MH370 not a mystery

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What should we make of this?

(Fox News) There are people (mainly in the US) who are calling for a US investigation into the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

Let me paint a brief picture, no snark included:

1. If MH370 had gone down on land, loaded with fuel it would have left a debris field and a huge fiery pyre where tens of thousands of aviation fuel burned. There is no debris field, and there is no smoke plume.
2. If MH370 had gone down in the ocean, USGOV would have known within minutes because the acoustic locators would have triggered from multiple Air Flight Recorders (black boxes). The US would not have acknowledged that they knew, but they would have known. The US has invested a lot of money in advanced acoustics. They didn’t need to send the USS Kidd, which is one of the oldest US destroyers in commission.
Therefore: The airplane was hijacked. I realize that the dog has been chasing its tail for some time now, but anybody with a lick of sense would have put these pieces together within a very short period of time.

Where did the airplane go?

Not China – because despite what many people think, the Chinese are not lawless like that.

Islamic Republics that are “laws unto themselves”: Take your pick, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, etc. The aircraft is worth $350 million. The pilots suffocate the passengers in transit, land in whatever Islamic paradise country they’ve arranged to land and somebody forks over $50 or $100 million and gets the aircraft for a song. That aircraft can be repainted and fly between Islamic paradise destinations without any international flap. What could be more simple?
That the aircraft was stolen from the most populous Islamic nation in the world is simply a detail. Maybe the Islamic brothers will work it out between themselves. I’m sure the Qur-an has a sura that discusses theft and so forth. The infidel passengers on the flight go to hell and the male Muslims get 72 black-eye’d virgins. 

14 thoughts on “MH370 not a mystery

  1. I'm sure that the passenger oxygen masks dropped and that they stayed buckled in their seats until it ran out…

  2. I've been explaining it it great detail to anyone who'll listen for the last week. And as an aside the USS Kidd, DDG-100, was commissioned just six and a half years ago. The previous Kidd, DDG-993, was decommed and struck in 1998. She was sold to the Taiwanese navy.

  3. The pax emergency oxygen supply only lasts approx 10minutes, giving the pilots time to reach 10000ft, unless they chose to stay above 10000ft, then the pax wouldn't know anything after that!

  4. Why would they want to steal a plane for financial gain? With their oil, they are the richest countries in the world.

  5. What's with the black-eye'd virgins? Are they blondes? I guess Allah already told them once…

  6. All the Qur-an says is that they have black eyes. Black eye'd blondes would likely be the Islamic combination of choice — but I frankly don't know, nor do I care much.

  7. I'm sure that the FBI would devote every bit as much effort as they have to the IRS Scandal.

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