The New War

Just about the same as the old war…

Everyone is throwing their cracker in the soup where the new conflict between Israel and Hamas is concerned. They’re all smarter than I am. Given that, I will point out a few things and move on. First, the funding situation changed when Saudi Arabia recognized Israel. In a larger sense (second) most Arab states recognized Israel during the Trump Administration. The Obama/Biden Regime – friendly to Iran sought to undo what President Trump did, of course.

Hamas can only exist with massive funding that trickles down. There is no significant tax base in Hamas. Gaza is a massive slum. Israel would move the people out and flatten the place if any nation wanted the population. So far, they don’t, but Pedo Joe might take them in the US? Stranger things have happened during Obama’s third term in office. It’s 2.048 million people as of 2020, and would be a drop in the bucket when you consider the third world influx into the US that we’ve experienced. That way, Hamas could elect democrat party representatives to Congress (another half dozen Ilhan Omars to add to The Squad*).

72 hours after the initial attacks, the IDF had regained control in all communities in Southern Israel. Nevertheless, a small number of isolated militants remain within the country, and operations to secure the area are in progress.

The war isn’t over. It was just declared. It’s more accurate to say that the war is now contained. Hamas took their shot. Now the IDF can conduct offensive operations. Some say that Israel will bulldoze Gaza and then salt the Earth. Some suggest that it create a nature preserve with a museum on it or something. Maybe use it as turf for war games and military training?

Before this is over The Gaza Strip will be segmented and block by block, it will be be demilitarized. Tunnels will be found and demolished. Buildings atop tunnels will be destroyed and bulldozed into the void where once there were tunnels.

The IDF will go Person by person and theywill be identified biometrically with the primary goal to “de-Hamas” the entire population. The 2+ million population will be concentrated while this process takes place. Responsible leaders will be found to administer civil requirements. Zero tolerance for breaking the peace. Peaceful civilians can stay. Violence will result in non-subsidized exile or imprisonment followed by exile. (*See Pedo Joe with open arms, above)



One More View

The Federalist – Right now, though, many on the left seem upset that conservatives are pointing out that the last two Democratic administrations have appeased and funded the terror states responsible for the attack that has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Israelis and at least four nine Americans.

There is, most obviously, Joe Biden’s recent $6 billion gift to the mullahs.

“Not a single cent from these funds has been spent, and when it is spent, it can only be spent on things like food and medicine for the Iranian people,” a White House National Security Council spokeswoman said. This pathetic and pedantic deflection was repeated endlessly by the president’s defenders. Even a child understands the concept of fungibility. It is true that Hamas didn’t spend that exact funding on their terror proxies. Islamic fascists, like everyone else, make fiscal plans with an eye on future earnings and spending. And the hostage-taking business happens to be booming.

And no, the $6 billion was not “their money” — no more than the roughly $25 billion that the Biden administration let Iran walk away with by ignoring sanctions or the $10 billion it gave Iran via a waiver to Iraq was their money. Sanctions separated the terror state from its money. That’s the entire point.

The only thing more ludicrous than the notion of the mullahs abiding by an agreement with the United States is the idea that their buddies in Qatar, the country overseeing the funds, is going to make them spend their newfound cash on “humanitarian aid.”





The way it’s looking, the 2024 match up will be President Trump v RFK. I can’t imagine anyone would vote for Pedo Joe. How does that impact the down-ticket races? Who will Pres. Trump pick for a running mate? I seriously doubt that it will be treacherous Mike Pence. Who will RFK reach out to? Ok, I’ll guess. My guess is as good as yours.

Trump-Ramaswamy and RFK-Sinema (I-AZ). It would be a horserace. Demented Pedo Joe and the Ho might be the outsiders on this one. Clearly, it would be difficult for them to campaign in person if the media covered it (as opposed to covered it up). A debate between President Trump and RFK would be worth watching.

If the Republican Party doesn’t unify behind President Trump, there is no need for a Republican Party. During the last Trump Administration, all the RINOs did was fight him while he worked without pay to Make America Great Again.



Identify the Pink Jet

Ok, maybe it’s more of a sandy salmon than pink…


Identify the Biplanes


246 of these aircraft were put into service.


Primary Operator was the South African Air Force


  1. Pedo Joe’s handlers read that thing about taking the Gazzians into the USA, they might just think that a good idea. Buckle up.

    • joe biden was awarded the nobel peace prize today because of his brilliant and inspired solution to the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. By importing the entire population of Gaza, biden has simultaneously removed Israel’s excuse for war and given Palestinians a better, more prosperous life in the United States. Palestinians will immediately be given US citizenship to avoid the two-tiered system that has been used to terrorize them by the Israelis. Palestinians will participate in the first fair and free elections in their lives on November 5th of 2024. biden has announced that the survivors of the unprecedented genocide by Israel will be primarily relocated to Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. They will be awarded a streamlined process where the successful acceptance of their application of admittance will include citizenship and all the rights that come with it. They will be given free housing and a $3000 stipend per month to live on. Israel will be forbidden to occupy or build on the land of Gaza. It will forever be a memorial to the suffering imposed on the Palestinian people by Israel. biden also announced that any refugees who are in Gaza during the evacuation will automatically be counted as native Gazans and will be equally eligible to a new life in America. All checkpoints coming into Gaza by land, air and sea will be open for any refugees attempting to join the native Gazans. East Bank Palestinians will be eligible to immigrate, but will be discouraged due to the necessity of an Arab presence there. Israel must not be allowed to occupy holy Arab land. For those courageous Palestinians staying in the East Bank to thwart the Israeli invasion, the United States will provide a yearly subsidy amounting to $3000 US per resident. This will be administered by the government of Palestine. These Palestinians will also receive US citizenship with the right to vote in national American elections and the state elections of their choice. They will also retain the right to immigrate at will. The UN will provide security for the East Bank and the Gaza memorial.
      Congratulations on winning the peace prize mr. president, it is well deserved,

  2. Netanyahu is 100% righteous in his action to level Hamas’ stronghold, finishing the fight Israel did not start. Hopefully he’ll do as you suggest…prevention is 9/10’s of the law. I fear other terrorists will jump into the fray, emboldened by our massively weak and galactically stupid Administration.

    Some talkers yesterday said “Our President” gave a good response to the HAMAS TERRORIST MASSACRE…he was clearly pumped up on Chinesium Special Sauce before wandering off in a stupor. This odd adulation is like saying the between entree palette cleansing tiny sorbet was the best part of a 5-Course chefs dinner, all the while ignoring Biden et al’s involvement in seeding world terrorists – our enemies – with sleight of hand dealings.

    Time For A Reset ™

    • Despite my emoting here at VM, I’m not usually a critical person, but lately the constant firehose effect foolishness takes over.

      This headline: “An American mom, 67, spent her life advocating for Palestinian rights. Now she’s a Hamas hostage.”

      First off “mom”…an extra title that has nothing to do with her politics but is used to make the story pull more heartstrings.

      Second, her advocacy was on the wrong side of the tracks and…consequences.

    • “And Joshua said unto all the people [of Israel], … choose you this day whom ye will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:2, 15).

      All people come to a point where a choice must be made. A lot rests on that choice.

  3. Agree on the ‘resolution’ in Gaza. It’s going to get ugly because the MSM and the apologists will be ‘appalled’ at the treatment of the ‘poor Palestinians’… Tough…

  4. Where is Israel going to find “responsible leaders” in Gaza, of all places?

    Will the new administrators be IDF officers, or something?

    I can;t quite imagine any competent and non-evil Palestinian has not already fled The Strip long ago…


  5. Henry Kissinger on Hamas attacks fallout: Germany let in too many foreigners
    As a minority in Berlin cheer Hamas’ attacks on Israel, former top US diplomat says mass immigration was a ‘grave mistake.’


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