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  1. I like the lion metaphor. Works for me (at the moment). I live in a beet red area, like most of the people in Illinois outside Chicago. Just a glance at this map would suggest that Illinois is a red state.

    Nope. Cobalt blue, electorally. Those thug, murdering gang bangers, crack whores and welfare queens in the city outnumber the rest of us, by quite a bit. And miraculously, they all seem to find the time to put aside their murderin', crack smokin' and welfare check cashin' to go and vote. All of 'em. Somehow.

  2. In Chicago they bring their dead with them to the voting booth…and miraculously all vote Democrat.

    The map of California shows that it's not all Donkey Party too. I live in that red stripe across the bottom of the state. Well for now.

    Remind me where the DJI is standing at at the opening bell? 21,115. Nasdaq at 5,904 and the S& P is 2,395.96. Those are indicators of a crash according to CNN — and the total lack of confidence that America has in President Trump and his administration. My most optimistic projection last November 10 would not have been 21,000+. I heard a race baiter complain that's a "white person" thing and that the German stock market did well under Hitler. I have no comment further.

  3. You can tell that race baiter that Vlad the Impaler made the trains run on time, too. Irrelevant.

    These liberal pinkos that keep linking conservatives with Hitler have me scratchting my head (not to mention that most everybody said that Donald Trump was no conservative early on). The Nazis (shortened version of the National SOCIALISTS) have almost everything in common with liberal pinkos, and nothing in common with conservatives.

    But Fredd, but Fredd…we pinkos don't plan on killing 6,000,000 Jews like Hitler did! Therefore we have nothing in common with the Nazis. Ha. You pinkos would be completely OK with Israel's enemies such as Hezbollah, Al Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood and every other middle east scourge running every Jew into the sea, and not lose a minute of sleep.

    In addition, you pinkos all seem to think that there are just too many dang humans polluting the planet, and that we should all cut back on our carbon footprints and get in better harmony with nature. If there were 3 billion fewer humans on the planet, we would be in better standing with Gaia. Of course, we pinkos don't want to discuss how exactly we would achieve eliminating 3 billion people, that conversation is completely off the table…

    Don't get me started, LL, just don't……

  4. 1. Liberals are fine with killing people off by peaceful means. The list is long beginning with "climate deniers". Even though some liberals have said recently that if it wasn't for human-generated greenhouse gas, we'd be in another ice age.

    2. Progs feel that Israeli Jews are different (somehow) than American Jews. American Jews routinely vote for the people who want to see the Israeli Jews wiped off the face of the Earth (though they'd rather seen an Ayatolah do it than a German paper hanger).

    3. They find no cognitive dissonance in the "Gays for Islam" movement. Yes, it's like Angus steers for meat cutters, but they're fine with that.

    4. When they have to find fault with President Trump they resort to MSNBC/CNN talking points (all lies) and stick to that.

    You can continue with your rant or you can do something productive. Up to you…

  5. Who won what popular vote? Saved by the Electoral College as the Founders intended.

  6. Relying on a few fetid inner cities teeming with progs to hold your party together based on various and sundry grievances, sexual kinks and a dependance on the the welfare state is very thin. I know that's how the Dems roll these days, but then again they lost.

    If Hillary had won based on the map (running with popular vote) and had started something like firearms confiscation, there would have been a revolution. The founding fathers were smart enough to understand this — way back when.

  7. I've heard that lions favor jackal and hyena meat. Pelosi can certainly be considered a jackal.

  8. That movie speech was great but it would have been better if it had been a wolf!

    I do like Christopher Walken. Maybe he could be your next President.

    I think that speech is quite relevant over here too.

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