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The map says a great deal. For example, why are all Arizona congressional districts held by Republicans and there are two democrat senators?


Russian Suicide Drones

A suicide drone can also be called a “cruise missile”.  Hitler called them vengeance weapons during WW2.  Ukraine’s air force said it destroyed 45 Iranian-made kamikaze drones used in the barrage, including 32 after midnight. Russia also reportedly fired 20 missiles at targets in various areas of the country, with the Ukrainian military saying most were shot down.

The attacks came after Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated in his televised New Year’s address that the Kremlin would continue its unprovoked war, which was initially cast as a short-term military operation but is now approaching its 11th month. Speaking from Russia’s Southern Military District flanked by soldiers, Putin claimed that “moral, historical rightness” was on Russia’s side.

The big New Year’s attack was actually a weak and pathetic gesture. Is that the best that Russia can deliver? A handful of Iranian-built Insha Allah weapons that you just launch and land wherever? Week Vlad. Very weak.


Chukavin Sniper Rifle

The Kalashnikov Group manufactures 95 percent of rifles made in Russia and is using the combat in Ukraine to evaluate its new Chukavin Sniper Rifle. (caption photo)

Since August small quantities of this rifle have been used in Ukraine by Russian special operations troops to determine their performance in combat and compile a list of problems or opportunities for improvements. The new rifle is intended to be used by squad sharpshooters. The Chukavin can be equipped with receivers and barrels that use the Russian standard 7.62x54mm sniper round. The “7.62mm” is the caliber (diameter) of the bullet while the “54mm” is the length of the round. This is the same round used in the current SVD sniper rifle used by Russian snipers. The Chukavin was designed to provide Russian snipers with a rifle that enables first-round (cold bore) hits nearly all the time.

For export markets, the Chukavin can be made available in export models that use the Western 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) cartridges or the more powerful and popular .338 Lapua Magnum (7.62x69mm). The 7.62x54mm version is compatible with magazines of the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) that the Chukavin will replace.


Bullet Points:

* Why has the Italian Army gone into the drug business – and is apparently proud of it? Sorry, I’m just too old to appreciate this sort of thing. H/T Claudio.

* I can’t think of any redeeming characteristics that Haiti might have. It’s not a racial thing in and of itself. It started out early as a black-run country and still is. The Clintons ripped the Haitians off, but that’s what the Clintons did to everyone who joined their “global initiative” so Haiti can join the club.

In the fall of 2010, months after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, a new disaster began: a cholera outbreak that killed thousands of people and continues to sicken people across the country.

Experts determined that the source of the disease was a U.N. peacekeeping camp. And now, nearly six years later, the United Nations has admitted it played some role in the deadly outbreak.

Inviting the UN into your country is a lot like inviting that corrupt moron Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from the WHO to manage your plague. Or involving Brandon’s tranny health admiral in ANYTHING at all. You do realize that the Brandon regime gave the disgraced tranny, Samuel Otis Brinton, a Q Clearance, right?

* I’d like to see Hunter Biden’s tax returns. And then to compare everything with the 10% that the Big Guy received and didn’t pay income tax on. If we’re talking about politicians’ tax returns, let’s look at all of them.

* Black Host (Jordan Peele) to replace Rod Serling on the Twilight Zone reboot…of course. I guess that I won’t be watching those Twilight Zone marathons anymore.

* If you want to be a lab rat, Pfizer is now enrolling participants at least 65 years old for an mRNA flu vaccine study.  Be the science…

* The Pacific Battlespace. – This comes from Claudio. – Progress is being made on the deployment of a new long-range over-the-horizon radar system for the U.S. Air Force that will be stationed on the Pacific island of Palau. The news comes as the Pentagon’s push to drastically beef up both its offensive and defensive capabilities in the Western Pacific gains steam.

Called the Tactical Mobile Over-the-Horizon Radar, or TACMOR, the sensor station will be installed on the increasingly strategic island of Palau to enhance air and maritime domain situational awareness for U.S. and allied forces in the region. The Department of Defense announced on Dec. 28 that it had awarded a $118.4 million contract to Gilbane Federal for the construction of reinforced concrete pads and foundations in support of the installation of TACMOR equipment on the island. The contracting activity for what’s being called the TACMOR infrastructure project is the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Pacific, and work is expected to be completed by June 2026.

Claudio points out that the People’s Liberation Army’s Navy could possibly build the same military infrastructure in the Soloman Islands, now owned by the People’s Republic of China. Possibly. There is a 50/50 chance that I’ll go to the Solomans for work sometime this spring.  I’ll know in 60 days or so. Maybe I’ll bring my own ODA along with me? I know, take pictures.

At the first of December, last month, I was getting ready to buy tickets to fly to Cambodia and meet with people on January 8-12. Today,  I have an office in Phnom Penh. Things are moving just that fast. No need for me to fly. We can zoom. Things are moving at light speed.

USGOV snagged a money launderer in Panama and are flying him to Oklahoma this coming week. It will be a day trip to interview him. But it’s all business, all good.

* Danny R. Smith, a retired LA Sheriff’s homicide detective has written a series of novels centered around two detectives. While I usually don’t like these types books,  Smith does a good job and I recommend his series. Danny retired and fled LA, moving to a ranch in Idaho.  He was going to meet me in Prescott (AZ) for lunch recently but we weren’t able to connect because my schedule changed. Danny’s a solid guy all the same and walked the walk.  His writing reflects it.

36 thoughts on “Monday Moments

    1. How do you define “provocation”?

      Ukraine is corrupt, and so forth and there were problems in the country. They wanted to join NATO but nobody but the Ukrainians wanted that to happen. Russia threatened invasion if they joined but they didn’t. Russia massed 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border prior to the invasion and then they invaded the way they did in 2014, but this time they wanted to swallow the place whole.

      From Strategy Page: Russia wants to annex Belarus as well as Ukraine. Before 2022, Belarus was seen as the next former Soviet territory to be annexed by Russia. The response of Ukrainians to the Russian invasion has changed attitudes towards the annexation of Belorussia. This is despite the fact that the longtime (27 years so far) Belarus president-for-life Alexander Lukashenko has ruled Belarus as a loyal ally of Russia. That has not helped the Belarussian economy or improved the lives of Belarus voters. A new post-Soviet Union generation of voters has seen how life is better in democracies, especially other former victims of Russian rule like neighboring Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine. They blame Lukashenko for the poverty and mismanaged economy in Belarus, as well as an incompetent response to covid19.

      Since 2020 Lukashenko has faced growing popular protests against government incompetence and decades of rigged elections, corrupt rule, and inability to do much of anything effectively. Since the late 1990s, Lukashenko has won reelection with 80-90 percent of the vote in visibly fraudulent elections. Lukashenko is a Soviet-era official, who runs Belarus using the Soviet Union as a model. Belarus is a police state, where elections, and everything else, is manipulated to keep the same politicians in power. It’s a tricky business, but so far Lukashenko has kept the security forces up to snuff, and on his side. He bribes or bullies key officials to keep the country running.

      Belarus is small (9.5 million people) compared to neighbors Russia (146 million) and Ukraine (42 million) and Russia wants to absorb Belarus and Ukraine to rebuild the centuries-old Russian empire that the czars created and the communists lost. Lukashenko, like most Belarussians, opposes annexation by Russia. So far Russia is not actively seeking to annex Belarus or send in security forces to help suppress what has turned into a rebellion against Lukashenko.

      1. I’d refer to a country divided into two main factions, ukes and russians. The russian side won an election (crooked or not) and the uke side with outside influence and support, overthrew that election with a coup. Then the ukes proceeded to marginalize the russian side, banning the language etc… All of this of course exacerbated by the Russian annexation of Crimea and the rebellion in the marginalized and disenfranchised east. Then the constant shelling of the east and the rumored planned uke offensive that Ivan preempted, I could see a plausible claim bring made that the Russians had to act. Of course this information is taken from popular sources that definitely have a bias.
        (The uke side’s marginalization of the east has lots of similarities to conditions here, which causes me to identify with them, which adds to my bias.)

        1. Putin has a population problem. Annexing Ukraine would solve economic problems and would add 45 million Caucasians to the national population. A lot of it came down to that. I don’t blame Vlad. He didn’t know that his army sucked. It should have worked.

          1. Of course the Russian invasion of Ukraine wasn’t “unprovoked”. Neither was Pearl Harbor – do you weep for Imperial Japan?

            Also; invading a country you’ve guaranteed the integrity of is generally considered a dick move.

            Not that Ukraine is a bunch of angels, or anything.


          2. “dick move”…perfect descriptor I’d forgotten about. Seems to be a lot of that mode going around these days, from all manner of morons and usual suspects…especially our Bum in Chief.

          3. I weep (or give a damn) for neither Ukraine or Russia. My only concern is we stay out of it, but it does’t look like I’ll get that.

        2. this whole conversation is the reason that I’m addicted to reading this blog/newspaper/current events magazine.
          My two pennies: I think Vladimir Vladimirovich had/was given no other option (particularly with Finland’s current direction).
          I may be biased because my mother (and her 10 or 11 older siblings) came here from the Ukraine (and not one ever wanted to return for a visit).

          1. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was in trouble at almost every level. They paid single, white, Russian women to be inseminated by “the right” Russian men and pay them a middle-class wage for life to raise them. I know this because I know one of those women who agreed to be a broodmare. I’ve known her since she was a teenager.

            The education system in Russia has failed and Vlad knows it. It’s only a matter of time before that cripples a crippled nation.

            The Military has been crumbling for 40 years, they knew it, but I don’t think anyone knew how far it fell until the invasion of Ukraine.

            China is a threat to Russian territory, the New World Order offered very little to Russia because of their insignificance.

    2. Of course not. The mess was engineered over the course of at least a decade. I suspect by persons who are Wound Collectors. WC is a term apparently coined by Joe Navarro (former FBI guy, now a body language expert and columnist for Psychology Today). The article (below) is insightful, though I find his examples amusing in a dark and highly ironic way.

      Now did Putin HAVE to take the bait (after warning the “West” repeatedly that the “West” were pushing Russia’s buttons)? That’s up for discussion. But the neocon lust for a Slavic brother war seems quite obvious.

  1. Whenever I’m told that the “woke would Build a Wakanda ” If they were allowed to be left to their own devices ,I think instead it would be like Haiti.
    Change My Mind

    1. I like the comparison. Haiti the second nation to gain independence in the New World. A thriving, extremely lucrative sugar trade taken over by people who impoverished themselves. Haiti with a mountain of vibranium would still be Haiti. The main difference would be, if Haiti had a mountain of vibranium, there wouldn’t be any Haitians.

        1. I’m always amused by the depictions of Wakanda in the movies, where it’s actually shown as a 3rd world shithole with more money. The Important People all have spaceships and rayguns, and the poor slobs are walking around with burdens on their backs, and dirt-farming, and living and working in shanties under the skyscrapers, and being helpless victims in the wars their “Elites” bring about.

          Some fucking paradise.

          Really shows the world Our Betters desire.


          P.S. – ruled by a King? Succession by Thuggery? They can keep their crap.

          1. curiosity prompts:
            are you talking about Wakanda, Haiti, or the current situation in the U.S.A.?

          2. Neo-Feudalism. It’s what the NWO and the WEF want world-wide. And are achieving.

            Still waiting for Brazil’s army to go Coup on the new guy.

  2. I don’t think I’d ever heard of Palau before, I had to look it up and saw it was a nation rather than just an island.

    Thanks for the recommendation on the author, I’ll give him a look.

    1. Scene of intense fighting in WWII. See “With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa” by Eugene Sledge. Peleliu is an island in the nation of Palau.

  3. The Republicans hold 6 Congressional Districts, while the Democrats hold 3.
    We now have only 1 Democrat Senator and an Independent Senator.
    At least the Republicans hold the AZ State Senate and the Legislative Districts. Nothing Hobbs wants will pass…

  4. “Since 2020 Lukashenko has faced growing popular protests against government incompetence and decades of rigged elections, corrupt rule, and inability to do much of anything effectively”
    When do we start here?

  5. Palau
    We are spending huge money to build critical defense infrastructure on a sovereign nation? Would America Samoa work geographically?

    1. No, it’s not in a position to provide an early warning for Guam. USDOD had put a lot of eggs in the basket at Guam and Saipan.

      1. PS – Shore power (the electrical grid) just popped back on. I am no longer burning propane to make electricity.

  6. “because the armed service has been in the pharmaceutical business for decades, turning out chemical warfare antidotes and malaria pills for soldiers.
    The Army also manufactures so-called orphan drugs — medicines for rare diseases or conditions that big companies ignore because of the low production rates. The service currently makes four such drugs to supply 3,000 people in Italy.”
    Who knew?

  7. Yay, let’s build a fixed surveillance system on an island within reach of China’s cruise missiles, and then make it known to the meter where the damned system is. Brilliant. Friggin Brilliant.

    Makes me wonder if the surveillance radars and sig-int equipment on Kwajalein are getting updated.

    Still can’t believe the ChiComs now basically own the Solomon Islands. We pour out our blood and tears to save the place and the Reds get it.

    Wait, no, I can believe it considering the Panama Canal is basically also owned by the ChiComs. Brilliant move there, Carter, you jerk.

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