An Informal Survey of Likely Hispanic Voters

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As some of you know, I worked for USGOV in Mexico for five years, ending in 2013, dealing with cartel related issues. In that capacity I became friendly with a number of the movers and shakers in Mexico both inside and outside MEXGOV as well as with Hispanic (first generation) Americans living in the US.
I started taking this survey about two months ago and pre-Tuesday’s Primaries, it’s time to share it with you. This survey is neither academic nor is it random. It has no claims as to general accuracy across the broad expanse of Americans with Hispanic family roots.
All of the people I spoke to are Republicans with the exception of one, who supports Sanders. His support for Sanders revolves around his failure to succeed at business. He hopes to live off the largess of the State in the same way that a parasite draws strength from its host. He’s a typical Sanders supporter.

Therefore the people who I’ve surveyed are generally educated, many own businesses or are self employed as attorneys or CPA’s. The following results are an amalgam of what they’ve told me.

Marco Rubio: A little man in a big hurry who memorizes his talking points well.

Ted Cruz: A Harvard educated attorney married to an executive at Goldman Sachs who likes to portray himself as “every Hispanic”, when he’s clearly not. Every time he speaks, he gives a sermon, which is off-putting.

Donald Trump: A bareknuckle brawler who understands business and deals who would likely do more for American business interests than anyone in government has in fifty years or more. They all prefer Trump.

23 thoughts on “An Informal Survey of Likely Hispanic Voters

  1. Both Ted and Barry relish in giving us lectures about how things are or supposed to be.

    When Trump lectures us, it feels more like its coming from your big tough Uncle Ernie, and you know when Uncle Ernie puts his mind to a task, it gets done.

  2. LL-
    This is refreshing, and to some degree restores my faith in the basic goodness of man, at least in the capitalist sense. I hope it proves true on the wider scale as we move toward the November election.

  3. Trump is like a Bronze Age Chieftain, possibly in the service of Loki. What does that make Cruz and Rubio?

  4. Since the latest CNN poll shows Rubio in third place behind Cruz in Florida, and since he gave up his Senate seat to run for Prez, I think that makes him a craven lobbyist. Cruz is more like the shaman casting the runes in his tent, angry that his stuff isn't coming true.

  5. I think that it's these factoids that so anger the GOP elites and has them resolved to hand the nomination to Romney in a brokered convention.

  6. Trump didn't become a billionaire by being a wimp. He's a smart guy and they are throwing every foul epithet and are painting him with a bad brush to try and stop him. We'll have a sense tomorrow of his genuine momentum.

  7. I concur with your survey results, LL.

    As you know, I stood in the rain for over an hour to see Ted Cruz. I haven't said much about it other than, "It was fun." I'm a people person, so anytime I can get together with 3000 other like-minded people, I'm happy.

    However, my spidey sense was quivering when Cruz hit the stage (after a prayer session back stage with much laying on of hands, etc)

    While he endeavored to make his short canned speech sound spontaneous, it was clearly not spontaneous. There was no passion. Just a few talking points leaving me with a feeling of "hi and goodbye."

    Just about everyone there, of course, was already a Cruz supporter, so their opinions were formed and not likely to change.

    On the other hand, I went in order to allow my intuition to asses the man up close and personal. I didn't like what I saw, and I didn't like what I felt. At my advanced age, I've learned to trust my intuition.

  8. There's not a very good selection this year. There are no more Reagans out there running for office. Cruz has a 'slime factor' that I have a difficult time getting around. However Clinton's downright evil is something else all together.

  9. Once the primaries are over, he'll start to spend some serious scratch in airing Hillary ads that will not be flattering to that old fat crone, but will all be true. And he has enough dough to saturate the country with anti-crone ads, he has more money than God. Just wait. It'll be ugly, oh so ugly. I'm going to love it.

  10. Ted's evangelical side irks me yes, but also does the fact that he calls himself an "outsider" when his connections to the Bush family are legion. The "truth" as Cruz tells it has too many shades of gray for my taste.

  11. Rubio is finished. I've heard that Romney will be campaigning for him in Florida. That may push him into fourth place behind Kasich.

    Kasich asked Romney to campaign for him in Ohio. That's precisely what Trump needs in a closely contested election. The elites are toxic.

  12. Mrs. Tex Cruz is a managing director at Goldman-Sachs. How much more Wall Street can you be?

  13. I wonder when they arrest her if they have big enough kankle cuffs. They would have to look like ice tongs…

  14. You can just close the manacles to the first click. If they don't close right off, you kneel on them until they do. It works. I'd be extra pleased if they'd simply attache her manacle to a cannon ball on a chain that she can drag or carry. There is a certain historical precedent. Naturally she should reduce large rocks to pea gravel in exchange for her supper.

  15. Even retired, I still talk to a lot of people in the car biz. They are all in with Trump.

  16. The ignorant masses believe the bullshit that they're fed – and so, surprisingly do the uber educated professors (none of whom have ever had a 'real' job).

  17. I don't see as though we have a choice at this point. You can surrender to the GOP elites and have business as usual, or to the collectivists and just hand your check to them (where they pretend to pay you and you pretend to work)…or you try and get somebody at the top who will push for America.

  18. Obama cannot afford to have Hillary indicted. As SoS, she was party to ALL of his treason during her time in office. Lynch has undoubtedly instructed EVERY prosecutor at DoJ to not indict no matter what the FBI sends. If some rogue dares to do so anyway, do you REALLY think that Hillary will "take one for the team" and "go quietly into the night"???

    Or is she more likely to perform a public dump of ALL the details she has?

  19. I don't know how it will play out but I do believe that if Lynch doesn't do the right thing, many high ranking people in the FBI will resign and blow the whistle, causing a Constitutional crisis of Biblical proportions. Hillary can be pardoned if she keeps her mouth shut — or not if she rats.

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