Bloody Mexico – and Central America

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I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Mexican drug cartels moving into Central America. It’s not news because they’ve been there for a long time. What is newer (though not exactly new) is the trend for Mexican narcos to buy estates/ranches/estancias in Central American countries to avoid the narco-politics and hassles in Mexico.
And while a vacation in Bloody Mexico is clearly ‘the antidote for civilization’, you can rub shoulders with a lot of famous and not-so-famous drug kingpins when you visit Central America. But usually they’re on vacation too posing as ‘industrialists’. That means that ‘you’ may not get your first choice in seating at the best restaurants, but you can dine with confidence because the bodyguards will shoot first and ask questions later if some ‘suspicious outsider’ tries to worm their way into the restaurant where you are seated.  You see a lot of age disparity both with vacationers and narcos when you visit hotspots in Central America. 

“Guatemalan President-elect Otto Perez Molina told Mexican newspaper El Universal on Nov. 9 that he plans to engage drug cartels in a “full frontal assault” when he takes office in 2012. The former general said he will use Guatemala’s elite military forces, known as Los Kaibiles, to take on the drug cartels in a strategy similar to that of the Mexican government; he has asked for U.S. assistance in this struggle.” 

Even the Central American governments are trying to cash in on the chase to apprehend narcos now. It makes sense when you think about it. The USGOV doles out cash and helicopters (used for joy rides mainly) and when groups like Los Kaibiles apprehend a narco, they expect a bribe to let him go. So it’s really a win/win for nations such as Guatemala. 
Do I sound like a cynic?

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8 thoughts on “Bloody Mexico – and Central America

  1. I'm not surprised by this at all.

    Quite a few years ago, I was down in Panama with my family on vacation. We went to spend a couple of nights on the San Blas Islands. While snorkeling there we saw about twenty styrofoam coolers floating in the channel between the islands and the mainland. The Cuna Indian who had motored us to the snorkel spot waved us off when we got a bit too close to the coolers.

    Wonder what was in 'em? Bet it wasn't lobsters.

  2. Re: the photo. I'm sure the gentleman is simply charming and money had nothing to do with the beauty of his companion.

  3. Opus: Maybe she can't quite grasp the concept that miniature giraffes are a virtual product of Madison Avenue.

  4. I think in the movie "Blow" he buys a mansion/estate in Central America, but to avoid paying taxes …
    they think it's just a game they need to win with more moeny I suppose.

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