Militia Days

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A well regulated militia… 


The de-fund the police movement is telling America, that it’s time to fund their local militia (and keep them independent).

Will tax dollars flow back into private hands to allow for the common defense? Don’t hold your breath.


People of a certain age have found that they don’t have much to lose and they can be of great value to the citizen’s defense.




Retro, but a valuable reminder.


Do not eliminate potential recruits based on gender.

Especially if they bring their own weapons to the fight.

Women, often likely victims of the mob, are reacting to the situation in the USA today and are buying firearms and ammunition in large numbers. Some will need training. Don’t be afraid to pitch in and help…or maybe they will train you?



Uniforms are important to get the team into the spirit. But I don’t see any poleaxes. And for Beans and Don from Oregon, I have arranged with Josh Davis to build a poleaxe. Don, wait to see how it comes out and THEN decide if you want one.


White Wolf Lives Matter. They just do. That goes double for werewolves.

37 thoughts on “Militia Days

  1. I remember my adopted daughter calling me from the airport saying how crazy it was to carry her SAW on board a commercial aircraft as carry on.

    1. I think that the outcome of the upcoming national election will help people to decide how they want to roll. Nobody wants to have to deal with all this. If it comes, it will be forced on them.

      1. they won’t step off the porch til they have nothing left to lose. as long as the money flows, the bills get paid, and food is on the table they won’t jeopardize that. i fear that day is coming though, American Spring?

        1. There’s a bill making its way through the Michigan Legislature that would call for RFID chips. It’s the Bill Gates solution to all sorts of things. Social credit scoring would allow you different privileges based on that microchip. Buying and selling (electronic money), driving a car (chip needed to activate a smart car), etc. Sky’s the limit. I don’t see that as passing right now, but people are thinking about that sort of ‘final solution’ to the question of population control.

          All sorts of odious things are being discussed, anyone of which could be the initiating incident that could start the ball rolling.

  2. Meanwhile, at the Reginald Denny Memorial Drag Races in Portland, a Chevy S-10 beat a motorcycle off the line for the win. Unfortunately, his chute didn’t pop and he went thru the barrier fence, but it looks like he made it out safely:

    I do so love happy endings.

    1. Yeah, neat video. Looks like he made it out, but what a progressive paradise Portland is turning into.

  3. I wish we got more women at the range though we do get some, usually with their husbands or boyfriends. Some are novices and are willing to try firearms and some have to be persuaded though usually one press of the trigger wins them over. Others know what they’re doing and some of those are really good. Trainers? There is one who comes here periodically. I took a first aid course from her and I can say she’s very competent.

  4. I am not sure why but my daugther wants starting with knives. Throwing knives. She want to be good at it. I see there are options in the market. The price is not to expensive and there are different brands. Some come in packaging of three. Any recommendations LL?

    1. I have some of Gil Hibben’s throwing knives and like those.

      I have known Gil since I was a boy, literally, and have some of his original knives, before he did one of the knives for a Stallone movie. Gil started out making knives for soldiers in Vietnam. And without going into history, Gil had some rifles that my grandfather made. I haven’t seen him for years.

  5. I’ve avoided militias as many members are undercover LEO and/or agent provocateurs. However, seeing your pictures of actual militia, I might change my mind.

    1. I’m not a joiner either, WSF, mainly for the reasons you outlined.

      There will come a time though, I fear, if things continue to devolve.

  6. I bless guns for the local crew from time to time. I resist the urge to say “three percent to the church is not enough.”

  7. Good on you for finding someone willing to make you a pole-axe.

    Just remember, Shields forward, polearms to the second rank.

  8. Look forward to the pole-axe information. Always useful to have something to repel boarders…

  9. Just back from multiple Curbside pick up’s…I’m kinda liking my personal shoppers, feel like I need to tip them, but I think they’re happy to get outside.

    “Getting the band back together”: In spades, no cash back required…pretty sure the good folks (the 20% of those who remain rational and non-compliant) will take care of business on their own nickel.

    Gals with weapons and know how to use them are clearly not to be messed with.

    1. While out saw an older pick up with a flag strapped to the bed: “Trump 2020, No More Bulls–t”


      1. I spent 40 minutes curbside waiting for my molding, even after calling hte store after the first 15 minutes of waiting.
        Went in maskless and asked what was going on?
        No recriminations on their part towards me for no mask.
        They just lost the molding.
        they found it.

  10. Some of the best shooters I’ve seen and met have been women. They’re very good students, too, as they generally don’t have any macho, preconceived notions of how to shoot.

    SLW can be extremely good on the range, but I don’t know what she’d do if TSHTF.

    But if it involved protecting our grandson……whoo-boy….MAMA BEAR protecting her cubs!

  11. The problem is, the bad guys glorify and promote destruction, so it is easy to get them mobilized to create disorder.

    Meanwhile, we understand how good things are (especially circa 11/2019), we understand the costs of open conflict, and we want to preserve civilization – so we are much more tentative about open conflict.

    If they keep pushing, they will eventually cross some sort of line.

    1. Their goal is to keep pushing until the pawns are massacred, they they can use those martyrs as an example of how bad WE are.

  12. WSF, You are wise to be wary. It came out in court that about half the people at the Ammon Bundy Wildlife Refuge takeover were Federal Informants.

    Be especially wary of the people urging “actions” that involve criminal acts, and anyone that can get you illegal weapons or explosives. Anyone that has a criminal record, or is an active criminal should be suspect. Suspect their relatives too. They probably have a Cop telling them they get a deal if they can just get a bunch of other people to commit criminal acts.

    I bet our host can tell you lots of stories about running confidential human sources / informants / snitches.

    1. Yes, RD, that is what I spent a big piece of my professional life doing. Whether you call them agents, confidential human sources, informers, snitches, etc. it’s all the same. I was undercover in the Hessians Motorcycle Gang/Club for two years. I do know the game. Usually a catspaw (informer) is used. Less frequently, an officer is directly involved. It depends on what is at stake.

      That is precisely why I’m more of a lone wolf type, living in a remote setting.

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