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Bullet Points:

** It’s very interesting that the Russians are relying on North Korea so heavily for the production of military uniforms and artillery ammunition.

** Being famous on social media is like being rich in Monopoly.

** Box Office discontent – The new Marvel Cinematic Universe outing The Marvels is continuing to struggle at the box office. The movie, which is a direct sequel to Captain Marvel that teams Brie Larson’s titular hero with Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), previously turned out the lowest opening weekend of the MCU with a $46.1 million debut. It followed that with the steepest week two drop of the franchise, plummeting a staggering 78.1%.

** As mentioned in the comments on VM yesterday, Radio Free Asia is a good place to go for general information that covers the goings in Asia. The Foreign Broadcast Information Service went the way of the Iron Horse over 25 years ago. This is much the same thing as that was without the same level of detail. Journalism has been impacted by government intervention over the past couple of decades. Just look at the POC Lesbian with the mop hair; that speaks for Pedo Joe…pathetic. The Sideshow Bob hairdo may be woke, but I just think of the Simpsons Cartoon. She’s so cartoonish.

** Galaxies like our Milky Way are mysteriously hard to come by in our cosmic backyard. New supercomputer simulations have helped astronomers finally answer why. The Milky Way sits within a galaxy cluster on the Supergalactic Plane — a billion light-year-wide sheet, or “supercluster,” upon which large galaxy clusters are pinned. But other spiral galaxies are surprisingly rare along this gigantic plane, while bright elliptical galaxies are far more common.

Now, astronomers suggest this is because a violent history of frequent galactic collisions filled our neighborhood with ellipses while somehow sparing our own galaxy. They published their findings Nov. 20 in the journal Nature Astronomy.

** A study showed that 100% of men would eat any piece of fruit handed to them by an attractive naked woman.

** If you can wait for hours in line to buy a cheap TV on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can vote in person on election day.

** Where are the Epstein flight logs and the Epstein video tapes that the FBI is using to blackmail politicians?

** Great minds think alike. Of course, so do stupid ones.



I listened to a rant the other day about “environmentalists.” I pointed out to the ranter that I’m a strident environmentalist. Take a look at a lake a couple of miles from where I live.

I live in the remote mountains atop Arizona’s Mogollon Rim. This is Blue Ridge Reservoir. When you live where I do, you can’t help but be an environmentalist. I am not a woke fool, but protecting natural resources from destruction is something that everyone can believe in. Bald eagles fish in the lake and nest on the shore. Elk, big horn sheep, deer, wolves, and mountain lions drink from the lake. I paddle my canoe through it because I enjoy fishing from the quiet passage of the carbon fiber canoe.

We all share a complicated industrial world where man may or may not be contributing to a perceived imbalance that manifests as a change in the climate. The government put its thumb on the research scale, but things don’t appear to be “warming,” as they continually assert. The agendas of “environazis” seem to blend with the murder of the unborn, ‘transitioning’ children, and the demand for plague vaxes and boosters. Creatures like Pedo Jo, the Ho, and a band of freaks lead their odious unwholesomeness. They wrap themselves in faux environmentalism and make responsible environmentalists look bad. Communism does not equal environmentalism. Irresponsible environmentalism led to disastrous fires recently, often set by arsonists who claimed to be part of the environmental movement.

Sticking the environmentalist label on me doesn’t offend me. I live in the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world on patent land inside the Coconino National Forest.


The Visigoths prepare to charge.

After chasing the Huns off the high ground dominating the plain below, Thorismund’s Visigoths have held back out of sight behind the crest of the ridge.

Now that Attila’s army has become decisively engaged, Thorismund gathers his men to charge down onto the enemy flank. Having ridden out in front of his men, Thorismund gives the signal to begin the attack. His shield pattern and clothing colors are conjectural, but green and red were apparently a favored Gothic color combination.

The entwined serpents on his shield are similar to designs carried by Germanic cavalry serving in the Roman army. The Gothic cavalrymen would have been born within the Roman Empire and had had access to Roman arms and expertise for several generations. They are thus very well equipped. Primarily armed with spears, they also have good swords, and several of them have light javelins in a case slung from the horns of their saddles.

They and Thorismund are clean-shaven, as was the Visigoth (and Roman) fashion at the time. On the plains below, the left flank of Attila’s army is composed of Ostrogoths and other Germans. They will bear the brunt of Thorismund’s initial charge.

In the center of the battlefield, the Huns, attacking in a succession of wedge-shaped formations, are making headway against Sangiban’s Alans and threatening the flanks of the Visigoths and Romans on either side. In the far distance, about 7km behind the lines, Attila’s camp is spread out along the banks of the Seine.

Artwork from CAM 286: Catalaunian Fields AD 451, illustrated by Peter Dennis.


Identify the Aircraft



This shouldn’t be too tough…photo from the boneyard.



Identify the Rigid Airship





48 thoughts on “More Bullet Points

  1. IDA:
    1. Northrup F-89 Scorpion
    2. Boeing YC-14
    3. Boeing E-6 Mercury
    LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin
    USS Shenandoah

      1. Surly nailed the Shenandoah, which went down with a little less flair than the Hindenberg.

      2. I threw the model of Zeppelin in but Surelys CPU took a CNS hit from yours truly. Dead before reboot/refresh ⚡🐗⚡ 🤙

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Northrop F-89D Scorpion
    2. Boeing YC-14
    3. Boeing E-6B Mercury

    Identify the Rigid Airship:
    USS Shenandoah (ZR-1)

  3. I see I am too late.

    I like the ghillie suit sniper instructors.

    I too am an environmentalist; it’s just that the name has been taken and used to justify a demented anti-civilizational screed, these days. So, I’m not what the Marxists mean when they say it, I’m what the word actually means – a person in favor of prudent stewardship of the world.

    – Kle.

    1. Environmentalist has come to mean a$$hole, in common usage because of the woke. They hijack terms that are good and make them filthy through their adoption.

      1. Instead of environmentalist, I tend to use the word Greenie for the insufferable, incredibly evil, woke, fools who have openly stated their goal is to wipe out 95% of the people on Earth.

        The problem is that the Greenies have taken over the agencies like the EPA and push an insane agenda, like back in ’14 when Obama’s EPA said the atmospheric ozone levels had to be below what’s found in places like Yellowstone NP or Colorado’s San Juan National Forest. How can those even be measured, if it’s below ambient?

    2. Hate to break it to you Kle But I highly doubt any of those PIGS stripped a single thread burlap bag to build their guillies. Fieldcraft is something not taught in a lot of schools worldwide nowadays unfortunately.


      1. Truth be told, the only guillie worth its wearer’s life is made in the field based on the specific area where it will be used. Foliage changes with the seasons, and the location and the goal is to blend in. You can’t buy it at Gucci or through mail order.

        X2 HogsbreathSS

        1. What camouflage works may depend on the viewer. In my case, I learned in Army Basic Training I’m easily fooled by even slight camouflage unless there is movement. Surprised me as I grew up hunting.

  4. First off,
    My hat tips to L.L. our model environmentalist. Are more clearer dissertation could not be written.

    “Journalism has been impacted by government intervention over the past couple of decades.” This was stated in the context of Radio Free Asia and the late F.B.I.S. My reflections are from reports on the Voice of America broadcasting, “house cleaning” that occured immediately when the current P.O.S. administration took the helm.

    Also current news from D.C. describes the dog whistle being blown for the pony faced soldiers ( IRS) to silence Matt Taibbi ( exposed 3 letter control of Tweeter). These early morning raids of the 80k strong armed agents are like popcorn going off. Was it not Slow Joe that lit the gas light in the debates and said, “PDJT’s dog whistle is the size of a fog horn”? O’biden invested 40 yrs in the beltway basements with the ring clinkers to craft that kind of speech. To find out here on V.M. that public ads are recruiting informants in k- 12 for the bureau of intimidation is very, very important to me. To any journalists or broadcasters like Matt that are on the front lines, exposing the lies and evil crimes against humanity that are funded by my taxes, you have my prayers and moral $upport.
    BTW, has a paywall and even the freebies and Twitter posts are difficult for me, a nail pounder to follow, but still a strong sense of truth.

  5. If it is indeed true that 50% of the populace is below average, do we really want more Donk voters?

  6. Visigoths. Another history lesson, thank you.

    I will not wait anxiously for our galaxy to collide with some other galaxy and having the collision change the structure from spiral to elliptical. Other things to worry about in the immediate future.

    F89. Only US aircraft to ever launch an actual nuclear rocket (AIR 2A Genie). If your ever in Great Falls MT go to the Air Guard side of the airport and you can see the actual airplane on a pedestal. I was told back in 1975 that the plane landed after the launch and never flew again. Don’t know that for a fact but the bottom of the plane sure is wrinkled up.

    Environmentalism. I try to be an ardent environmentalist. I am spending a lot of effort uplifting a lot of my trees and clearing the tree bases of sagebrush to make them more resistant if (when) a fire rolls through while still leaving enough sagebrush for habitat for the grouse. Even bought a chipper so I would not be burning the branches. But that is not what today’s default environmentalist wants. They want solar power and living in mud huts. Oh, and absolute control over just about every aspect of life.

    1. “Mud huts”…Yup, while to the contrary The Structural Engineers Association wants everyone in concrete and metal bunkers…to be “safe”, which is enviro-opposite. Binary with these people (who are likely “non-binary” or “genfluid”) no gray area between the extremes.

  7. Currently my guillie suit/camo would look like this …altho the sun is now out:

    Environmentalist: x2 to others comments above. God’s Word said we are to be good stewards. Rural residents usually tend towards wise-use and less waste…fixing or repurposing parts and pieces instead of tossing and buying new. (Reminds me, that bench pile of bolts and pieces needs going thru.) The custom burn barrel takes care of everything but wet garbage, especially with UPS showing up regularly with things ordered (lots of boxes, some get reused, which is actually enviro-better by not running the pickup down the highway 50 minutes one-way, fewer trips also. And despite recycling being a symbolism over substance (h/t Rush) charade, we take ours once a quarter, where it goes from there is not my concern, did my part. Take a take down and next to nothing goes to waste for the woodstove. Was once out an the road bike (many…ahem..moons ago), came up to a Stop sign, guy tosses his cigarette out, still lit…picked it up and tossed it back into his window, and yelled “Hey!, The world is not your trashcan!” He drove off.

    1. BTW, Wheelchair Taco Man just came off his median corner spot after a few hours asking for spare change. Some of them make quite a decent “living” begging while wearing 12 layers of thrift store clothing, often directly across from the Mickey- D’s and Walmart who are hiring.

      1. That would be me…not my fault I had two white parents (not that I care). But hey, the local framing crew were pretty happy the road to the job site was plowed and the tractor was used to clear the packed driveway. Taking a tree down with an axe or hand saw versus the Stihl Farmboss is slow going, getting older means time is of the essence.

  8. The best environmentalists (in reality, not that greenie bullscat) are hunters and loggers. All that federal tax stamp money and permissions and such does a better job of supporting wildlife and forests than all the Earth Fi(r)sters and environazis and rainbow warriors combined.

    And after the 1960’s, most corporations are rather more green than actual greenies.

    Just go to any big rally. Conservatives leave the place clean, often more clean than when they arrived. People help each other, clean and pick up garbage, help identify and solve any problems that occur. Leftists, on the other hand, leave everywhere they touch worse off, often on fire, covered in toxic chemicals and thrashed.

    Who’s the better environmentalist? The one who wants to ban plastic because people throw shopping bags out or the people who use the shopping bags and dispose of them correctly?

  9. The late Idaho Rep Helen Chenoweth use to have a sign in her Coeur d’Alene office that said “Hug a logger, you’ll never go back to trees”. Environmentally sound, I think.
    Idaho Bob

  10. A naked woman (with reservation) can hand me anything, though I prefer my steaks hot off the barby and medium well with some fat and gristle attached and a ice cold beer. As far as being an environmentalist, I am a strident one also, but I tend to self describe as a tree-hugger… I hug that tree and as the logger steps forth to begin cutting I bid him/her a good day and waltz over to the next tree and hug that.

    1. Medium WELL? That’s an abomination. Do you enjoy a nice decaf “coffee” pudding with extra nondairy “creamer” and levosugar after your burnt steak? An animal gave its life to provide that steak, but you’re not obligated to cremate its remains!

      (Sitting here eating poorly-cut chirashi-in-a-cardboard-bowl at Moynihan Train Station as I type this. So on the one hand, who am I to mock culinary choices. On the other hand, well, at least you didn’t say “well done” so there’s that. I guess.)

        1. He also has the right to wear plaid trousers simultaneously with a neon pink Nehru jacket, plus a Carmen Miranda-style fruit headdress and size 66 clown shoes, if he wants, but that doesn’t make it Right.

          1. Have you seen a recent picture of me Mike “underscore” C? I tend to like my meat COOKED, not raw. A healthy pink center and a touch of serous fluid escaping, you can’t rightly describe it as blood at that point.

            My dear departed dad on the other hand liked a candle passed under the still living steer, slapped on the ass and served as bloody as the plate would allow…

          2. I’m not slinging mud; however, every Chinese guy I’ve seen ordering a steak wants it cooked to shoe leather. I have no idea why that is.

          3. LL: it’s a certainty that you’ve interacted with more actual Chinese from the mainland than I have, so I defer to your knowledge. Plus, it’s pretty well established that I’m crap at being a Chinaman, so one more apostasy is just par for the course at this point.

            Cederq: to be honest I’m a medium-rare kind of guy myself. Generally not into bloody “blue” steak. (It has to be really high-grade steak to be good super-rare. Classier than I can afford.) Just giving you a ration of crap.

          4. Chinese want their meat overcooked because it kills the parasites.

            Which is why I side with Cederq on this. Fresh meat, like deer or elk, or meat I don’t trust to be ‘clean’ I’ll have medium well to well done please, without the side of internal parasites.

            I do like my beef cooked medium to medium rare, and I also enjoy sopping up all the juices with really good bread.

  11. “Great minds think alike. Of course, so do stupid ones.” I thought I coined that. :)

    As to Climate Change®, a friend of mine wrote today elsewhere:
    “Back to my quote from yesterday “the thing is not the thing.” The issue with all the PR is SAVING THE PLANET. That is not the thing. The thing, the goal, is the revolution, or CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET.”

  12. Don Kimbrel drove an open top G John Deere from the Texas panhandle, all the way to Washington DC in the dead of winter. They replanted the Washington mall before leaving, making it better then before, unlike the enviroweinies.

  13. “Where are the Epstein flight logs and the Epstein video tapes that the FBI is using to blackmail politicians?” Good question.

    Nice Visgoth/Attila snapshot. My take, for what it’s worth, is that the various Goths in late antiquity were essentially Roman, served and trained as Aux etc. This makes the Gothic conflict of the late 3rd , 4th Cs AD more like a civil war (disastrous) than an invasion. Theodoric, for goodness sake, renovated the state/public monuments of Rome in the 470s on the public dime, the last ruler of the eternal city to do so.

    60 years later Justinian’s reconquista put paid to that, yet more civil war. Perhaps a moral in that?

        1. I greatly prefer the canyons out compared to the concrete variety that covers SoCal. And I’ve *always* recycled certain things, all my life. My Parent’s told me of the Great Depression and the WWII years. “Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without” was something I took to heart early on. And growing up amongst the corn and soy bean fields taught me you took care of your land.

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