talked to them several times.

  7. What a great selfie, well done Emelie! There’s hope, I’d say, in a lot of our kids. And who knows, maybe Durham becoming a Special Counsel’s not a bad thing either.

    In the meanwhile, we behold the reality of the fakest election since 1824(?) play out before our very eyes. At what point does does the wickedness get called out and taken to task? Never, if our globalist elite overlords have their way, but history has a way of backfiring on corrupt, lying, frauds. To say nothing of the Holy Spirit, who relentlessly destroys those who go against him.

    Good to see you’ve got an F16.

    Here endeth the Lesson.

  8. Family matters, if they’re worth mattering. Much of mine is not and frankly, I envy those with families that do, like L-L’s. Such a blessing.

    If the fraud succeeds, Chuckie will never have to read the Constitution again, if he ever did in the first place.

  9. Well, Japan is about to experience another way of suicide, as their leftist politicians are pushing to open the country for immigration by non-Koreans, meaning those pesky middle easterners.

    Let us hope the current generation discovers the joys of sex and having children before any foreigners immigrate to that nation.

    As to Somalia, we should have pulled out of that shithole a long time ago. And where you have 700 service members you have even more contractors providing other support services. So that’s even more people at risk of being sucked down that festering craphole. We should leave, and destroy any infrastructure we have created. Screw Somalia.

    • Somalia is not worth a nuke.

      Not worth a hangnail on an American finger.

      But I think that it’s both racist and Islamophobic to write that.

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