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Bullet Points:

** Babe Ruth – There are actually several stories that claim to explain the moniker, but the most likely involves a famous minor league recruiter named Jack Dunn, who noticed Ruth when he was 19 and signed young George to the Baltimore Orioles for $600. When Ruth showed up at training camp in 1914, another player is said to have called out, “here’s one of Dunnie’s babes.” The rest is baseball history.

** Feeding the machine –  Since the beginning of March, a growing number of military-age men in 43 administrative regions across Russia are receiving summonses to report to their local enlistment offices in what could be preparations for another round of military mobilization in the country, Russian human rights lawyers and advocacy groups say.

** On Putin – “In my opinion, my general impression [of Putin] was that he was a good manager. He was very rational, very logical; you really couldn’t imagine him at that time [doing] what he is doing now. He knew how to ask questions, he was careful not to press people when listening to their answers, because when you’re a big boss and if you express your own opinion, then all the other people would try to support your opinion [instead of] expressing their own. So he was careful to [avoid this].”

** More Climate Change Regulations from Pedo Joe & Crew – Which is worse, endless debt or the climate change lies? Debt.  But, Ben Adler asked John Kerry if the Biden Regime will be taking more aggressive climate action in addition to what is already in the ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’  “We are doing a lot more than just the IRA. The IRA is a package that in and of itself could get to 40% but in addition to that, the president is issuing executive orders, there will be changes on automobiles, light trucks, and heavy trucks…a number of initiatives are being made,” John Kerry said before he trashed Trump.


Identify the Aircraft



        • The Honorable MrsPaulM doesn’t think after the groin shot, and the double tap to the chest and just before coup de grace head shot the perp hasn’t suffered consequences? She’s rough…

          • She figures a lifetime reminder to rethink their bad behavior is in order…I [cough cough] agree with her.

          • I understand wanting to give them time to reflect on their sins, but they can also do that on the OTHER SIDE. MRSPAULM needs to think of herself more as God’s travel agent in situations such as those.

          • Apart from the inevitable legal problems, the “let them suffer” viewpoint still considers the rapist* a moral being (even if his morality is IMmoral). My take on it is that some acts are irredeemable. At that point, I don’t care about having him suffer, or his moral character or whatever. I simply want him gone, with no chance of returning. (Note that this ethically is not the same as wanting him dead.)

            If a rabid animal mauls someone, I have no desire to see the animal suffer. But it must be got rid of.

          • Oh, the asterisk. I mistyped “rapist” and spelchuk popped up with “Taoist”. Those old dudes who look like “Pai Mei” are not to be trusted….

          • Okay – LL/Cederq/Mike_C/Ed_B – MrsPaulM has considered all your cogent arguments and has revised her “suffering” requirement and will fully embrace the “dead men tell no tales” approach, with one caveat: she added that if localized to the homestead, and to avoid further incriminating evidence, she’ll be utilizing ‘SSS’. (FYI, I’m currently bidding on a much needed Skid Steer, hand digging a hole is for amateurs.)

          • What brand? I looked at the Bobcats and by the time I got all of the attachments that I wanted it was well north of $150,000. I spoke to MRSLL about it and she said, “just rent – how long are we going to live here?” She has a point. Maybe five or six years? A lot depends on my health. I’m fine now but if it goes south and I need medical care on any sort of regular basis, we’d need to move.

            Don’t fear the reaper.

          • Not surprised, which is why I am buying used. Not brand picky but want decent. Rented as-needed for 20 years, but now it’s close to $1,000 per day with delivery, and I have a lot to do this year. is excellent, you can get a fair deal on an older (2004-ish) decent machine with 5-8k hours. Looking at 62+/-hp, 2000#’s working load, Cat/Deere/Bobcat. Case also, but none available with my preferences. So far bidding on an enclosed cab Cat from a semi-local farm (easy 2 hour pick up vs trucking or a long-haul dragging it home). BigIron has a couple of good units in AZ and Cali for 12-20k. Plus, resell often provides a decent ROI on a well kept machine.

        • I believe a 0 recidivism has a sweet consequence all in itself. I also believe a public display of said corpse and a brief description would send a message.

  1. Wait, the Russians, according to RFE/RL (funded by guess which govt.) are summoning college students into the military? I wonder when Milley and company will start recruiting there? Maybe that will reduce our own recruiting shortfall. Following RFE’s example, here’s an anecdote. Standing in line at a local coffee shop I overheard a young man telling an older one he had been talking to an army recruiter and was going to sign up soon. Right now he was studying hard – for the ASVAB.

    • The Russian draft (much like the American draft of yesteryear) has the opportunity to obtain a deferment. Cash has a perfume all its own if delivered to the right person.

      In the case of the Russian draft, you are instructed to bring your own medical supplies and to purchase food and a uniform before reporting. Of course, it will be stolen from you but it helps keep things going. Once at the induction center, you call loved ones and plead for money to keep you from being beaten (sometimes to death). It’s extortion but an anticipated event in the Russian system.

    • Before. I have the Naval Fighters volume so knew it immediately.
      The pattern recognition software upgrade is working well.

  2. I apologize, with all the necessary theatrical salaaming and threats to commit seppuku on the White House lawn, but…
    as a ninth-grade high school student, I, like a number of my classmates, had already begun talks with an Army/Navy/Marines/Air Force recruiter – Yeah! I know I was too young, but we had just finished with the Korean fracas and we all knew that most of us would have to register for the draft by the time we finished high school: even if we could get into college and get a 2S extention or they would 4F us (even so the Army would usually take us in the draft) or a very wealthy, liberal parent would ship their child to Canada or England/France to continue their studies.
    I, for one, don’t see what is so unusual (read bad) about reporting to their local enlistment offices; we should continue that practice in this country – unless we want to hire the Chinese to defend us.

    • Normally, Russian males between 17 and 21 report for one year of service and training within Russia. Now, (since Ukraine has been declared to be part of Russia, they can be sent there to defend Russian territory). The net being cast takes males up to 65 years of age now. That is the difference. They’re looking for meat over ambient temperature to be sent to the front.

  3. For the rest of the day this will be stuck in my head: “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle again.”…but maybe that could be said for everyday considering what’s running things [into the dirt].

    CSU, like 90% of university’s is massively liberal (now very Left), they didn’t allow legally owned guns on campus. A gal got attacked going to her car after late class. Instead of folding she went on the warpath, stating this “rule” puts woman in danger. The CSU moron spokeswoman said gals should kick and yell and run and call 911, or some such liberal nonsense. Surprisingly the gal won her case with this argument: “Would-be attackers have no idea which woman is carrying, so maybe they’ll think twice beforehand.” Attacks dropped like a rock. Guns keep people safer…the police are there to clean up after the fact.

    Gas Stove “bans”. Another Demo-Rat attempt to eliminate the ability for people to remain self-sufficient, whereas, as pointed out, electric can be controlled.

    • When I attended grad school at Cal State Fullerton for my second masters (in Public Administration), I had a Chinese female professor who was. fearful of being raped in the parking lot at night. She said, “I make you deal LL. You walk me to car, I give you A.” (that’s the way she spoke even though she was a Ph.D.) A gentleman would have declined the automatic A and would have just walked her to her car in the faculty lot, then trudged back to the student lot across campus every night. Can you guess what I did? I took the A. I still did the work, but did so confident of the A. The following semester, I ended up escorting half a dozen professors to their cars after class every night. Word got out. I called it my “escort service.” Given that I didn’t take classes from this extended faculty, it was just exercise on my part.

      • PS — As I recall there were 2 male faculty who joined the wagon train at times to keep from being robbed. Sometimes as many as like 8 or 9 people. The statement about campus security was self-evident. The original Chinese lady said, “What you do if we attacked?” I said, “I’ll kill them.” She said, “Good.” I said, “In class, you said that you abjure violence.” She just smiled. Nice old lady.

        • God smiles at what you did, protecting those in need. You’re a good man LL.

          It’s often not complicated to do the right thing by others, it’s a decision based in conscience and ability. Those who realize they are the Sheepdogs, when presented with the circumstance, will take up the mantle without hesitation. I’d be a raving lunatic if anyone came after MrsPaulM, even if I got hurt in the act, the cretin would end up in the hospital as I go ape on them until they stop moving…at least that’s what I tell myself. For most of us who’ve never been in that situation or not possessing a military background really don’t know how’d we react, although being 6’2″ and 200#’s doesn’t hurt, even if I exude “a Boy Scout” persona…all bets are off if the East Coast gets triggered.

          • I’m 6’0″ and 190 pounds, but pushing 70 with a bad knee and hip, so, in the interests of efficiency, I’d just have to shoot the sumbitch.

          • There’s an old adage: “Never pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.

          • Same here, Paul. God help anybody who comes after my Sweet Little Wife, or any of the grandchildren. We have lots of canyons here, where somebody could get “lost”, and not be found for years.

        • While attending Portland State (very left lib)for my nursing masters I carried concealed even though it had the same policy of no weapons upon campus. I briefly dated a young lady student and she found out I carried. She wanted me to escort her and shortly afterward several of her friends. I made it clear to them if the snitched I carried I would not escort them. Caveat, I was a nearby county reserved deputy sheriff and had a state issued police cwp and wouldn’t get into any real trouble, just typical liberal shedding…

        • Okay, GJ LL. Nothing wrong with a bonus for doing the right thing.

          However, once there were 8 or 9 people in the group, WTF were they worried about being attacked by, a fucking Cartel kill-squad!? I didn’t know Cal Fullerton was a war zone.


  4. Gas appliances can be shut off by the powers that be, albeit maybe over a longer period of time. And there are now remote house meters that can report usage via interwebs, and also be used to shut off gas ‘during emergencies.’

    So, no, unless you have a gas well in your yard, gas appliances can still be shut off by the powers-that-be.

    • I have 1000 gallons of propane. They could blow the tanks, or they could stop delivery but it would take time. Blowing the tank would be easy with an AP round. If I thought that there was a risk, I’d start stacking sandbags and rocks. I live in a sort of compound now. It would make it look far more like a compound if I bought steel plate and sandwiched sand in between to protect the propane tanks. The delivery guy (being a local – sort of) would understand. No matter what, I’m vulnerable from the air. Patton said that fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man. He was correct.

      • Fixed fortifications are ineffective against an advanced enemy.

        Against lurkers and mass-zombies, fortifications work very well. As long as one has control of the airspace (that is, control from artillery and air assets) then a simple set of gambions and trenches works quite well even against rifle and machine gun fire.

        You fortify up to what you expect to receive. If you’re expecting artillery and air, then deep underground with multiple exits and filtered/recycled air, you know the Cheyenne Mountain system. Against the local Sheriff and the SWAT boys or the ATF and Fibbies stopping by for a no-knock warrant? Moats and gambions, steel walls and UHMW panels.

        Problem with not having a fixed fortification is one can only stay on the run for so long, and with limited supplies. Fixed fortifications do give one a base to store and supply from.

        • The fact you mention UHMW…dang near better than metal, you can ice skate on it so would makes it great for wall panels.

          • Newer petroleum-powered cars can also be shut off remotely. Unlike newer electrics, they are less likely to be able to lock you inside them and drive you to the cop shop, though.

            Anything that takes wi-fi “updates” has a remote kill switch capability.


          • UHMW is great and one of the unknown super materials. Back 10 years or so ago, on a show called “Rocketship Rednecks,” Dr. Travis Taylor bult a bullet resistant suit out of kevlar cloth and UHMW panels covered in bed liner. Was resistant to AK47 and AK74 rounds, and he ran a marathon in the damned thing.

            UHMW is really some neat and weird stuff. Easy to machine and cut, but very resistant to high-energy stress and puncturing.

  5. They’re coming for anything they cannot control. And yes, Clowns around… Funny how there is ‘another’ mass shooting today, pulling all the MSM to that and ignoring everything else…

  6. The NYT’s apology for misgendering the trans killer was particularly special. Welcome to satanic clownworld.

    And many millions voted for it, with or without the rig.

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