The Mess in Libya

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Libya is in the news – then it’s not in the news.
Libyan rebels are freedom fighters – then they’re suspected jihadists.
Gadhafi is considered for a ‘role’ in future Libyan politics – then he’s not.
The African Union’s peace initiative provides an olive branch – and it’s rejected.
The world concerns itself with a massacre in Benghazi – but not Misrata where it appears that a large number of civilians are caught in the middle.
I think everyone in the Executive Branch of Government breathed a big sigh of relief when NATO (which is the US + EuroConfusion) announced that it had assumed responsibility for the Libyan can of worms. Now the United States can let the chips fall where they may without having Obama take any flack over it. 
The Libyan rebels don’t want foreign troops on their sacred soil – but they’d be happy if NATO aircraft blasted everything in front of them a little more effectively. But on the ground where one group of people looks more or less like another from 20,000 ft, and BOTH friend and foe often shoot at jets, it’s difficult to prosecute the close air support role. 

“NATO is unpopular among many insurgents, both because they believe it initially reacted slowly to government attacks and because it has killed almost 20 rebels in two mistaken bombings.” (Reuters)

War is dirty and it’s complicated on the ground. The so-called ‘fog of war’ obscures things and the power of military munitions chews through soldiers and civilians with equal ease. Meanwhile the mainstream media in the US has said, “Nothing more to see here, folks – move on, move on about your business.”
The White House leaked a secret finding that authorized the US to send advisors in to aid the insurgency and presumably to provide some weapons to them. I suspect people in the Obama regime wanted to characterize him as tough? Frankly I don’t know why they leaked classified information but it does happen all the time from the very top (why bother to classify it in the first place?). Obama’s people also leaked that the CIA inserted personnel into Libya to assist with the air support mission. But the US is officially not really involved in this war because (wink) NATO is handling it.
I’d call it Obama’s Secret War, but it’s really not. It’s a mish-mash of double speak without a coherent end-game and without a declaration of our intentions to the American public. The US forces on the ground (secretly – but the NY Times reported that the CIA is there because the Obama White House leaked it) are once again put in the position of being placed in harm’s way without due consideration to what we’re doing and WHY we are doing it — because we’re not doing anything. NATO is doing it.

What a goat rope!

10 thoughts on “The Mess in Libya

  1. LL, I said from the first week Gaddafi could and then probably would win… and he basically has.

    I also don't think he'll settle for a partition, most of the oil is in the east. If he does deal he will take that back ASAP however he can.

    He has been very creative, leaving armor behind -the rebels have little anyway- and attacking eastward in civilian vehicles while a confounded NATO bombs rebels.

    Pro-Gaddafi forces are well fed, well armed, and morale is sky-high… I say he keeps rolling, he will test the will of NATO to put troops down- and they won't, no way.

    We'll be lucky if we can avoid mass executions when Benghazi falls… I say he moves to cut it off from Tobruk and the Egyptian border, there's only one or two highways… then he will besiege the rebels day and night, sure looks that way

    I have never seen an effective military operation from the rebels… nothing impressive at all, and they turn and run real quick too

  2. I think the matter with Libya could be concluded swiftly and efficiently if only Obama would appoint a czar. That has been his hallmark and is a cornerstone of the success his administration enjoyed.

    (It's true that he didn't have a czar or viceroy secure the Nobel Peace Prize for him – The Nobel Commission did that all on their own.)

  3. It happens every time there is a Democrat Commander in Chief. They want "equal outcomes" without the mess … neva happen Bucko!

  4. It's hard to be a successful rebel if all you can do is shot guns into the air. And that done when the people who support you are flying overhead.

  5. Goat rope leadership. Fubar leadership. How is it that 19% of Americans still see Obama as doing a great job?

  6. These news cycles never cease to amaze, no wonder there is so much money in big marketing. Gaddafi will eventually leave…and the sun will eventually burn out…and that 19% of Americans will vote for Obama no matter what he does.

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