Japan’s New Deep Space Engine

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced on August 19 that it has successfully demonstrated the operation of a “rotating detonation engine” in space, with the goal of extending the propulsion method to deep space travel in the future.

The “impossible” engine uses spinning explosions inside a ring channel. This method generates a large amount of super-efficient thrust coming from a considerably smaller engine that uses less fuel, and it has the potential to be a game-changer.

The engine produced 500 Newtons of thrust (112.4045 pounds of thrust). To put that into context, SpaceX’s large cargo-lifting rocket Falcon Heavy, for example, has three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27-Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff.

Claudio (H/T), who follows this blog, mentioned that it’s not ready prime time and that is the case, but the engine did burn, didn’t blow up, and it may yield more impressive results as the concept is more fully developed.


Something is Better than Nothing

The German Navy plans to equip its three F124 (Sachsen Class) frigates (captioned photo) with new radars that expand the vessels’ capabilities into the field of ballistic missile defense.

There has been a lot of criticism internationally leveled at the German Navy’s lack of readiness. Maybe this signals a change?


To that end, the Bundeswehr awarded a €220 million (U.S. $258 million) contract to German sensor specialist Hensoldt in conjunction with Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta Systems. The two companies will enter into a “strategic cooperation,” as Hensoldt calls it, to deliver four radar sets based on Germany’s TRS-4D product and beefed up with Elta’s long-range capabilities.

Officials plan to install the new equipment on three air defense frigates of the Sachsen class between 2024 and 2028, according to a statement from the military acquisition office. A fourth system will be set up on land to help the German Navy train its sailors.

The new radars would elevate the ships’ surveillance and target-tracking capabilities for various aerial threats, including ballistic missiles, the office said.

The Navy’s foray into ballistic missile defense follows the government’s strategy of inserting requisite sensor capabilities into its arsenal whenever substantial weapon upgrades are on the books anyway. Berlin has pledged missile defense contributions to NATO as the alliance assembles a network of sensors and interceptors in Europe meant to one day protect the entire continent from such attacks.

For years, Germany’s missile defense ambitions rested on a replacement of its Patriot fleet with the TLVS weapon, short for Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem. Officials shelved that program earlier this year to free up money for drone defense, though it’s unclear what the Defence Ministry intends to field to that end.


Civilian Access to Handguns

Civilian access to handguns around the world. I’m not sure that I agree with this Map, but I offer it all the same as a trend. For example, A sporting license in France does allow you to own a handgun, but it’s going to be a single-shot .22LR.

Green=easier access, red=harder access.



Percent of “foreign-born” population in each US and EU state or country. For the purposes of the map: The EU, “foreign-born” means being born outside of any of the EU countries. For the US, “foreign-born” means being born outside of any US state.

Of course with open borders in the US under the Biden regime, those numbers will be changing. How many illegal immigrants can the US Air Force secretly fly away from the border and how many will remain?


They’re Killing Rescue Dogs in Australia?

(link) The Bourke Shire Council in the northwest region of New South Wales executed the impounded pups to prevent volunteers at an animal shelter from traveling to pick up and rescue the animals last week and potentially spread the virus, government watchdog agency Office of Local Government (OLG) told the Sydney Morning Herald. Have the Aussies gone mad (too)?


Will Martin Rule (and ID this tank)?

It was a very good tank in its era, but can you identify it?

I may be giving too much away but, the same engine in the diagram below with upgrades to the running gear and the SA38 Long 35 37 mm gun.


  1. “Civilian access to handguns around the world.”
    This map only tells a part of the story. Ultimately, only dark green (no permit required) matters. The middle green (allowed with permit – no good reason required) can be very misleading because local authorities can make it practically impossible to receive a permit. And light green is like middle green, only worse.

    Also, the bias of the map-maker shines through with the wording: “good” reason? Who defines what is a “good” reason. The mindset is clearly, “handgun ownership should be banned by default; it should require positive action (such as applying for and paying for a permit) to own a handgun.” The default should be if you want a gun (hand or long arm) you can have one. Only specifically proven bad people, or completely nonrational people, should be barred. In other words, the default is “guns for anyone” and it should require positive action to restrict any individual from possessing a gun. But for this to work requires a population with intelligence, ethics, and impulse control. Functionally, this means an “ice people” (to use Derbyshire’s term) society. But that would be racist.

    So far as “foreign born” goes, is Ismail born 1998 in Stockholm (to Fateema and Omar both from Syria), who speaks only pidgin Swedish, is functionally illiterate in any language, lifelong unemployed, and hangs around only with his co-ethnics/co-religionists, “foreign born”? Lest anyone think this is some sort of slur against the swarthy-in-Scandinavia, I can say that my Danish (Copenhagen) informant is adamant that things started to go downhill after they let in Bosniak refugees (and “refugees”). Physical assaults on women, general harassment of women, all that increased dramatically after *white* adherents of a certain religion were admitted to the country. Of course, it cannot be talked about. And is probably not reflected in official statistics. And it only got worse after the waves of non-white adherents of that religion were admitted. But that is really really not talked about.

    • The Danes have halted immigration specifically because the leeches who refused to assimilate. You go to Denmark you become Danish, otherwise don’t come…no more sucking the System dry for your benefit.

      • “Denmark has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Denmark is not going to be the whi– [awkward pause] monolithic society it once was in the last century. It’s a huge transformation for Denmark to make. But without that transformation, Denmark will not survive.”
        [We shall see to it that Denmark does not survive.
        -Mysterious Forces] (very very mysterious)

        Holger Danske Vågner.
        … or not. But the halting immigration is a good start.

  2. Pretty sure that’s a French tank in German livery… Yep, a Hotchkiss H35 with a shortbarrelled 37mm SA18 gun.
    (I don’t own one, but several fellow grognards have some in 1-100 scale… 🙂

  3. Yeah, the Aussie morons in charge have gone delusional. ZERO cases, yet they execute innocent dogs to keep people from coming to care for them. Not telling MrsPaulM, she’d fly over there and go all Jack Reacher on the executioners, and feel good after. Heard a stat today, HALF the USA WANT mask mandates!!??? Friggin dipsticks. Probably the same crowd who voted for the cheater party.

    Off Topic..

    I’m seething and praying at the same time. The level of reprehensible is unreal. This is NOT America.

    Mr. MAGU haltingly recited whatever was coming thru his earpiece, giving a despicable “blame Trump” talk today. Made me ill, and Trump must be about ready to strangle this clown. Every useless a$$hat should be discharged…in whatever manner fits their dereliction crimes.

    This moron in chief actually said “Okay…I’m, uh, supposed to call on so-n-so now.”

    Who the hell is speaking into his ear? Likely the same person running our country…because it ain’t Biden.

    • Everything is on topic. The press conference, the walking corpse, the confusion, the delusion, and naturally he blamed President Trump.

      Slow Joe was VP for EIGHT years during the Obamanation and he owns every bit as much of Afghanistan and what it developed into as anyone else. Trump tried to fix it and leave but we had a rigged election and the Corpse replaced him.

      • Thx for the latitude. And yes, this man, a half-assed hack his entire life, was also VP during Benghazi. He runs the ship into the iceberg and while it’s sinking extolls his virtue of providing life rafts…for SOME. Hell is too good for him.

        We are witnessing real time evil-doing at an absurd level; Afghan, Covid crap, edicts, mandates, stolen elections, open borders…the list is getting pretty long….EVERY one done by the Dem’s, and the R’s are massively feckless and spineless. Heck, Trump on Hannity sounded 1000x more on point, convicted, and Presidential than this clown ever could on a good Adderall day.

        Still seething at the highest level of incompetence in full view coupled to serious senility; how anyone could justify this man as president is beyond words.

      • Didn’t help that Trump’s generals and the State Department flat-out lied to Trump when Trump gave orders to do various things like get the fuck out of Syria and such.

        Isn’t lying to a President and going against his lawful orders considered Treason? Or does that only count when the president is a Democrat?

        • You would think, but as in A Few Good Men when she “strenuously objects”, the generals were ignoring Trumps orders while lying to him because of their “strenuous objection” due to “superior righteous morality” in to stay in a useless war while, of course, lining their own pockets.

          Hanging sounds about right…or that crank thing LL put up earlier, then hanging.

      • I struggle with the collision of righteous indignation and spiritual discontent when I see such blatant evil doing…gets the ire up. Then I stare at the night sky, thank Him for the day, pray for those trapped, and finally ask God to stop the evil doers before it gets too gnarly for the good people who may do something regretful, myself included.

        • By the way, I broke when Levin played Amazing Grace on bagpipes yesterday…freely admit I had tears for this gut wrenching senseless loss of military lives. We have reached a tipping point.

  4. Thanks for the news that we don’t see on the, ahem, “news” channels. That in mind, it’s hard for even the msm to run cover for the epic mess in Kabul and on. Will it result in regime change? I’m not holding my breath, but still, this is outrageous.

    Is that a French tank?

  5. The mystery tank is a French tank of the late 1930s, namely a Renault R 40: “Char léger modèle 1935 R modifié 1939″ = light tank model 1935 R modified in 1939”.
    The critical hints for me were the tracks and running gear so typical for French tanks of this time (cf. Char B1); the ‘tail’ which was a remnant of WW I technology and tactics; but you mentioning the “SA38 Long 35 37 mm gun” nailed it: this is definitely a Renault R 40; in spite of a superficial similarity to the Renault R 35.
    It is considered a variant or an onward development of the “char Renault R 35” which was the most widely used tank of the French Army in 1940. The R 35 was superior to most German tanks of this time but was considered a nightmare for logistics and maintenance. The R 40 was supposed to mitigate these concerns but arrived on the battlefield too late and in too small numbers to make a difference.
    (The main cause which determined the outcome of the 1940 campaign in France were the fundamentally differing tank doctrines of France and Germany: both sides had around 2.000 tanks, give or take a few. The French employed their tank force in 1.000 ‘packets’ of two tanks each; the Germans employed their tank force in two ‘packets’ of 1.000 tanks each. History will tell you which doctrinal concept was proven as successful on the battlefield. Also, the Germans had a Guderian and the French did not)
    After the French capitulation all R 35 and R 40 were seized by the Wehrmacht and used as “Beutepanzer” (war prize tank) in a multitude of support roles and even as combat vehicles for second-line units.
    There is no surviving R 40 but quite a few R 35 can be seen as exhibition or museum pieces. The French École de cavalerie in Saumur even has a fully functional and running specimen in its impressive collection.

    Kind regards,


    • Yeah. Good armor, slow, biggest problem was task overload with only a 2-man crew. Often lacked radios too, though that was common in their time.


  6. I recall a couple of years ago much crowing and virtue signaling when the ABS released figures showing around half of the citizens of Australia had at least one parent born overseas.

    You can understand why I say it’s not my nation any more.

    Re: the dogs it sounds like exactly the decisions of bureaucrats the world over. I don’t think any one of you would be honestly able to tell me bureaucrats in your country would be much different. Sadly.

  7. JAXA engine = Great grandson of Orion (?)
    I wonder if humans will ever ride out and push back the final frontier.
    And if so, I wonder what sort of people will they be?

    The children of the Northmen have been domesticated and will be integrated.
    Australia has fallen, its citizens have chosen slavery.
    A re-invigorated Islam is ascendant with millions of adherents spread throughout the western world awaiting the official call to jihad. It would seem that their god is with them.
    The economic house of cards is stacked too high and the table is shaking, might even be an earthquake. But the grifters just keep on stacking.
    We are watching the full flowering of totalitarianism here and all across the globe in real time.
    Whether the citizens of America have the will and fortitude to do whatever is required to re-establish liberty and self determination within its own borders (and secure said borders) remains an open question.
    But not for much longer.
    The train of western civilization is careening downhill, utterly out of control and the bridge is out.

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