I understand that Governor Jan Brewer wants the Federal Government to rubber stamp and pay for Arizona National Guard forces who will be deployed along the US/Mexican Border. However, they are State Troops and fall under her command. She can order them without federalizing them. Yes, there are big budget problems in Arizona, however, she can do it without a by-your-leave from barack hussein obama.


  1. I'll bet the California attorneys were sobbing. "Oh no! All those law suits, running away from the scene."

  2. You're right, WoFat, a van packed with "Illegal Immigrants" (also known as wetbacks) stuffed in the vehicle like Vienna sausages, smashed up on a highway is a 'wet' dream for the typical California ambulance chaser.

    That it happened in Phoenix, my sense is that the local bar felt as though it was simply another day and a van load of aliens was sure to crash again at any moment. When you consider the millions of illegal aliens who cross into and through Arizona ever year, this has to be a common sight.

  3. Janet Napolitano says:

    "Thanks to my boss Obama they all have great health care…no auto insurance,yet…but great health care!"

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