Monday Madness

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The Russians are Coming
The song remains the same with the talking points that the left hands out to its crew. Though at some point you need to ask yourself whether the “deep state” is still behind the whole mess. And if you answer yourself with a resounding “yes”, you know that you’re on the right track.
I wish that the corrupt, elite, mainstream media would have put the same effort into investigating the murders that Hillary Clinton left in her wake, but that would be asking too much, wouldn’t it.
Last night I finished Season 5 of the Netflix series, “House of Cards“. It does play more like a season inside what a Clinton White House would have looked like doesn’t it? 
The Mouse that Roared
In North Korea, Kim Jung Un, the fat little dictator has his devoted and mawkish masses calling him “Respected Dear Leader” now. No, it doesn’t matter at all. I just thought that I’d point that out. My sense is that the goofy little parody may have been feeling a lack of respect that this is the fix.
The Debate is Over
But there is cause for concern when it comes to the danger of global cooling and the onset of an ice age. It snowed in Donner Pass (California) over the weekend, and it could be snowing where you are this next week, except in Phoenix, AZ where the mercury is expected to rise to 116 F this coming week – proof positive of global warming – or the weather – however your conscience allows you to slice it. The science is settled – not another word.

Toronto was under 2,100 meters of ice
Chicago was under 900 meters of ice
Boston was under 1,250 meters of ice
Montreal was under 3,300 meters of ice

That was before the internal combustion engine. Now, who knows how bad it will get? Unless you pay the tax generously. Meanwhile, blame President Trump. But the debate is over.

22 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Thank goodness the debate is over, let's enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts.

  2. If you disagree with Barack or Al Gore, you are a hateful racist. There can be no other reason for not joining the herd.

  3. I thought of you, up there in the high country, suffering with the first onset of global cooling.

  4. LL,

    Served up Russian Burgers this weekend.

    Lettuce, pickle, tomato, onion and special sauce on sesame seed bun.

  5. Joyfully disagree with those two frauds? Does that mean I'm going to a (P)regressive hell?

  6. You have good intentions, which set you on the Highway to Hell.

    If you disagree you're a hate-filled, homophobic, Islamaphobic, race baiter.

  7. Everyone wants to see Hillary behind bars. Let's add the editorial staff of the WaPo and NYT, please.

  8. LL,

    The greenies all want to make this global warming nonsense into a complicated disaster. It is more simple than most propose, far simpler. There are some unknowns and some more profound esoterica, however, the area of the planet where we all live moves about 17000MPH if as the greenies propose, we were in a greenhouse of CO2 and in danger of melting all the ice until we drown, it would require that the heat all be contained within the atmosphere, combined with that 17000MPH we would be in convection oven and the heat continuously swirling around in that atmospheric cocoon. BUT, have you noticed on a really hot day (like your going to enjoy in AZ, the ground is much cooler in the prolonged shade. Won't get that in a convection oven. That is radiant heat from the sun, direct exposure. How much of a difference? Having lived in South Florida virtually all my life, shade is your friend, park your car in it in the summer, in the sun in the winter (on the off chance we get a day under 60 degrees.

    Think about the convection oven principle, move the air around (17000 MPH will move a lot of air) and get even heating IF the heat that is retained is the primary heat, but it is not it is the radiant heat. Also variation in distance to the sun (radiant heat variance) based on extant of ellipse, pitch of ellipse, angulation of the planet.

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