Possible military action in Donbas and also other parts of Ukraine is in the news and Pres. Brandon weighs in, looking like a dope as usual.

Russia deployed an entire combined arms army from Siberia that is expensive, provocative, and unprecedented for post-Soviet Russia.

Ukraine is not a NATO country but there are a lot of war hawks who wish that it was so that a war could be fought on Ukrainian soil. Sort of Afghanistan, except that we’re able to test our war machines against first-world equipment. We never were able to do that in Iraq because they had export quality (Russian junk) equipment for the greater part.

You’d hope that the US Navy wouldn’t be stupid enough to sail into the Black Sea (one way in,  no way out) but with Team Brandon running the show, who knows?

Remember that Ukraine and graft from same was a big profit center for the Brandon Crime Family. Why isn’t that in the headlines? The USA has no appetite for war in Ukraine outside of the DC Beltway.

There is the revolution in Kazakhstan as well (the Russians sent Spetznaz).

While all this is going on, what is China doing?

The Covidian cult is breaking apart and the validity of all of the pain and bother is being revealed as having been nearly useless to slow the spread or impact of the Chinese bioweapons. Is a boycott of PR Chinese goods and services pending? No…that would be racist.


President Brandon to Tour

During President Brandon’s recent presser, he vowed to travel and personally spread his message. There are a lot of people who would welcome him in Prescott,  Arizona. They are a caring lot who would respond to what he has to say.

Come on Pres. Brandon, Arizona – a key swing state – will tell you how much you and your policies mean to them.

I bought beef for a BBQ at the White Wolf Mine this weekend. Tri-Tip had only increased 75% since last June. But I was thrilled to pay more. I can only hope that my taxes will go to help welcome the guests flooding across our Southern Border. It makes me grab my crying towel in rapture and exclaim, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Yes, it will be nice to be embroiled in yet another worthless war.  I’ve felt somehow empty since Pres. Brandon’s triumphant pull out from Afghanistan.

A tour would allow the great man to mingle with his subjects. He and Camela need to wade out into the crowd so that the great unwashed can meet him personally and show their love. In fact, it would be better if he brought Barack and Mitchell, his partner on tour.


Truckers have a Voice

(western journal) Even as the UK publically admits that all of the mandates were wrong and opens up,  places like Canada and communist American states (such as Hawaii) lockdown harder.

A national trucking strike just about anywhere BUT Hawaii brings things to a close. Hawaii has some work-arounds because of the setup of the small welfare-state islands.

Truckers caused serious disruptions at crossing points between the United States and Canada on Monday to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates that threaten their livelihoods — and that experts warn could have major ramifications for trade between our two countries.

Dozens of big rigs slow-rolled along Highway 75 near the U.S.-Canada border, clogging access to the border checkpoint and causing delays, to protest mandates that could leave thousands out of work and exasperate problems for an already precarious supply chain in North America.

Starting Saturday, Canada’s federal government ordered that all unvaccinated Canadian truckers returning from the U.S. must quarantine for two weeks and foreign drivers who are unvaccinated no longer can cross into Canada, according to CBC.

We all now know the vaccines available do not slow the spread of the virus and in some cases can be lethal to the vaxed.  Maybe they make the virus milder when you contract the disease? The jury is out on that one.  How can the government (in the pocket of Big Pharma) be trusted?


Cruise – into Space?

(link) In May 2020, former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the agency will collaborate with Hollywood action movie actor Tom Cruise to film a movie at the ISS. The actor’s spaceflight is managed by Axiom. “NASA is excited to work with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the Space Station! We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make NASA’s ambitious plans a reality,” Bridenstine said via Twitter. –“Should be a lot of fun!” the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk said in response. Cruise will launch aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, which will be launched to orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket sometime after the year 2024.

That should be interesting. I wonder whether there will be a film crew with him – and the attendant fluffers, catamites, and panderers that rumor suggests he needs. However, I don’t need to know how the sausage was made. His films are usually fun.


HNoMS Steil (P-963)

Royal Norwegian Navy Skjold-class corvette



  1. Why do you contradict yourself, Hunter and family make a lot of money off Ukraine, as you had just pointed out. Then there are all the neocons who would have no purpose without a war they won’t fight in going on.

    “A national trucking strike”

    Have they locked down a single Amazon warehouse yet? Let’s do it right guys. BOL lays its going to AMZN, strike that load. You would think somebody on 8chan or whatever could set up an a simple web based system to target that strike. Obviously won’t be done by me, I never “learned to code”.

    “We need popular media to inspire a new generation…” staring Tom Cruise.
    So, Space Cowboys 2, boomers are back baby! Yeah, that’s inspiring.

  2. if putin moves his artillery any closer to the border we will know he intends to use it. another fellow said the ukranians have twice putins troops across the border and would decimate the russians. i laughed until i cried. ukraine may have warm bodies but not many soldiers, though some. last round went to the russian “separatists” quite easily and will again. maybe they’ll cut off the flow of cash to the biden mafia this time. ol papa joe will lose what’s left of his feeble mind, lol…..have you noticed slojo and da ho have been in the same place quite often these days? thought they were supposed to stay apart so one strike couldn’t get both? and ol slojo going back out in public? hmmm, i smell a false flag unfurling on the horizon……cool boat. what’s a corvette used for? ……maybe if the canadians get hungry they’ll finally boot pink tutu out.

    • While I generally agree about Russia / Ukraine, the Ukrainians have so far done a lot better than I expected. They’ve spent the better part of a decade stalemating the Russians and generally making them look sort of dumb at home and abroad.

      Of course, the Russians have a crapload more stuff deployed now, on a lot more fronts.

      If they open up a new offensive, I expect it will be harder than the Russians think.


      • The Russians believe in artillery (king of the battlefield). If it comes down to that, there won’t be a squirrel surviving when the armor arrives. During Soviet times the doctrine called for battlefield prep with tactical nuclear artillery rounds but I doubt they’d do that now.

        There aren’t many Germans who survived the Eastern Front unless they were invalided back home to recover from wounds. I wouldn’t want to fight them. Then again, I wouldn’t want to fight us – but they’re on home turf.

    • The coming war with Russia could incinerate the planet. The cosmonauts and the astronauts would fight it out on the ISS?

      • So AOC was actually projecting when saying the planet would croak in, what is it now, 6 years? I guess our betters will launch on The Bezos Blue Phallic with their move to the newly colonized Mars. Imagine longer days with that crowd.

  3. Skjold-class corvettes are among the very fastest military ships afloat and pack a very heavy punch with 6 surface-to-surface missiles and the obvious gun. As a stealth missile platform, it is likely that they would get targeting information from other sources (aircraft, other Norwegian ships, land, etc).

    With much of the Russian Baltic Fleet relocating to the Black Sea, they might not get their moment in the Sun in the near term.

  4. Everything is a distraction, including that nakedly idiotic press conference that showcased our _resident’s lack of cognitive brain function. “Embarrassing” does begin to describe it, it was dangerous. Covid afforded the scumbags the perfect multi-pronged “crisis” to wreck a pile of items on their target list, including the middle class. When PDJT stated “America will NEVER” be a Socialist country!” that was a challenge to the evil ones, and Covid gave them their chance, starting with a legitimate phone call to Ukraine questioning the Nasty Potted Plant’s shady/treasonous business dealings through his grifter son. Now they open the gate for Russia to invade. Just great.

    I’m convinced the “Supply Chain” problems are purposeful — “No, you can’t dock your cargo ship without everyone on board showing their vax papers, otherwise park yourself 100 miles off shore until further notice.”…so it doesn’t looks so bad on TV. Train robberies…really? As you said, shoot the bastards, the perfect no bail consequence for taking what isn’t yours. Why is it always California screwing the rest of the country? Empty shelves in America are directly due to the POS’s in DC who, so far, are untouchable…they want people worried and distracted, Soviet style. But cracks are appearing in the charade.

    Cruise- Must be all that cash paid into Scientology giving him the boldness to be shot into space…or ego. Guy does have guts tho. Me, I might have done it as a younger adventuresome type, but now, no thanks, I like terra firma. Regardless, I’m still waiting for Maverick to show up after a year and half delay “due to the all-encompassing excuse of Covid”.

    • Scientology is sort of a sci-fi religion. That may be pushing him to go into orbit. Maybe he’ll meet the mothership out there.

        • Perhaps.

          But if he had gone into orbit (literally, not just mentally with the help of pharmacology) and hadn’t found any Thetans, and hadn’t written his sci-fi book, there would be no Scientology Club for Cruise and celebrities to join.

  5. Warning! The ideas I wish to convey are racist and/or chauvinistic. Truckers as a group will always be inept in organizing protests. The image of the rugged owner/operator is just that, an image. Stop at any Flying J, TA, Love’s, etc. and you will find most truckers are of the “English as a second language” persuasion. They are not a cohesive group by any stretch. Herding cats is easier than organizing that bunch.

    Canadians are, for the most part, full of themselves. That is exaggerated by the pockets of idiocy (Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto) that seem to call all of the shots. I actually like most Canadians and tolerate their affections, much like I do Dallas Cowboy supporters. The looming supply chain collapse will hurt them even more than us, IMO.

  6. So, Brandon is going to travel to spread his message? Rural areas already know how to use manure spreaders, so they won’t need his diaper loads to appear in their area.
    Sometimes I wonder if the US/Canada vax passport game is just another version of the protectionism both have indulged in – without having to use that dirty word ‘protectionism’?

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised about the Ukraine, Brandon ‘needs’ something to take eyes off of the many screwups here, especially with Omicron fizzling, and the border crisis getting more and more news. Cameltoe has been pushed so far out in left field, they can’t even use her as a foil anymore.

    • China also needs something to distract the world. If it’s good enough, they might be able to bring Taiwan into the fold. US Navy told to stand down because of this or that from Brandon’s thin lips, maybe with a goofy, sly, smile for effect.

      I don’t know whether the Chinese are buying the Brandon son’s art… It may make the difference.

  8. Norge’s surface-effect missile boats are pretty neat.

    Who knows – if the West, Russia, and China mutually blast each other back into the pre-industrial era (at least), it might be a better result for the survivors of the world than the other current looming dark age where we just lie down and let the PRC exert universal tyranny over the planet. I suspect the dark age in the former case would be shorter than in the latter. Plus, there’s more bad guys to get killed than good guys, so we could pretend that we “won”.


    • Scientologists believe in space aliens known as Thetans. Maybe there is a Thetan ship that would cruise in and save Major Tom if he was in distress.

      There is one thing – writing Sci-Fi and there is another – believing your own bullshit, drinking your urine, and calling it Kool-Aid. But I don’t want to poke fun at other people’s deeply held convictions.

  9. Rumor has it that Cruise msy not go to the ISS but to a civilian station built by Axiom and not until about 2026. Tom will be about 64 if that is the case.

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