14 thoughts on “Income Inequality

  1. That's not income inequality, that's criminal. By the way, how do I become a dog trainer? I'm in the wrong profession.

  2. Barry will never say anything about the pay difference between his dog trainer and the Seals

  3. He cares much more for his pets than he does for his sailors. I'm also sure that the sailors care more for his pets than they do for o.

  4. Obama would probably reduce SEAL salaries more if he could get away with it. Fewer SEALs equals a weaker America.

  5. Of course not… He doesn't deign to talk about the military in any way other than what he can get away with cutting… sigh

  6. Obama certainly lives the Progressive Creed: From each according to his abilities, to me according to my needs.

  7. As an elitist, the world revolves around him.

    And you're right. For the record, all of the progressives that I know feel the very same way about their entitled rights as the inteligencia/nomenklatura.

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