It’s just another daily outrage…

There were outrages during the Trump Administration too. Most of them were caused by turn-coats in his administration and in Congress. Pres. Trump was never and is not a conservative. He’s a populist and in his way, a patriot, still up to his hips in a swamp. I realize that he has the political machine to place him in the lead at this point, but I personally think that he may lack the ultimate momentum to gain the Republican nomination. It’s still very early.


The ancient city of Ephesus

Full of Ephesians who need to be set straight.


Bullet Points:

** In Wisconsin -Rather than going after criminals stealing cars, the city of Milwaukee is going after carmakers.

This week, Milwaukee Common Council approved retaining outside counsel to sue Kia/Hyundai over rampant thefts of the vehicles. City Attorney Tearman Spencer made the announcement Wednesday, according to FOX6.

The resolution by Alderwoman Milele Coggs and Alderman Khalif Rainey that was approved allows the city to retain outside counsel “for thope purpose of pursuing all potential remedies for damages suffered by the City of Milwaukee as a result of nuisance levels of automobile theft.”

The council members blame the manufacturers for making vehicles without anti-theft systems.

As a result, city leaders say stolen cars are involved in crashes, and the city’s reputation has suffered.”

Their solution is as woke as it is possible to be.

** More on flying cars – Jetoptera’s vision is a world where aerial mobility is commonplace. To help make that vision a reality, Jetoptera has developed a unique propulsion system ideal for vertical and short takeoff and landing aircraft. The Fluidic Propulsive System involves no spinning propellers or fans on the outside of the aircraft and is integrated into a novel airframe. The result is an extremely compact design that Jetoptera believes is highly scalable with many advantages over legacy technologies.

** Negro candidate Phillip Washington withdraws – Republicans argued that Washington, who has served as the CEO of Denver International Airport for less than two years, was unqualified to lead the FAA because of limited aviation experience. Washington also ran transit agencies in Denver and Los Angeles. “Given the significant challenges facing the FAA, this wasn’t the time for an (token) administrator who needed on-the-job training,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a leading Washington critic, said in a statement Saturday night.

** The FBI – Hunter Biden Connection News broke on Thursday that Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, had an FBI informant named “one-eye,” who tipped off his Chinese business partners about an FBI investigation into their shady business dealings.

The informant reportedly gave information to Biden’s business partner, Patrick Ho, who warned Hunter about the investigation, which allowed Ho to escape arrest. The information was shared on Fox News by Tucker Carlson, who interviewed Miranda Devine, the journalist who originally reported on the story.

** Arizona Governor’s Race (revisited) – Amid a razor-thin win for the Democrat in the last Arizona gubernatorial election, most voters there say they are suspicious of the results. That’s according to a new Rasmussen Reports and College Republicans United survey.

The poll finds that 55% of likely Arizona voters believe it’s “likely” that problems with the 2022 election in Maricopa County affected the outcome, including 35% who think it’s “very likely.”

Republican candidate Kari Lake officially lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs by a margin of about 17,000 of more than 2.5 million votes cast. Lake had been leading Hobbs in some polls by as much as double-digits leading up to the election.


Identify the Aircraft


In the Age of Fighting Sail

Spic and Span

When the age of discovery took off in the 16th century, the Dutch built many new ships for this purpose. Their word used to describe their brand-new boats was “spiksplinter nieuw,” which means new in every spike and splinter (spike meaning the large nails used to fasten the ship together and splinter referring to the wood used to build the ship). The British sailors called them “spike and spanew,” and American sailors warped that phrase to “spic-and-span” to mean clean and polished.





  1. Milwaukee
    Better they should sue the social media outlets that published car thief’s “how to do” posts.

    Phillip Washington
    No aviation experience is bad but not as bad as his record with Metro Denver RTD and the chaos that is DIA. He can’t even make the trains run on time.

  2. A-400M ?

    As for Trump, I’m not a huge fan – but as you say, he seems to actually be a patriot. I would rather we get someone else; he was so hated by the (R) Swamp Things that he accomplished almost nothing. Being able to make progress would be better, although stasis beats decline.

    So, that weird propulsion system is effectively a ducted fan, with the fan remote from the duct?


  3. The banner picture is appropriate. I made nutty waffles for breakfast this morning. I used the last of my Vermont Maple syrup as well.

      • My daughter lives in New Hampshire and makes the trip to Vermont every fall just to get maple syrup. I have used up what she supplied me with early this year. It was primo syrup.

  4. A 400 M. All I could think of was how long it took some poor munitions guys to assemble and test all the individual flares that the pilot expended in about 2 seconds. Oh well sure looks cool though. One of the few things that made me nervous as far as munitions went was building ALU 141 flares. Hope they have worked the bugs out.

    That ductless propulsion is interesting. It is that kind of paradigm shift (if it scales) that will make aircraft transportation for individuals and small groups viable.

    • The pilot pickles them off without a care of the guys who have to reload them. Now if there is a missile chasing him, that is something else.

    • A buddy was a loadmaster in C-133’s back in the day. 133’s and 400’s both bearing a passing resemblance to a jumbo C-130, he got curious and compared the payloads and dimensions of the two and found they were remarkably similar. Well, except of course that the 400’s seem to have a better operational history than the C-133, being as how the Air Farce bought 50 of the 133’s and lost 10 in the fifteen years the 133 was operational. My bud was supposed to be on the one that crashed on take-off at Goose Bay, killing all on board, but got pulled at the last minute. One of the pilots of that aircraft had a brother who was also a 133 pilot and was on the ground at Goose Bay at the time of the crash and watched his brother get killed. Think on that one think.

  5. So, what will the Milwaukee geniuses do when someone gets their house or business robbed and calls the police, fine them for harboring theft-able items?

    The world is truly backwards at the hands of the mentally inferior and warped.

    • The sub rosa message is that if you have a business in Milwaukee or Wisconsin, it’s time to bite the bullet, move, and pay taxes elsewhere.

      • Good plan, starve the beast and allow the Left strongholds to turn into ghettos.

        When Walmart closes stores in cities it’s pretty much a red flag things aren’t going well.

        • Businesses that want to thrive will relocate and leave the inner city hells to fester and rot (Constantinople) waiting for the Barbarians to come. And they will come. The inner city decay is not the Barbarians as Rome learned. There is a pattern to it all.

  6. Spencer, Coggs, and Rainey: of course they are. And I’m shocked, shocked I say, to find gambling at Rick’s.

    And going by population averages? (An incorrect assumption in this case, but let’s keep the math simple….) The probability that all three are >= 100? It’s (0.16)^3, or 0.4%. Snark aside, that’s really really sad. And bad. Because it also means that DEI is going to get a LOT of people killed.

    • “…DEI is going to get a LOT of people killed.”

      Yet somehow DEI supporters are so blinded by their cause they give this part a pass, same as the Clot Shot. Zero ability to correlate cause and effect.

  7. Rinos
    Trump won’t win and may not get the nomination. Too few Kari Lakes in the GOP. To many “Loyal Opposition” getting rich like Mitch McConnell UniParty operatives.

    The GOP? Brings to mind the old cliche, “Couldn’t organize a two car funeral.

  8. So a car powered by magnetic-ionic propulsion. How very sci-fi.

    Knew a NASA engineer who thought he invented a new drive. Was pissed when I pointed out it was just yet another application of a magnetic-ionic propulsion thingy. And he was even more pissed when I pointed out that Sharper Image was selling ‘bladeless’ fans that worked the exact same dang way.

    Neat, but considering how stupid regular drivers are… And if they go with a battery pack powered system, especially if it’s Lithium, I don’t want any of them flying within half a mile of me. You can’t armor the battery pack enough to survive an uncontrolled descent from 500 feet.

  9. Trump. Yes, he’s not a conservative. He’s not a liberal. He’s a combo of a populist and a strict constructionist/constitutionalist.

    He just needs to pick better advisors next time. And trust no one who’s been in government service for over a year. Which was his main fault during his presidency. He trusted way too much without verification of trust. And when he found out people had crossed him or went around him (like Gen. Miley) he needed to fire them, publicly, with great fanfare, and had them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including court martials and fed or mil-prison time.

    I like mostly what he says, and the positions he takes. Nobody, not even me, is 100% perfect. Trump has admitted some of his mistakes. He is also strong-willed enough to stand up to Putin, Xi, the Iranians, the Hague, Mexican Cartels, the Commie Pope and others of similar ill-ilk.

    • x2

      Inside of a month he’ll undo all the juvenile amateur hour idiocy this junta administration has put in place…and true Americans who love this nation and her history will cheer then take a collective deep breath. McCarthy is proving some level of mettle but so far not much in the way of consequence for the evil-doers. Haven’t dodged the bullet yet, but we could if – for that snowballs chance – we retake the reins in 2024.

  10. as to the 133 I was the loadmaster on the one that went in off okinawa in April 1967 out of travis.It was a long day and very cold.

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