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Caption: Heavy Messing – An allusion to a term from Glaswegian (Glasgow, Scotland) or Ned-ese.

Generally, if one is said to be “heavy messing,” they are considered by an aggrieved party to be interfering or aggravating a situation in which they have little to no stake.

It’s often confused by the woke with toxic masculinity, but the two are mutually exclusive.


Bullet Points: 

** 99% of war is just killing time, while the rest is killing time.

**   That the insane call themselves “progressive” is a signature of their insanity. Progress toward what better state of things? Toward a supremacy of fiends, sadists, degenerates, and morons seizing riches and power by every dishonest means possible outside the rule of law and common decency? It’s not even suitable to call them “communists.” They lack the necessary idealism for that. They don’t expect to put their shoulders to the wheel with their fellow man. They just want to grab your stuff and then kill you, so they don’t have to hear any complaints. –Kunstler

** Russia needs to build more LSTs – (h/t Claudio) – KYIV, March 24 (Reuters) – The Ukrainian military said it hit two large Russian landing ships in attacks on the annexed Crimean peninsula early on Sunday, as well as a communications center and other infrastructure used by the Russian navy in the Black Sea.

The statement did not say how it hit the targets, but a Moscow-installed official in the region reported a major Ukrainian air attack and said air defenses had shot down more than ten missiles over the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

** NBC reported, “Musk, the world’s wealthiest person, is waging at least 11 separate regulatory or legal battles with the Biden administration or independent federal agencies related to his sprawling business empire, according to a tally by NBC News. If those fights extend into next year and former President Donald Trump returns to the White House, Musk would likely gain from relaxed enforcement, experts in regulatory law said in interviews.”

Wall Street, meanwhile, is steadily driving Tesla’s value down, and a judge in Delaware arbitrarily cut his salary by $56 billion ($56,000,000,000). Shareholders were OK with giving the man what once amounted to 5% of the company’s market cap. But the government is now run by totalitarians who abuse power out of habit.

** SiG reports on an equinox magnetic storm. (more here on his blog)

** The Navy has responded to the Middle East contingency by employing two separate Carrier Strike Groups (CSG), it has been engaged in a shooting war with Houthi Rebels, and it has submitted a budget in which it moved an aircraft carrier acquisition two years to the right, dropped an attack submarine due to industrial base performance, purchases distressingly few weapons given the numbers it currently expends, and acquires six ships (while decommissioning 19) in FY 2025. The bucket has a hole in the bottom.

** The philosopher Karl Popper once remarked, “We may differ in what little we know, but we are all equal in the infinitude of our ignorance.”

** Klaatu Barada Nikto… I’m just saying it to be sure.

** Know the warning signs of white supremacy: 1. employed; 2. married (to a person of the opposite gender) with children; 3. regular church attendance; 4. no criminal record; distrusts the government.

** If memory serves, more than half of the slaveowners were black. Freedmen mainly bought off family members, but a few used them for labor. The richest slaveowner in antebellum Louisiana was a black man who ran a plantation. He was so rich he influenced Louisiana politics despite being unable to vote.

** “Those who organized the disaster will take advantage of the inevitable discontent arising from efforts to overcome it, for if there is one thing that they are skilled in, it is demagoguery.” —Theodore Dalrymple

** More from Kamala on household appliances.

** The Daily Mail reported, “An elderly woman has launched a $350,000 case against her Washington city and its YMCA for banning her from a swimming pool after she objected to a trans woman using its women’s locker room.”

** Rona (named for a virus) McDaniel is joining NBC News as a political analyst after exiting the RNC earlier this month. Politically in lockstep with her cousin, Sen. Mitt Romney (R/D-UT), she’s been particularly antagonistic toward patriots who felt the 2020 election was rigged and protested. She’s quoted as saying that the Patriots don’t represent her party, which uses a rhinoceros as a totem. That Trump proxies replaced her must burn like thermite.


In Line with this blog’s theme today: 

In Scottish folklore, the Ghillie Dhu (definition: black helper) is a mysterious and reclusive creature believed to inhabit the dense forests of the Highlands. Described as a solitary and shy being, the Ghillie Dhu is often depicted as a tall, lean figure with wild hair and skin the color of moss, allowing it to blend seamlessly into its woodland surroundings. The suit should be familiar to many of you.

Legend has it that the Ghillie Dhu has a deep connection with nature and serves as a guardian spirit of the forest. It is said to be particularly protective of children, often appearing to lost or distressed youngsters in the woods and guiding them safely back to their homes.

Despite its elusive nature, the Ghillie Dhu is known for its gentle demeanor and benevolent intentions. It is said to possess magical powers, able to vanish into thin air or camouflage itself completely when threatened.

Sightings of the Ghillie Dhu are rare, but they should be since he’s wearing deep camo.


Often Referred to as the “Slimy Sleazy Zambezi”

Victoria Falls is a waterfall on the Zambezi River in southern Africa, which provides habitat for several unique species of plants and animals. It is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is one of the world’s largest waterfalls, with a width of 1,708 m (5,604 ft). Leaches…lots of leaches.


Crisis of the Day

I knew we were in trouble when I found myself Googling dry composting toilets. That was on Feb. 1, just after the mayor’s office in Cape Town announced new water restrictions. We are now limited to using 13 gallons of water per person per day. That’s enough for a 90-second shower, a half-gallon of drinking water, a sinkful to hand-wash dishes or laundry, one cooked meal, two hand washings, two teeth brushing, and one toilet flush. I figured I could save a couple of gallons by forgoing the daily flush in favor of a dry composting toilet. Hippie friends living off the grid in the country do it. How bad could it be?

According to projections, Cape Town will run out of water in a few months. This coastal paradise of 4 million on the southern tip of South Africa is to become the world’s first major city to run dry. And even though residents aren’t responsible, the burden of making sure it doesn’t happen rests mainly on our ability to reduce water usage.

The ocean surrounds Capetown on three sides. Why aren’t they desalinating sea water? The technology is proven. Is it because local politicians have embezzled all the tax money that could have gone in that direction? 


Meme of the Day


Identify the Aircraft






Then and now.


Identify the Vehicle



55 thoughts on “Heavy Messing

  1. “…legal battles with the Biden administration or independent federal agencies…” How are federal agencies independent when the are run by the executive branch? This is just to pretend it is not all coordinated, correct?

    1. Many of the federal agencies hate each other. Maybe they have some coordination at the top, but they’re each in it for themselves in the context of the DC Swamp.

      1. That’s what happens when you don’t actually have to earn capital to run your “business”. Those who work for these agencies never worry about getting fired, a layoff from an economic downturn, in fact, they demand a bigger budget.

        1. And the pension is a soft landing, a sinecure for life. It would be hypocritical for me to decry the presence of pensions because I would have never stayed in government service without that. And I cash the check.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. McDonnell F-101 Voodoo
    2. Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
    3. Junkers Ju 90
    4. Horten Ho 229V3

    Identify the Vehicle:
    LRDG Chevrolet 30 cwt

  3. Long Range Desert Group
    Chevrolet WW2 British unit.

    The kiwi on the bonnet as most of the original members were recruited from a 2nd New Zealand Division serving in Egypt.

  4. I never understood the half empty/full = pessimist/optimist thing. I’ve always said “half full” because the natural (default) state of a glass is empty.

    To me “half empty” is more likely a sign of entitlement than of pessimism.

    Full, empty? You’re lucky someone gave you a glass. Get off your butt and fill it with whatever you want yourself.

    1. If a tree falls in a forest….

      I’m with you, the logical brain says it was always empty until you add something. Maybe why I never took a HS philosophy class, I would confound the teacher by not taking their stuff as a given.

      1. HS philosophy class: I felt much the same. But it kinda happened anyway. I took “Irish Literature and History” in college (as an engineering major). The class immediately before was some Ethics class from the Philosophy Dept. The instructor and a bunch of students had spirited discussions after class and there’d be a knot of 6-8 of them chattering away, refusing to vacate and let the Irish class start.

        So I got sucked into their discussions. (Okay, I butted in. And the Irish prof was really good and all, but also a year from retirement and seemed in no hurry to chase the would-be philosophers out.)

        The first one was something about suicide. The instructor excitedly said, “okay, I’ve got one for you. It’s about autonomy. Suppose you walked into this classroom and a man had a gun to his own head, saying he wanted to kill himself. Does he have the right to? What’s the first thing you do?” Head scratching. One student said, “I try to figure out if he was depressed.” Fair enough, but not the most pressing issue, IMNSHO. Then some really stupid tamgents from other people about “how’d he get a gun?” (OMFG). I butted in with “You clear the room of everyone else so they don’t get shot.” Heads turned to me, the outsider. “Whut?”

        “What’s the exit path of the bullet after it goes through his head? Plus people often flinch and jerk the gun away at the last minute. Might shoot someone else by mistake. Hmm. I’d have someone clear the adjacent room too. These walls aren’t that thick.” They all stared at me.

        Few weeks later some girl said “We don’t need a military. If we laid down in front of the Russian tanks, what could they do?” (This was pre-Gorby times.) Some head scratching and nodding ensued. I chimed in, “They’d put the tanks in gear.” Puzzled looks. Then the girl got this look of horror. “You mean … No! People can’t do that to other people.” The rest cottoned on, and they all moved away from me. The rest of the semester the Ethics instructor would give me a look of hatred as he left the classroom.

        I wasn’t even trying to stir things up. Back then I was a nice, decent, mostly blue-pilled guy.

        1. Logic and rationale is lost on the naive. Brought this to mind:

          An eye doctor, therapist, and engineer tee’d up to play a round of golf. Soon they caught up to a very slow foursome. After the front none and being held up they got really annoyed and spoke with the club manager. He said, oh that’s the firemen who saved the clubhouse last year, they all went blind from injury so we let them play anytime they want, even if it holds up other golfers, but it’s the least we could do to.
          The doctor, sighed, said, “Have them stop by my office, I may be able to help restore their eyesight.”
          The therapist, very empathetically, said, “Gove them my office number, I can help them cope with their eyesight loss.”
          The engineer looked at all of them with this pained look on his face, shook his head, then shouted, “Why don’t they play at night!”

          1. Typical engineer practicality. (The actual joke is a lot longer so doesn’t seem so insensitive but more funny )

        2. The fact that the Chinese tank column was stopped by a man holding a grocery bag deeply disturbed the leadership of the People’s Liberation Army. Did the tankers sympathize with the Tian’anmen Square protest in their secret hearts? By all rights they should have greased the tracks of their tanks with his guts. After that horror, they made certain adjustments so that it wouldn’t happen again. During Covid, they didn’t hesitate.

          1. I don’t remember if the original tankers were locally based. But do recall reading that after Tiananmen they moved in units from the hinterlands that would not have sympathy for the locals.

            Such is empire where the component subject peoples are played off against one another. But it’s madness to use barbarians to put down your core demographic. (I’m speaking of Rome. Our “elites” don’t see US dirt people as theirs, unless you mean in the sense of owning livestock.) The bulk of US war fighters are from the exact subhuman demographic that the Actual Human beings despise and fear. So they’re facilitating the mass importation of low-IQ savages, about half of whom purely Hate Actual Human Beings, as the safer replacement. Safer. Oh the irony. How can such clever people be so stupid?

            @Paul M. That sounds very “engineering” doesn’t it.

          2. With a woke military, it doesn’t matter what province, just as long as the targets are 1. employed; 2. married (to a person of the opposite gender) with children; 3. regular church attendance; 4. no criminal record; distrusts the government.

          3. The Julius Caesar, the dictator, turned to making barbarians citizens and giving them seats in the senate. There is that playbook. Eventually they turned to the creation of a Praetorian Guard (better paid local boys, with a better pension system) to keep order in Rome because much of the army was made up of conquered levies. I’m not saying that Greek, Spanish or Germanic legions weren’t effective. They were. But the watering down of Rome helped eat away at the core.

        3. Probably mentioned this before – college class where instructor was discussion probability Zero and probability One. The Zero examples were easy. The student examples for One kept getting shot down by the instructor. I finally said “We’re all going to die.” The instructor literally started stammering, badly, about tha-tha-that th-th-th-thing wh-wh-where they fr-fr-freeze people. I replied “corpsicles.” When class dismissed I got a lot of strange looks from everyone. For some reason I was not invited to any discussion groups 🙂

  5. Heavy Messing- You mean like Reprobate AG James and Ichabod Engoron, Bragg, Willis…in cahoots with The Husk to destroy a political opponent and steal his property and campaign funds despite “no aggrieved party”? Curious how James was going to “take” Trump Tower, etc….By force? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

    Yeah, time to reverse the Heavy Messing…take no prisoners…criminals in fancy suits, the lot of them.


    1. Just in: The Court agreed to block Trump’s $454M civil fraud “judgement” (despite no actual fraud)…if he puts up $175M in the next 10 days. He’s got that…but still, who’s the aggrieved party?

      AG Political Hack, James, is regrouping at the White House and could not be reached for comment. (The Mafia’s got nuthin’ on James and Engoron when it comes to strongarm collection efforts.)

        1. The Art of the Deal…the man has been been dealing with these types all his life, he knows the game better than them. In the meantime real estate has been self-bleeding from the Empire State, mainly NYC…the reprobates gambled believing they were untouchable and would win. They bet wrong, and the consequences may wake the public up to reality: Capitalism matters…and that old saw, a rising tide raises all boats.

  6. “According to projections, Cape Town will run out of water in a few months. This coastal paradise of 4 million on the southern tip of South Africa is to become the world’s first major city to run dry. And even though residents aren’t responsible, the burden of making sure it doesn’t happen rests mainly on our ability to reduce water usage.

    The ocean surrounds Capetown on three sides. Why aren’t they desalinating sea water? The technology is proven. Is it because local politicians have embezzled all the tax money that could have gone in that direction? ”

    There is no power available in SA at the moment thanks to ANC cronies defrauding ESCOM (the electricity supply company), and the company itself having been looting by other ANC cadres

    1. It all comes back to defrauding the public. I don’t know that the ANC could teach the DC Swamp anything.

    1. No, the glass is always full. Full of whatever is filling it. Could be air. Could be a vacuum, but full of vacuum. Full of sand, dirt and water and a plant. Full of a finger of Scotch and the rest fumes and air.

      Always full.


      Anything else is inaccurate.

  7. “** If memory serves, more than half of the slaveowners were black…”
    My G-d! and I thought I was getting old.

    1. And after the American Civil War almost 40,000 blacks were still slaves. But in the North so it didn’t count…

      1. Well, for a few months, anyway, until December, 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified. Should it have happened sooner? Yes. Could it have happened sooner? Very doubtful.

  8. Darn, I would have actually been able to identify an airplane, F-101B. Good solid airplane for its day although as I recall it did have a tendency to become frisky in high altitude sharp climbs when the wings masked the tail.

    Half full/Empty. I do admit I am a bit of a pessimist. That way I am either pleasantly surprised or derive some sort of satisfaction because I was right about something.

    Cape Town. What a horrible end to a once thriving city. Liquidate what you can and emigrate “somewhere”. But there are not very many places to go.

  9. “Pleasantly surprised”…had a whole list of these “Gunslinger” axioms somewhere, but one I recall: “A Gunslinger knows the world is run by psychopaths and morons so is grateful for happy outcomes.”

    1. Billy-the-Kid is quoted as saying, “The dumber you are, the more surprised you are when somebody kills you.”

  10. “Toward a supremacy of fiends, sadists, degenerates, and morons seizing riches and power by every dishonest means possible outside the rule of law and common decency?”

    Nicely put.

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