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^US Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine were acknowledged and ‘owned’ by USGOV this week.

^ BRM reported but it was carried elsewhere too.

Last weekend, the US Department of State, Secretary Anthony Blinken, made the unilateral claim that Poland -a NATO ally- was approved by the State Department to send fighter jets into Ukraine.   Blinken was located in Moldova when he made the statement to three U.S. media outlets. Poland was caught completely off guard by Blinken’s statements, and only learned about them from the media reporting.

Read the whole thing at the link (above). Poland said they would send the jets to Ramstein AFB in Germany but would not send them to Ukraine.  Essentially, if Blinken wanted to use these jets to create his war with Russia, well, here they are – go for it. Blinky would like a war. He really would. And to take charge of the mess they sent the Ho (below).

^ The War in Ukraine against Russia, it is said, will be fought to the last Ukrainian in a proxy war. Camela (the Ho) is there to run things for the US. I don’t know why the Europeans allowed Air Force Two to land.

^ Fuel at the pumps in SoCal is topping $7/gallon and going up. You can laugh at the crazy people in SoCal, but the disease spreads from there.

^ I have no love for Mcdonald’s and many of the corporate brands… The Russians have said that they are canceling trademarks. It’s an interesting development.

McDonald’s is one of the latest global giants to suspend operations in Russia under public pressure. McDonald’s said last Tuesday that it would temporarily close its 850 restaurants in Russia, a significant decision for a company that gets 9 percent of its revenue from Russia and Ukraine. Without trademark protection, Russia could take those McDonald’s that were shut down and … just let local operators operate the restaurants, call them McDonald’s, and ignore franchise contracts.

^ Wisconsin Schools LGBTQ teachers: If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity, I’m your mom now.

According to local reporting, other parents discovered that more teachers in the district had hung the same poster on their doors. The principal, who seemed to be caught off guard by all of this, said he was “looking into concerns over this poster.”

^ Paid political liar.

If you challenge her on a lie, she’ll “circle back”… which sounds disturbingly like a circle-jerk.




  1. Cheapest petrol price here I’ve seen is running at the equivalent of $7.20/gallon. Diesel is more like $8. Can safely add about 10% or so for a more rural area, and I’ve seen reports of some of the real remote prices at nearly double.

    I’m wondering just how significant it is Nuland didn’t explicitly say there was no weapons development at the labs, and looked really nervous. Particularly as Russia would’ve had access to all the old Soviet programs.

    I feel for blokes like you Larry, you spent a lifetime in the service of a country that was upheld as an aspirational ideal and this last couple of years…whew.

    • Nuland spoke the truth and the rest of it is spin. You’re absolutely correct, Russia had/has access to their old programs. And “why Ukraine”? — because it was hopelessly corrupt.

      No governments are “pure” but it irks me that all too often we are the bad guys.

      • I strongly doubt Nuland spoke the truth. She merely failed to lie about everything per usual policy. Today’s neocons are ultraviolent leftists who apparently believe that the US military and US economic power exist solely to be used for their ends. Their ends are not consistent with what is best for the people of the US.

        The “con” in neocon is not an abbreviation for “conservative”. The “con” literally stands for con. It is possible there are neocons who are not deceitful, narcissistic, neurotic, terrible people. But if so, those non-horrible neocons have kept out of public life.

        • All of the neocons I’ve met have been horrible people. Paul Wolfowitz (of the Bush2 Admin) may be the worst. Under “where are they now?” at age, the Wolf of Washington i is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) where he works on the development and national security issues. Sure, why not. The old bastard has a lot of blood on his hands.

  2. “Fuel at the pumps in SoCal is topping $7/gallon and going up.”

    The “Fight for Fifteen” is on again! Thank you Democrats. I can’t wait for Russia to start pumping out Disney no longer trademarked merchandise, though maybe they should start with NFL and NASCAR logo’d crap.

  3. “Cancelling” on a global scale now…this action is symbolism over substance and will do absolutely nothing to dissuade Vlad from his trajectory, that would be reserved for something going very fast in a tight spiral.

    Now I know why the Dem’s were demanding $15/hr wages for entry-level jobs (which they managed to get in a few places due to pay-to-stay-home Covid subsidies)…to offset the $15/gal pump price they knew The Hologram would create. While cost at the pump is an indicator, it is only one portion of a barrel of oil, EVERYTHING in society is affected.

    Psaki – Can this one get any more hateful of “the little people”? Groomed to be who she has become after years of swamp dwelling and being told “she’s all that”.

    Curious if I placed an order for a [base model] Tesla or Chevy Leaf which one would show up first? And do I get a gubmint EV Greenie subsidy?

  4. Substance abuse is a large factor driving the homeless encampments we are told. I suspect artificially high minimum wage requirements are a large factor. Back in the day in the car biz we hired lot attendants for minimum wage. Bluntly, few of them were productive enough to justify even minimum wage.

  5. they admitted the bio labs too easily. laying the groundwork for a pandemic release of hemorrhagic fever? a chinese defector claims they have been weaponizing it and are ready for release. now they could blame it on russia blowing up the labs….its fun watching psaki aging before our eyes. pretty soon she’ll look like cryptkeeper pelosi…..parents need to band together, pull their kids out of public schools and educate them. it would be cheaper, and cut the goliath at the knees…..blinkin blinken, i’d say what an idiot but the eyes don’t say stupid, they say evil. i swear i see the devil in his eyes. things are moving at warp speed now as the awakening gets closer…..wisconsin judge recommended decertification of the election, but rinos refused. forty-two rinos sent a letter begging biden to start the war. the “war”, what war? everything i’ve seen so far looks like a hollywood production. i see a “reporter” on a rooftop in kiev, behind him a pristine view of the city untouched. no smoke, no bombs, no bullet holes. when i see soldiers, its two or three. where’s the tank formations, where’s the air strikes, where’s the troops? where’s the interviews with generals and troops? you can’t have a war without interviews, everybody knows that, lol. so i sit quietly waiting for the second sun to shine, or the third or fourth….well, maybe not so quietly. good day, LL, and have a nice weekend.

  6. Beyond the Ukraine debacle being used as a domestic smokescreen, just read in The Western Journal that the Montana Petroleum Association is telling Biden et al to go pound sand, they are restarting dormant Bakken oil wells that have been shut down by the Administration with crippling regulations. Despite what the Angry Redhead and Biden himself have stated, “9000 permits not being explored…” MPA’s Executive Director Alan Olson said it has been new federal regulations preventing them from drilling, as well as killing smaller producers, forcing America to rely on oil from Russia, etc.

    Because the Dem’s have spent years ignoring the rule of law and The Constitution, it is only acceptable that “essential” producers and businesses who help us maintain our independence as a nation begin to operate as the supply chain requires.

    Next we need to see the Keystone XL boys do the same thing. The “tell” would be if the Dem’s try to stop them.

  7. Enough with the grousing about $10/gal gas and US-funded biolab skullduggery in Ukraine. It’s not all gloom and doom, boys, for I bring you tidings of great joy. In the sacred name of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE), I am ecstatic to report that Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla has cast a proud Black woman as Jarl Haakon.

    Next up, a remake of Gandhi, starring Whoopi Goldberg in the title role. After that, a bio-pic of Golda Meir starring Mel Gibson.

    Y’all think I’m being sarcastic? It could happen. The Marshall of Finland, CGE Mannerheim himself, was ably portrayed in 2012 by Kenyan Telley Savalas Otieno. (I am not making the name up.)

  8. Nuland. Behold The Face Of Evil. And it’s sad, I think, because it doesn’t look as though she started off that way, but my, how things have progressed.

    The biolabs are especially neat. You know, just fund a load of BCW labs in a country next to a nuclear power you increasingly and hysterically oppose, Trump’s a Russian spy!, and don’t expect them to do anything.

    Then there’s McDonald’s. I like, and it’s a weird and possibly bad tradition, to buy a couple of dollar “cheeseburgers” on the way to the range. Cheap and hits the spot. So now Russia can enjoy this dubious benefit without funding the GloboCap Rainbow Clown? Result.

  9. I’m enjoying the evening with TLG. We’re painting the “volcano” we made from air-drying modeling clay last week. Next week we’ll put the chemicals in it and make it “erupt”.

    After he goes to sleep, I’ll retreat down to the workshop to come up with nefarious, diabolical, clandestine disruptive devices, like a shortwave radio built from junk.

  10. Have you seen the video of the trucker filling his tank? Over $1000 to fill it! And his comment about what this is going to do to the price of milk? Going to get interesting… Somebody is going to have to pay the difference…

    • Once the intentional New Dark Age hits full swing, everyone is going to pay the difference.


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