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More Thoughts on COVID-19
As I have pointed out, I am not a medical expert or a virologist. I could be considered to be a “China expert” in some circles, but I would dispute that claim as well. However, I have spent considerable time in China and have managed many international organized crime activities conducted by Chinese nationals. So make of those credentials what you will. 
This blog (and I) have maintained that COVID-19 (Wuhan Coronavirus) showed all of the earmarks of what one would expect to find in an engineered/weaponized virus of this class. I’m not saying that it was a fully developed weapon, but I am suggesting that the release was accidental, and would be VERY embarrassing to the PRC leadership, which would have to answer to the entire world. Not only their own people.

Sunday morning, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) said “They (The PRC) also claimed, for almost two months until earlier this week, that it originated in a seafood market in Wuhan,” Cotton said, referring to a study published by The Lancet. “That is not the case.”

The problem with this particular virus is that until the People’s Liberation Army explain what their research team was doing, how they were doing it, and what they had found, the detective work will take quite some time. There is also the question of viral mutation as it infects such a large population. Nobody believes that the numbers coming out of China are accurate. Many of the deaths not counted are attributed to renal failure or pneumonia. 
Feel free to differ and take me to task. It’s only an opinion but it’s not ‘just the flu’ and the reaction of the Chinese to the situation has been telling. 
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17 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. The virus news doesn't seem to be getting any better. Unlike the Grand Marshal who goes from triumph to triumph.

  2. With a population of one billion people, whose dominant desire is covering their ass, will any truth come out of China? Doubt even those at the top of the food chain will get real answers.

  3. The main reason I don't think it's a bioweapon is that if it were, it seems like the PRC would have started off by developing a countermeasure.

    The Chinese are in general vastly corrupt and self-serving, but they sure as heck aren't dumb.

  4. P.S. – that bed is pretty snazzy, but it looks like it might be a bit of a shin-whacker.


  5. I honestly don't know how that's going to work. It's dangerous to give the children gasoline and matches.

  6. A bioweapon under development perhaps? It's all very difficult to say from this distance, but we are getting hints from the epicenter.

  7. Doubling time is 2-4 days, using chicom numbers to date. 70,000 today, 2.2 million in two weeks, 70 million in a month if it holds. Cruise ship stats similar.
    I would like to see what the food distribution is in Wuhan, because it is quite possible that city is filled with the dead locked in boxes.

  8. I don't believe any numbers coming from Red China officials.

    Too much circumstantial evidence shows that serious bad things are going on. The death numbers are much worse, as are the infected.

    Hopefully this will burn out quickly.

    But it's really hit Red China hard in the economics. Companies leaving China just got a massive push to cut ties completely.

  9. They aren't distributing food to the millions on lock-down. People are getting weak and if COV19 hits, they just die. Very sad.

  10. What you write is true, and the Chinese philosophy of lock down until it burns itself out irrespective of cost may work. But the damage to China's reputation and to the economic situation there, which was getting worse before the virus will take a long time to address if it ever can be.

  11. I don't believe their numbers either- the numbers are the MOST optimistic possible- yet catastrophic, even so.

  12. "What does the Bed that You Sleep On Say About You?"

    I'm inexpensive, modular, and was made by the lowest bidder?
    It's a sad world when the Swedish thing I sleep with turns out to be a bed from Ikea.

  13. A lot of Americans (and Chinese) die from the regular flu every year. It depopulates nursing homes. And while that is regrettable, this is something completely new (coronavirus isn't new at all) and dealing with the spread is becoming problematic. I'm guessing the real fatality rate in China (standard of care being what it is) is somewhere between 10 and 15%. It may be higher, and I don't know that accurate numbers will ever be available. What I am interested in is the fatality rate in the West (Japan, US, France, etc) where the standard of care is usually good to excellent will be.

  14. So far, non-China deaths are minimal. Considering that most seem to be dieing due to secondary infections and pneumonia, and Commie China is taking a 'die in your abode' policy, I don't think we'll ever know.

    Like the number killed in Tianamen Square. ChiCom won't tell us, even speculate, nothing to see here, move along, move along.

    Elsewhere? 1st and 2nd world countries will tell their numbers of infected, dead and recovered because that's what real 1st and 2nd world countries do.

    As to Red China's reputation? It was pretty poopy before the flu dropped, with many companies and corporations bailing out of Red China. All this flu has done is speed up the leaving.

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