Bullet Points:

** “Phasing out fossil fuels is unrealistic as oil, natural gas, and coal will continue to play a crucial role in global energy supply and energy security, China’s special climate envoy Xie Zhenhua said this week in a speech obtained by Reuters.

“It is unrealistic to completely phase out fossil fuel energy,” Xie, who will represent China at COP28 in Dubai in November, told ambassadors in Beijing ahead of the climate summit.

China is the world’s biggest consumer of coal and the largest importer of crude oil.

Despite soaring renewable power capacity installations in recent years, China continues to consume growing volumes of coal, oil, and natural gas and continues to approve the construction of new coal-fired power capacity.

** In a significant ruling late Thursday, Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana sided with American energy advocates, striking down the Biden administration’s eleventh-hour restrictions on a pending offshore oil and gas lease sale.

Taking a hard stance, Cain asserted the Biden administration seemed to be contriving a “scientific justification to a political reassessment of offshore drilling.” He further criticized the administration’s methodology, comparing it to a “weaponization of the Endangered Species Act” rather than a sensible, collaborative approach fitting the existing regulations.

** (zerohedge) “The future of America’s great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation’s mayors to champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism.

Our cities desperately need the genuine commitment to these principles (as opposed to the inconsistent, poll-driven commitment of many Democrats) that has long been a defining characteristic of the GOP.”

** Tracking – Apple dealt a giant blow to Google’s core revenue stream when it blocked third-party cookies in Safari in 2020.

While it was a win for privacy, Google’s not following suit until it can secure its advertising business. The Federated Learning of Cohorts and now the Topics API are part of a plan to pitch an “alternative” tracking platform, and Google argues that there has to be a tracking alternative—you can’t just not be spied on. The Electronic Frontier Foundation also argued this when it called Google’s FLoC a “terrible idea,” saying “[Google’s] framing is based on a false premise that we have to choose between ‘old tracking’ and ‘new tracking.’ It’s not either-or. Instead of re-inventing the tracking wheel, we should imagine a better world without the myriad problems of targeted ads.”

** The four-star general in charge of the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command has defended a memo he sent to his officers earlier this year where he predicted the US would be at war with China in 2025.

“My assessment is that war is not inevitable, but the readiness I’m driving with that timeline is absolutely essential to deterrence and absolutely essential to the decisive victory,” Gen. Mike Minihan said last week when asked about his prediction, according to Defense One.

** H/T AlbertH – El Fatal -A murdered Ecuadorian cartel boss known as “El Fatal” was buried with hundreds of pistols, shotguns, and rifles in his coffin so he could be “armed to the teeth in the afterlife.”

Julian Sevillano, the 39-year-old reputed leader of “Los Fatales,” was with his 20-year-old daughter getting a regular car wash in Moroche last Wednesday when they were suddenly ambushed by gunmen, according to La Nacion.

Both were killed in a hail of more than a dozen shots blamed on members of a rival gang, the outlet said.

It may be good that he never read The Grave of the Hundred Head



Identify the Aircraft


Made its first powered flight on 20 June 1939 with Erich Warsitz at the controls.





  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Heinkel He 176
    2. Convair F-102A Delta Dagger
    3. de Havilland Canada C-7 Caribou
    4. Dornier Do 22 K

    Odd, comment counter didn’t update with first posting.

  2. A dead Cartel leader? Fine with me…altho I suspect the Drug Hydra will present another head in short order. A Clear and Present Danger needing eradication.

    Fossil Fuels- Really wishing the industry tells our Energy Destructive Administration to drop dead with their destructive edicts. It’s not their’s to stop!. Who died and left these clowns boss of American energy production? Themselves, bums who are forcing America to grovel at the Middle East producers feet, kissing their a– while we pay $5-$6 at the pump, further crippling American business and home budgets. The kickbacks (aka. laundering while pandering) must be pretty good.

    Energy production- While wind and solar are fine for a point of use scale, (generally useless on an industrial scale) there is still no storage capacity available as batteries are the weak point, and mining of Lithium is environmentally destructive and mostly China (wink, wink from Biden et al — despite locating a massive deposit here in the USA, they’ll never allow its extraction to keep us beholding). Came across this: https://www.yoshinopower.com. It uses solid electrolyte instead of liquid, which gives it 2 1/2 times the capacity over Li-Ion while not being affected by the colder temps. Double-edged sword?

    • 1) not being argumentative, but I wonder about the effect of an EMP on solid-state batteries.
      2) not to be the crazy, anti-Biden, redneck conservative, my sister-in-law envisions me, but I do wonder how much money people associated with the current administration are making selling Federal oil properties to companies owned (or in part) by foreign entities (or preventing their exploration by American-owned companies) – paranoia, I know!
      Thinking about these things wake me in the middle of the night – among other reasons

      • Valid points…it’s why I believe those who are supposedly working for us (hahahaha) have been actively weakening our grid and ability to generate power efficiently and reliably while keeping us dependent on foreign energy sources. Lithium still needs to be mined for this battery box, and it still requires solar or grid recharging, but apparently there is less Li-Ion used here. S-S is also less volatile as we see with cars spontaneously melting down when the liquid Li-Ion batt’s get stressed.

        EMP’s are effective for unshielded electronic devices…how many component assemblies are shielded or not that can truly be rendered defunct? Guess we’ll find out shortly after Nov. 2024.

      • “Solid State” in a battery just means it has no liquid or paste electrolyte. It has nothing to do with “Solid State Electronics”, which have semiconductor junctions in them.

        • I understand the definition
          will an EMP affect a “Solid State” Bettery?
          if so, how?
          Does it have to be shielded in the event…?

          • No effect from an EMP that I can see, or find. “Solid State” is a misnomer for that type of battery, as though it’s tecnically correct when speaking of the electrolyte used, it can mislead people into believing the battery has Solid Staete Devices in it.

            *IF* the battery contains an electronic module to control/monitor the charging, than it would be as affected as much as any other device containing an electronics package.

            I tend to think the whole EMP thing is overblown, but then that’s just me.

        • Solid-state Li-Ion is also more stable, less prone to failure modes, and more power dense (purported, I have not gotten too deep in research yet, but appears true).

    • Energy density in batteries – there was a scifi series where the grenades, instead of depending on stored chemical energy, used stored electrical energy to supply the bang. Are we getting close?

      • I’ve seen a video of a nail gun driving a nail into a (IIRC) spiral wrapped lithium sulfuryl chloride primary cell with somewhat explosive results. Not the same as a grenade, but ruinous to the electronics package in which it might be integrated. I’ve heard that similar lithium primary cells can catch fire if reverse biased at the end of life. I used all kinds of lithium primary and secondary (rechargeable) batteries over about a 30 year career and never saw one go bad explosively except during testing to failure. There are, of course, news stories about various phone and laptop batteries that failed when lithium whiskers shorted through the wrapping layers.

        • Some of the Li-Ion battery packs used in model cars can pack quite a wallop if they let go. I’ve seen them swell up and get hot, and videos of them bursting into flames. I tend to think most of it is caused by improper charging, excessive heat from not letting them cool between charges, and mechanical damage.

          I always keep a bucket of sand nearby when I’m running my “3S” and “6S” model cars.

  3. The governor looks like a great EDC for Texas / snake country. Sales include extra 45 ACP moon clips. My experience with bird shot in a 22LR is not sufficient for rattles.

  4. Taurus Judge. Helped my late friend, Dirty Al, get one. His eyesight was bad and living in a 40′ Prevost Motorhome he wanted something that would be effective from his bedroom in the rear to the front entry. He purchased .410 shot shells with five 000 buckshot pellets. It is well he never had to use it. No doubt, for him and his situation, it was a good choice for self defense.

    Test firing I found the recoil to be about the same as .44 Special. The revolver itself seemed to be well made and reliable.

      • Im not sure what snake shot would actually be but .410 shells can be had in just about anything you can get 12 16 20 28g in. From target to hunting to buckshot or slugs. They are all just a 1/2 oz. of payload though so tighter choke for shot matter.

          • You need #6 if you are going to get serious about snakes. #7.5 will work but not as well and you should steer clear of #9 (skeet) because it’s just too light.

            #6 is not a bad anti-personnel load either if we’re talking 410.

    • I have shot both the Taurus Judge and S&W Governor. I chose The Governor. Six shots and also shoots 45 Long, 45 ACP in moon clips, or if you feel nostalgic, 45 Schofield. Lightweight N-Frame with a steel cylinder and barrel lining. Many options for self defense .410 shotshells.

  5. I did a post a year or so ago on what would be lost if we did away with fossil fuels… MOST of which are ‘critical’ to our lives today. No POL would literally bring our economy to a stop!

  6. “The Good Reset” would be marvelous.

    I’ve had three years of Chemistry, and still not entirely decided on whether “Fossil Fuels” are really “fossils” or not. Whatever, this War On Energy has to STOP. We’ll be back in the Dark Ages in a decade, and we’ll own nothing and like it.

    All the Demoncrat run cities need a major housecleaning. From the politicians down to the “citizens” in the street. Too many illegals, “guests”, “refugees”, and gangs. Won’t be long until the song by War comes true…..The World Is A Ghetto….

    Good for General Minihan. It’s about time somebody in his position said “Open Your Frikkin EYES!”.

    Two of my favorite aircraft were made by Convair, the B-58 Hustler, and the F-104 Delta Dart. Gorgeous aircraft!

      • I’m in the process of obtaining a BS in geology, DRJIM. I know that you’re going to ask why, and I will tell you that just because. I am quite interested in paleomagnetism and even though the application is not universally useful, it’s interesting. There are a lot of other fields of geology that interest me and I am thinking about what I’m going to do a master’s thesis on (thinking ahead). It will require some field work and I may need to go through the hip replacement thing before I can do it. However, it’s one of the things that I’m working on.

          • I’d seriously considered going into Geology when I was at that awkward age between grade school and high scholl.

            Nedles to say, Electronics won out, but I’m still fascinated by Geology. Got quite a collection of rocks from my travels.

  7. I had a go on one of those shotgun revolvers, a Taurus Judge, I think.

    Tell you what, scored way better and more effectively with a S&W custom 45. Just bizarrely tight groups from the latter. So maybe the 410 revolver thing is kinda moot? Just saying, no expert.


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