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The shift knob for my 2007 Toyota FJC



.357 Magnum Revolver vs 9 mm semi-automatic in a self-defense scenario. Sam Jacobs from provides well-reasoned articles. Sam asked me to share a series of articles here on the blog and I’ll be doing that.

.380 ACP vs. 9 mm Concealed Carry Cartridge Showdown.

I carried an AMT .380 Backup and a Walther PPK. in .380/9mm Kurtz as a backup in years past and never shot anyone with them so I can’t attest to the utility in combat. The new Micro 9mm handguns such as the Sig 365 SAS with more modern 9mm are game changers in my opinion.

.45 ACP vs 9 mm – A running debate.

Again, I think that Sam does a good job in this article. As a .45 ACP shooter, primarily because of disappointing combat results that I’ve seen from 9 mm, I’m not going to change. HOWEVER, as I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I do shoot and carry the Sig 365 Macro X and the 365 SAS with some lethal ammunition (available at – another plug for Sam’s employer). To me, the lighter Sig handguns chambered for 9mm with 17+1 capacity/10+1 capacity respectively are excellent concealed carry handguns because of the advanced ammunition in +P that is available.

Sharyl Attkisson on Fast and Furious.  I was around Mexico at the time and Sharyl was the clear voice of reporting and reason in the midst of a move by the Obama regime to demonize firearms in America.


Bullet Points:

**Lawmakers took their first real steps in addressing that this week as the Senate voted 66-30 on Wednesday to repeal the authorization for use of military force it gave to former President George W. Bush 20 years ago to invade Iraq.

** Julia Child – chef and spy.

**. When the conversation is about guns, they pretend to care about children. When the conversation is about abortion, they can’t kill the children fast enough.

** We have become guinea pigs in a ruthlessly calculated, carefully orchestrated, chillingly cold-blooded experiment on controlling a population and advancing a political agenda without much opposition from the citizenry.


It’s too easy – but Identify the Aircraft

Surly should note that even Elon Musk now favors a moratorium on A. I. development…


100 Most Populous Counties


Regarding Big Mike:




  1. As a honorary AI often jokingly compared to Skynet, I would agree to such a moratorium. I spent far too many years debugging code to ever truly trust an actual AI.

  2. Holy crap! I still have my AMT .380 Backup. Every 5th casing pegs me right in the forehead but I could carry it in an ankle holster. I haven’t touched it since I got the 365.

  3. re “the authorization for use of military force”
    I wonder if the Senate (Democrats) aren’t getting worried that Trump will win 2024 and are rushing to remove as many presidential powers as they possilby can

    • The Democrats are doing their best to get Trump. Bragg (Soros puppet) apparently indicted Mr. Trump today for the Stormy Daniels thing that Cohen did. They can indict a ham sandwich but it doesn’t mean there is anything to the charges. Since this is in Manhattan, charges are enough to get a jury to convict without letting the facts/evidence get in the way.

  4. I’ve got a Colt Python 6″ in 357 Magnum. Definitely not a concealed carry gun. I got it because at the time, I was doing some backpacking in the Utah mountains combined with my AF Reserve duty and there were black bears attacking folks. A knowledgeable friend told me a 357 would down a bear if you shot it in the skull while it was trying to pull you out of the tent. So I got it and learned to shoot it. It is fun to shoot. At point blank range, it will make half of a copperhead snake disappear (been there, done that but didn’t get a tee shirt).

    My concealed carry is a Glock 23 (S&W .40). But that graphic the other day insinuated that I am a little off for carrying that caliber. It is fun to shoot anyway.

    • Stop me if I’ve told this one before.

      All you people who think the 40 sux and is worthless, please stand up.

      Good, nice to see you here. Now remain standing if you would like to volunteer to be shot with one.

      Hey! Where did everybody go?

      • I like the .40 . It’s a nice fit for me, although I have other stuff, too. At least, before that canoe trip.


        • We used to do that when we were kids… BB gun wars. All fun and games until some little peckerwood pumps his Crossman up all the way.

          …yeah, we were shitheads. But paintball hadn’t been invented yet, and it probably wasn’t any more dangerous than throwing rocks at each other, which we also did. Etc.


      • I like the .40 and have several. My favorite is the CZ 40B. Unfortunately only a few were made and they can be hard to come by.

  5. EA-6B Prowler. And I though F15Es were loud. Helped recover some passing through Lakenheath when I was stationed there and those are some load darn aircraft. Planes looked in much worse shape than the AF A/C but I imagine salt water does a number on them.

    I know certain instructors recommend you just get used to one firearm for self defense and I am most certainly no expert but to me it depends on the situation and the threat. If I am walking around a store in a nearby city the SIG 365 is concealable, accurate, and easy to use. If I am in the Bob Marshall or up behind Holter Lake when I visit Montana then it is either a Ruger 44 magnum or a 460 Rowland. Might not kill the bear that is munching on me but I do intend to make it hurt.

    • Part of why they look in bad shape is because of the Navy’s ‘ghost grey’ paint that looks shabby, but is somewhat non-reflective in multiple spectrums. Which is how most planes are spotted over the ocean, by reflected light.

  6. Denver County, beyond even Boulder County, has ruined the rest of the state. Last time I was in Denver – 6 years ago – I had a visceral spiritual reaction that something evil was in residence. I left as soon as possible and won’t ever go back.

    So Chelsea has told the truth. Gotta give props when due.

    Brother sent the ZeroHedge article over the transom earlier this morning. It is spot on. I call it The Firehose Effect. Add ’em up over the last 5 years…pretty insane. Now look at what the lawless Democrat’s have done to President Trump, and by extension, has done to 80 million voting American’s. Satan has the Dem’s brains and souls so warped they’ll openly defend an insane shooter of the innocent because of some wacko-job identifying moniker they’ve determined is unassailable. There are no words of what has transpired today and this week thusfar, other than this could very well constitute the tipping point.

    While no man is an island, we can certainly govern what comes into our campfire, or if leaving, where we choose to spend our money…and it won’t be going to the criminal government machine so they can oppress American citizens with all manner of insanity, chaos, and thievery. Theirs is a system that has morphed to the point where it demands we pay for the filching of our Constitutionally protected freedoms. We are only one household, but 80 million of us can’t be ignored so easily.

    • Denver
      I won’t accept any assignments there.
      Lived there off and on, attended Metro State before they had a campus, and worked security at Bears Stadium ( a very good Triple A Baseball team) Bronco games and “wrestling” at the Stockman’s Hotel. It has always been a corrupt town (10 % of the police department in prison for operating a burglary ring). My middle son lives near Denver University. My late ex-wife was a Denver native.

      It was never a great place but today a total shit hole. For a dirty white boy, horny and looking for excitement, it was a great place 1960’s-1980’s.

      At the time, rural Colorado’s greatest export was their children. There were jobs in Denver.
      Western Slope? Plowing snow in the winter and working for the Forest Service in the summer.

  7. I keep wondering when, or even IF, the craziness will end. Maybe there’s a ledge we can land on before we really hit the bottom on this slide to rock bottom.
    What I carry depends on where I’m going. If it’s active bear county, I take my 870 with slugs, along with a sidearm. SLW’S 357 is a good choice.
    Good news for the day is that I’m being discharged next week! My progress has amazed the PT staff, and the other issues I was having are clearing as the drugs get flushed out of my system.

  8. Subs: If anyone’s ever in Rhode Island, Dee’s Deli is a great grinder shop in a State where the general standard of such is already high.

    Like the shift knob! Does it light up at night?

    Just to further muddy the 9mm / .357 debate, there’s always .357 SIG. Although I think I’m the only person I’ve ever met with that caliber.


  9. Subs- Having grown up in SE PA nothing compares to a cheesesteak or hoagie on an Amoroso roll. BUT, last year Laramie got a Jersey Mikes sub hop…a good substitute when the hankering comes around, plus you can customize to suit.

  10. Interesting series of articles. One issue with the .380 is some of the pistols that chamber it, notably the tiny pocket pistols. I have a Ruger LCP and find it painful to shoot. Those who recommend one to new or smaller statured shooters are nuts.

  11. I carried a 32 Walther back in the 90’s until I figured out the cartouche was Luftwaffe. This was a pocket gun my uncle who was in the European WWII theater gave me but didn’t tell me the history. He gave it to me after I got back from Desert Storm. It is a safe queen now.


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