Three-Day Fast

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano intends to hold a 3-day fast from January 3rd to 5th in support of those who are still detained on January 6 related charges. 964 individuals have been charged with crimes, many of them misdemeanors, related to January 6, and 465 pleaded guilty. Hundreds are still languishing in DC-area jails awaiting trial.

Vigano’s call for fasting came in a letter to attorney Joseph McBride, who defends many defendants on Jan 6 charges, and has committed to a 3-day fast to bring attention to the detainees’ plight. “My job as an American Catholic Civil Rights Attorney is to defend the persecuted Christ every January Sixer in the most devoted and intelligent way possible,” McBride said.  “Archbishop Vigano’s example of outspoken leadership and piety has deeply influenced my personal life and professional work. As such, I could think of no better person to contact for support during this crucial time,” he said.

What is YOUR church doing? I’m not a Catholic, but I am bursting with pride that the Archbishop is speaking out on this matter. Where is Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and of Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization? Where is Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey currently serving as president of the Council of Bishops in the United Methodist system of polity, the Council of Bishops is the Executive Branch of United Methodist Church government?  Where is President Russell Nelson, Prophet and leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church)? Where is Bishop Michael Bruce Curry, The presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church? Where is Terri Omori, leader of the Buddhist Churches in America (BCA)? I could go on, but what’s the point? It would be nice to see some spine once in a while from America’s religious elite – but all honor to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.


Note: In his June 7, 2020 letter to then-President Donald Trump, which was published on LifeSiteNews, Viganò made “apocalyptic claims about a looming spiritual battle and a globalist conspiracy pursuing a one-world government,” according to the Catholic News Agency. Viganò said that Catholic bishops who support George Floyd protests associated with Black Lives Matter, were aligned with the New World Order conspiracy.

It sounds to me as if the Archbishop has the inside scoop. More on the archbishop’s career here.


  1. Vigano has been a hero of mine for a while.
    Particularly on the Covid battleground.
    And a strong opponent of the WEF.
    It’s good to hear he is on this.
    As for “Where is Franklin Graham?”
    I know a guy, married to a friend of mine who manages their radio network.
    He’s a good guy, but when I referred to him while talking to her on air about the spiritual warfare we are in, he asked that I edit the podcast of the broadcast and take references to him and Graham out for fear of controversy. Corporate policy. Sad.

    • The great churches all align themselves with the permanent administrative state and the new world order. Their wealth and power can be stripped away by governments and they know this. Vigano is an old man, retired from the Church and free to speak his mind. Rome writes him off as a crackpot.

      • Big churches, Big influence, Big money. Be a safe bet they have a seat at the table behind the curtain.
        I can’t see the churches not being part of the NWO.

        • By their fruits ye shall know them.

          Even if they pass out soap and Bibles, the question of standing up to tyranny seems a bit of a stretch for them.

      • The major Christian radio station WMUZ here in Detroit Metro Area has a morning show that while playing Christian music, the host constantly exposes the covidiocy, WEF, etc.
        It’s nice to hear people call in who have been alerted and say they didn’t know.
        They do now.

  2. Unlike Vigano, when the rubber meets the road the weak turn tail, often shown as silence. Good on you for calling them out. Jesus wasn’t a skinny jeans wearing wimp, his example was quite the opposite…in spades. “Oh, you brood of viper’s!”

  3. When government told churches they could not meet and the churches cheerfully agreed, I lost what remaining faith I had in organized religion as practiced today. They have voluntarily become an establishment of government, like Facebook, Twitter, et al. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I believe that had they not done that, much of what followed would not have happened. We were not told to hide our light under a bushel, we were told to do something else, but they practice it not. And just look at what some of them are practicing now, just three years past their plan-demic capitulations. Demonic they are, and seemingly proud of it.

  4. and if I may add another “Where is…?”
    Where is Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Grand Rebbe of the Satmar (ultra-orthodox Jewish) community in the United States?

  5. And how soon before the CommiePope fires Archbishop Vigano? If he’ll attack a priest involved in saving unborn lives, how soon before he attacks one fighting actual national socialists (as I see the current Democratic Party/Deep State Swamp)?

  6. I think it was Will Rogers who said he was not a member of an organized political party.
    I prefer unorganized religion. It seems that large organizations attract the wrong kinds of people -busybodies and power junkies.
    The local group had a broadcast for those too scared to meet with people, a large room for those who wanted masks and 6 feet of separation, and used the regular assembly room for the brave souls who still wanted fellowship and hugs.

  7. Off-topic question. Re the Lee Enfield in the sidebar link, What is the reason behind the metal band around the stock just behind the receiver? Is the stock in two pieces? I’ve been wondering for a while, so why not ask!


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