Then and Now

This was the Washington DC “Green Zone” in 1865. It’s offered here to democrats who want to rebuild that place in 2021 – why reinvent the wheel, just rebuild the forts. Then, it was run by Republicans trying to get the Democrats to divest their slaves. Now it’s Democrats working to enslave Republicans. Interesting how that flip-flops isn’t it?

This (map below) is the difference between the Red Zone and the Green Zone, which may be confusing to you because it was a little different in Baghdad. Not THAT different, though. Same troops but fewer in number in Baghdad, same Stryker brigade, same drones, same overhead assets.

It was pretty funny when the donkeys figured out that 90+% of the troops that they marched into DC voted for Donald J. Trump for president.


This Day in History (1807)

General Robert E. Lee was born


Fun With Maps


This is what Antarctica would look like without ice.



New Hampshire is a high income state and has the lowest poverty rate in the country. You would expect  that it has a rather high life expectancy, right?



It’s all Greek to Me


Don’t point this out to anyone.

There was a large shift towards Donald Trump this cycle amongst most majority Hispanic districts in the country. Within the districts mapped out below, NM-03, TX-20, and TX-35 were the only ones to swing towards the Democrats.


Argentina Stereotypes


Countries with less wealth than Elon Musk


Do these stats look a little fishy to you?


Hungary Stereotypes (not really stereotypes) Map


39.7% of Ukraine-born Red Army members in WWII were killed/missing in action after the war (416,262 out of 1,048,986).


  1. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate Robert E. Lee Day. So far the feast has been all about bacon and eggs (scrambled) and I think I’ll finish off with a rib eye.

    And that DC map brought back memories, I used to live in Bladensburg, back in the mists of time. Not the best part of town…

    • A ribeye that is not purloined by Blue Steak Eater is indeed a cause for celebration. Are you BBQing in the snow?

      If you were here, that’s precisely what I’m doing. Carne asada tacos, LSP. No, not a ribeye, for me. More humble fare is in the offing.

  2. How did you know I loved maps? I have a yuuuuge map of the world on my office wall and I often just stand and stare at it. Doing street view on mapquest has just added a new dimension to my obsession.

    I’m also surprised Silverwood has one of the tallest roller coasters of all the states. The closest I get to Silverwood is driving by ever so often. Hubby played there for many years when Gary Norton first opened it back in the late 80’s. It’s grown quite a bit since then.

    • You can always drop by Virtual Mirage for your map fix, Adrienne.

      What did MRADRIENNE play back in the glory years?

      • Depends on where he was playing. Fine restaurants got classical styling. When he played at Silverwood (with a group) it was sort of Western. He played folk when he played the historic folk show with Chad Mitchell at the 92nd Y in New York many years ago. His prominent style is classical finger style.

        I would be happy to send you some CD’s if you’d like.

  3. as i pass his burial site today i’ll give him a salute and a prayer to heaven that the general can’t see what has become of his beloved virginia and the republic.

  4. they sent two ng’s home today. now i know the fbi isn’t biased, just incompetent. they we waiting on a fella to get home to ask him about his blog activity. their line of inquiry was like something you see in a bad detective movie….”you didn’t mean anything by that post did you? no. okay have a nice day”, while the bad guy holds a severed head behind his back. no wonder they can’t find anything on Hillary. make stuff up, but not find.

  5. No big roller coasters here in Kansas. There used to be a really tall water slide in Kansas City Kansas thae stood over 150 high. It was closed after a youngster was killed on it however.

    • Four years at the very least. But it will evolve over time into a grand fortified citadel, where only the elite will be allowed. Think of Hunger Games as life imitates art.

        • I see there being areas exclusively for elites and then there is the rest of the country. The police/military/private military/national guard/hirelings will man the walls, defending these select locations, which may include all of Hawaii, a progressive state. It will give a whole new character to ‘fly over country’ than we’ve experienced previously.

          Would the great unwashed masses be allowed in? (I’m anticipating your question) Sure, if their social credit score is high enough, why not. After all these playgrounds for the idle rich will be supported exclusively by your tax dollars. Imagine Disneyland/World with only the right kind of people having fun. It’s a progressive idea for new Amerika, found only in the Twilight Zone (cue music). More on the Twilight Zone tomorrow.

      • I’ve been telling people since Okobungo’s reign of terror that The Hunger Games is what our future could look like.

        As to that other ‘future history’ book/movie/tv series that everyone uses to trash Trump over, well, if fertile women were a small minority, what the f… do you think people would do? First, control the fertiles, then control who has access to the fertiles. Dumbasses. Geez…

        And I’m rambling.

        • It certainly has that whole vibe — the wicked, creepy (psycho-sexual), senile old man in charge, Capitol City ringed by troops, and the promise of hunger in the rest of the land as taxes take all of the wealth. Maybe they’ll feed us Soylent Green?

  6. Like everything the Left does they have made a disrespectful travesty of the Inauguration for no reason other than agend-ized optics. The deceitfulness is palpable. No surprise, it’s what cowards and sore winners do.

    Been on a number of Coasters…the Busch Gardens one was cool. What does it say about Wyoming and Montana having none? Cowboys don’t need a roller coaster, too busy working the ranch and that’s rodeo enough.

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