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Cleaning Work Tools
I know that you die-hards will swear by Hoppe’s #9 powder solvent, but take a look at Frog Lube.  If you use pistol silencers, one of the best things to use to clean and lubricate it is Frog Lube. I personally use Frog Lube for all of my firearms and knife/work tools needs. Unlike petroleum based lubricants, Frog Lube won’t cook off with heat. It embeds into the metal itself, prolonging its life. The solvent is also first rate. 
If you’re shooting and cleaning what you shoot – FROG LUBE!
Advanced Armament
Don’t use a silencer unless it’s legal for you to do so. But if you are so disposed to own and practice lawfully shooting with a silencer, take a hard look at Advanced Armament.
I Enjoyed Saving Texas (if only for one day)
A call at 0-DARK-HUNDRED HRS asking if I want to take a military hop out and back to TX.  HELL YES — take the truck to March AFB, park, bag drag and fly. End up hanging out on the Rio Grande as a guest of the Texas the riverine patrol people, hoping to take rounds from the cartels on the Mexican side so that we can return fire.

LSP: The DLC needs to gear up for riverine patrol.

Rio Grande
There’s enough water to float the hull this year.
peace, through superior firepower
Trying to keep Texas safe for democracy, mom and apple pie.
A day to play, an over-nighter up late howling with the guys, early up, and a hop back from Lackland to March on an Air Force ride.

If I lived in Texas, I might get to do this more often…

13 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Wow. Three Mercury high power outboards. I bet that thing flies. Those law enforcement types hate to be left behind, don't they?

  2. I think that in the future, all bathrooms will be single toilet rooms, and future generations will ask questions like, "So you all went together?" and we will have to explain stalls and urinals. Similarly, we will have to explain why suppressors were illegal…"So quiet was illegal? Were you required to make loud noises?"

  3. Most people send snacks & homemade cookies, I send lots of Frog Lube and bore snakes to my deployed sons by other mothers. Way better for them than my baking.

  4. In Europe and in many places in Latin America the stalls tend to be isolated as you suggest. Maybe that's the way of the future.

    As to silencers – precisely.

  5. LSP – if all of the patriots move to Texas, the rest of the nation will crumble.

  6. I thought frog lube was something completely different. According to the French.

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