If you’re in DC for the Rally Tomorrow

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – In anticipation of the pro-Trump demonstration on January 6, the Metropolitan Police Department released a list of road closures in the District. DC Mayor Bowser (name sounds like a dog) ordered all restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores closed. So bring food, water, warm clothing and consider shelter if you’re stuck.

The rally is set for the same day Congress gathers to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

Parking will be an issue as will MASSIVE road closures.

The Metro is likely the best way in and out of Downtown DC. Stay at a hotel farther from the event and ride in. Keep in mind that Antifa thugs attacked patriots at the last event.

The News Media is likely going to report that nobody showed up by taking photos of the area two days before and pawning them off as contemporary.



The picture below, taken in the Antarctic, from Dutch sailing barque Europa of the wreck of the Norwegian whaling ship Guvernøren. The Guvernøren was destroyed in 1915 when her cargo of whale oil caught fire.


Uniforms – Past

I can’t imagine fighting in a get-up like that. I do know that there were different customs then, but really.


Translation: “There are people who carry happiness. There are people who carry pain and sadness and there is me. I carry a machine gun.” –Ukraine

Today in Athens

Hellenic Presidential Guard

I think that the Greeks could do better today – while maintaining a connection with the past. Criticize my opinion if you are moved to. I worked in Athens for some time, I saw these troops, and I always asked myself, “What are you thinking?”


Short Memories

Government funded science in the 1960’s, predicted that global oil reserves would be depleted in ten years, and that the population increases across the planet would make it uninhabitable.

In the 1970’s, they predicted another ice age would set in ten years in the future.

In the 1980’s, they predicted that acid rain would destroy all crops within ten years and the planet would starve to death.

By the 1990’s, the prediction changed to the ozone layer’s destruction in ten years and we’d all die of skin cancer.

In the 2000’s, it was that global warming would melt the ice caps within ten years.

None of these dire predictions came to pass, but they all resulted in regulation (still with us) and higher taxes. If you’re not old enough to remember the environmental scams of the past fifty years, you’re not old enough to know how the game is played.



It’s too early to know whether or not there will be an Electoral College in 2024, or how many US states there will be, or how many chairs the US Supreme Court will expand to in order to promote a progressive agenda.

But providing that there is an Electoral College:

Projected changes to the US electoral college for the 2024-2028 elections.


Oh, the Oppression

There is a lot of delusion going on among progressives. One is that straight men have any ‘romantic’ interest in sexual deviates or sodomites (which is to say, the same thing).


Have You Been Dosed?

Around the world, 4.6 million COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered. The U.S. has administered 2.13 million doses—the most of any country so far. Here is the up to date distribution. The darker the green, the more doses per population.


This is Self-Evident

Hanging is definitely too good for them.


  1. If you’re gonna dress and march like that, methinks carrying a bayonet-mounted M1 Garand is probably a good idea…….

  2. I wonder how much those uniforms were so the commanders, back before radio communications, could identify just who he was seeing. I seem to recall that 19th century US cavalry doctrine stated that each troop rode similarly colored horses so the field commander would know that it was F Troop he was looking at from a distance. Of course any remounts might not match.

    • And before them, the horses of the British regiments (Scots Greys at Waterloo, for example). There was a regimental remount pool of grey horses available to handle attrition providing that you didn’t run your regiment into a hedgehog of the French Old Guard.

  3. That brave and stunning infographic has given me pause for self-reflection. Actually, it wasn’t a pause: It stopped me cold, like a bridge embankment stops a ’63 Corvette at highway speeds. It made me look into my soul, and I am deeply, deeply ashamed by what I find there.


    What straight man would not want to date a physician and dedicated, altruistic public servant? And a blonde, yet! (The format below is biographical info webpage, followed by a video link.)

    Or this brave crusader to ensure that low-income minority women who operate home salons (as in out of their own homes) cannot refuse to touch and wax male genitals? Because Jessica Yaniv, who otherwise spends her time in public women’s bathrooms talking to barely pubescent females about tampons [I am NOT making this up], identifies as a transwoman, but retains her birth-assigned penis and testicles. Jessica is in trouble with the transphobic Canadian government for illegal possession of a taser.
    (Bonus, Jessica and her charming mom) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv5Ym21cqN0

    Or this bastion of … I don’t even know what. She identifies as a deer. Not a dear, a deer.

    Then there is this person, who presents as an intellectual powerhouse, but isn’t really.
    Bonus link with the quote immediately below: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/contrapoints-william-nicholas-parrott-natalie-wynn-parrott-nykytyne2.34349/
    But is it okay for a straight male to date a transwoman who says “…what if I told you that what I really am is an autoandrophile – a transwoman sexually aroused by the thought of myself as a man?” [See what I meant about the pretension of being an intellectual?] This transwoman, Natalie Wynn, is also a lesbian. I think a straight man trying to date a lesbian is some sort of hate crime. (Unless you are Bill DeBlasio, in which case impregnating, times 2, a lesbian, is stunning and brave.) Anyway, hats off to ContraPoints. As a lesbian transwoman, she gets to have her pie and eat it too.

    So get ahead of the game, straight men. Prove you are not a hater. Divorce your wife, dump your cis-het girlfriend. Find yourself a transwoman now.

      • The important question here is: if you have a tag, and it’s in season, can you shoot someone identifying as a deer legally?

        I think that in respect of personal identity rights, the answer must be “yes”.


      • Thanks Margi.

        Artbyjoe, I specifically use art that is smaller in size because I live in a very low bandwidth area. Sometimes I use motion-gifs and they’re larger. I’m on a Mac using Chrome. I was having problem with this Google software until I went with a Google browser.

          • As you know, I went through that drama, Ed. I appreciate your help and advice on the matter. I don’t like Google, but learned that if I wanted a blog, I had to go in that direction.

  4. Thinking the Athens uniforms are to get the enemy laughing so hard they can’t see straight, right before attack orders are given.

    Vax – Not on anyone’s life for me…99.6/7/8/9% recovery for my age group doesn’t need a vaccine. God created an immune system, bolstered by heavy doses of being outside and having had colds over the years (corona), keeps me in good stead. Weird that people can’t see this.

    You forgot “eggs are bad for you, then good, then bad”. Predictions by those with an agenda aren’t worth the powder to blow them to Hell…like the weatherman, economists, and any MSM outfit.

    • New York State is looking for a way to imprison you if you don’t take the plague shot. Stay in Colorado.

      • Just thinking of going to NY….1) they are salivating once my big toe hits their side of the border, whether terrestrial or air, and 2) it nauseates me. Staying in CO at the hovel is not much of a challenge.

  5. Re: vaccine . More info coming out on ivermectin as prophylaxis . Started Xmas day with ivermectin from the farm coop plus vitamin c and d plus zinc. Tryin to get my 90 year old mom on it. But she can’t get past horse meds.
    Our church choir director tested positive while trying to decide to try it. He is on a treatment dose now. Supposedly this is second time he has had it.

    • Mr Wells, Ivermectin is used on humans in Africa and in Asian countries and in South of our border. It is only US and Canada that will not certify it for human consumption. Know why? Too cheap, pharmacological companies would not make billions off of it, only millions. Rule of thumb dosages is swine with comparable weights, swine being as close as humanly possible physiologically.

      • Cederq , it is available in pill form for human consumption in the states to treat scabies and worms and such. But the docs have been told not to prescribe for China Flue , I just spoke to a Doc today about ivermectin , he said hey no problem ,you look wormy to me.

        Just a word to the wise , when I type cederq , my autocorrect puts up Federal.

  6. re:

    The injection for CoViD-19 is not a vaccine.
    It is a mRNA designed to create a cellular protein spike.

    As a modifier of DNA, it cannot be classified as a ‘vaccine’.
    A vaccine uses dead or weakened fragments of the illness-causing material to facilitate a ‘learning’ in the immune system.
    Unfortunately, the virus family mutates too fast for such a vaccine to make much impact.

    This is the industry standard for naturally-occuring virii.
    Any factory-manufactured material simulating a virus is closer to a weapon than a traditional epidemic.

    In my opinion, a mRNA is also a weapon…

      • I have determined to be the LAST person to take the shot. (on the planet) …After I can see what it does to WSF. If it makes him charming to all who he meets, and if he plucks his eyebrows, puts on a purple too-too when he goes into public, and if he starts shaving his legs and walking like a duck, I’ll know that I made the right decision.

        • My problem is the tech I bribed on an annual basis to record my getting a shot has retired without naming a replacement. Two days ago I turned down a short term lucrative gig because a flu shot was required.

          Charming to all I meet? But of course, until they piss me off.

        • Not “purple”, “periwinkle”…yeah, a nit but in THAT identity group the right shade is critical lest ye be known as insensitive.

  7. I don’t really have an understanding of this, just putting bits and pieces together. Reflect on this, please.

    If it is possible to inject a substance to get the body to manufacture a protein spike, which the bodies defenses (antibodies) then see as an attack , in order to “prep” them for a future viral attack that bears similar markers, what the chances are of what they call a cytokine storm occurring, where the body reacts so strongly to a perceived infection it kills itself? And is it possible, that knowing these antibodies are “pre sensitized” to a specific protein spike, , that a lab grown virus could make use of this to attack only those who have been injected, IE, using an enhanced immune response to kill . It could be the holy grail of bio weapons, which would be to target specific populations while leaving others unharmed.
    Am I nuts?

      • Yes (x2) nuts and correct. It’s not something that you want to willingly put into your body. Better that you let EVERYONE ELSE do it to themselves, sit back for 20 years and watch.

    • Well, the mainland Chinese do need more room for their excess population. Just get the rest of the world to take this ‘vaccine’, then release a new virus that attacks those that have taken this ‘vaccine’, then viola you get a death rate that makes the plague of the 14th Century blush and have all of the Lebensraum you need for the next century or two. Sounds like a plan to me!

  8. Thank the gods I am not a Greek Soldier, cold day in hell with me wearing pom-poms on my boots and wearing a pony tail off of my beret… I have no problem with the skirt being as much Irish I am with past wear of a Thompson pattern kilt…

    • It’s not a kilt. It’s something to be shunned.

      However, Greek soldiers have a tradition going back over 2000 years — of preference.

  9. Considering all the ‘innoculations’ we’ve had, I am not in favor of another one that I’m not sure is actually going to help me. BUT, I think the incoming admin is going to use papiere bitte to force everyone to get the ‘vaccine’…

  10. To Old NFO, the incoming kleptocrats will pass a national regulation or a law like the one in New York which will allow them to forcibly inject you, prole, with the ‘vaccine’. I am sure they will get a per head kickback on the injections. Then they will try to use ‘vaccine’ refusal as a means to control people’s ability to do things as in this satirical Tweet(h/t AOSHQ):

    Safe Citizen

    And alluding to raven’s post above, have any of the Democrats publicly announced that they have taken or going to take the ‘vaccine’? Interesting if they are not taking it!

    • Let them go for it, it’ll get ugly fast. As for politicians showy shot-capades with hardly a wince, how do we know it’s not saline? Some have said the shot hurts like a Mack truck.

      • Do YOU trust them to actually take the plague shot? (or shots – it takes two injections) My level of trust in politicians are right at zero.

        • No, and for me it’s less than zero on the trust scale because every bit is theater. Lets see if any of them get the booster in 3 weeks.

  11. The pictures don’t work for me in Firefox, either desktop or Android. They do work for me in IE, but I can’t comment in IE…
    Agreed – I have no intention of getting a questionable, rushed vaccine for a disease with a 99% survival rate. I may have had it, I may not have – but I’m not getting tested for it or antibodies.

  12. I have my forst “Post-COVID” appointment with my Doctor next week. We have some items to go over, some meds to review, and I have some questions concerning some other things.

    I’m wondering if they’re going to attempt to swab my nose, and what will happen when I say “No, Thank You…”

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