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Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the armed forces—hoping that their deaths had a reason. It’s not a day to thank veterans for their service. There is a Veteran’s Day where that’s more appropriate. There is also Armed Forces Day that honors the people in uniform.

Do my friends who died in the service of their country roll over in their graves? I expect that they do.






Ask yourself this one question.

“Was I an American worth dying for today?”

May we honor them and choose to live the life they want us to.


Bullet Points:

** Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has withdrawn $250 million in funding from the Boy Scouts of America, now known as Scouting America. His reason? He claims the organization has “gone woke.” This decision is a financial blow to the LGBTQ2I+ Woke Scouts and a significant cultural statement.

** The strategic value of Panama is discussed.

** I’d-ing Osama bin Laden’s carcass – “I guess I’m out of a job.”

** Welcome to Mexico – cartel wars. It’s different now than when I first went there in the early 2000s. They’ve evolved in interesting ways. I spoke to LSP the other day on the phone about Mexico and the way that I encountered the place. It’s almost surreal as I look back on it. It’s still a war, but it’s not like any military war I know of because of the competing dynamics. Warfighters, in a military sense, are moving with like-minded people trying to get to the other side of the day or the night. This isn’t like that at all. You’re there by yourself.

** Yeah. It’s not like the movies. And then sometimes it is. Have you ever been fighting for your life, and then you look up, and there’s a helicopter skid two feet from your head? You never forget it.

** Even hopped up on whatever, Trump will beat Pedo Joe like a drum. Those drugs have declining efficacy the longer you take them; he isn’t using them now, and that’s probably why he’s saving their effect for the debates. But this was from a TELEPROMPTER! Besides, he could have the polish of Obama, his tenure is a trainwreck, there is no defending it.

** Why would the US relocate violent savages to our country? Are Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia full? No, they don’t want them.

** At the Hebrew Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, there is a monument called “The War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness. It’s based on the ‘War Scroll.’ The shrine is built as a white dome symbolizing the Sons of Light, and a black basalt wall symbolizing the Sons of Darkness. Maybe you’ve seen it or have seen pictures of it. The skill sets are not that different, but it always comes down to choice. Which side do you choose? There is no middle ground.

** If American history is to be understood, the first principles set out in the Declaration must be rightly grasped, for indeed, the story of America is merely the story of the working out of those principles. Briefly, the theses are two: first, that men are of right equal (under the law, justice is blind), and second, that the moral basis of the relations between governors and the governed is contractual. – Quote from Cecil Chesterton, brother to GK Chesterton, from A History of the United States (1919).

** The US Commander-in-Chief speaks: Pedo Joe Biden has previously told different versions of this claim to graduates at the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado. In his claim, Biden says he applied to the Naval Academy to play football. Former Delaware Sen. J. Caleb Boggs (R) appointed him to the Naval Academy in 1965. However, the president graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965, which makes it unlikely he would have applied to attend the Naval Academy then.

Biden continues to claim that he turned down the offer after learning that NFL Heisman Trophy winners Joe Bellino and Staubach were playing on the U.S. Naval Academy football team at the time.

Another issue with this claim is that Staubach graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1964, while Bellino graduated in 1961, Fox News reported.

“I was one of ten. I wanted to play football,” Biden told the graduates. “And, the day that I was supposed to go down for the interview, a classmate of mine named Steve Dunning, who was also one of the ten appointed to be chosen, came to pick me up.”

Biden continued: “I found out two days earlier that they had a quarterback named Roger Staubach and a halfback named Joe Bellino. I said, ‘Oh, I’m not going there,’ I went to Delaware. Not a joke.”

During high school, Biden played football for Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware, and graduated from the Catholic college preparatory school in 1961. Is there a more useless mountebank on the planet than Pedo Joe?


Tanks for the memories…on Memorial Day


Identify the officer and his tank (I know it’s too easy)


Identify the Aircraft


two photos




229 of this military aircraft were built in two variants.


Guns: one × 7.7 mm Browning machine gun in port wing

Rockets/Bombs: four hard points for 60-lb bombs or rockets



Parting Shot

Hanging out with Surly…



47 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. George S. Patton WW1 with Renault FT (FT-17) Tank. Even this Australian knows that one.

    I imagine Memorial Day brings lots of mixed emotions. Anzac Day does for me. Too many departed friends and family.

    1. I think of the same people every Memorial Day. Now that I’m old(er) and there’s sand out of the hourglass, I can see far more clearly.

  2. Tanks for the memories…on Memorial Day:
    1. Renault FT and George Patton
    Identify the Aircraft:
    2. Amiot 340
    3. Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-8
    4. Aichi D1A Susie
    5. Boulton Paul Balliol
    6. Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound

    1. Renault FT with the 37mm gun. Wouldn’t mind having one myself. Looks like a fun way to go mudbogging.

        1. I am at a loss as to how he will consummate his bar pick up? Or is their a device hidden amongst the electronics and hardware?

          1. I wouldn’t know but a sentient SkyNet can figure things out. It’s part of being an AI.

  3. It’s not a day for going to the lake and grilling hot dogs, though many treat it as such. I’ll be out with the Legion post today. Some of the guys are getting pretty long in the tooth but we keep doing it.

    1. We who live in the mountains where crazy people congregate on these long weekends usually hunker down. That’s what I’ll be doing today. I have a few chores, the garage needs tidying. But I will remember in my own way.

  4. The Husk – Beware of people constantly giving you their resume’, which politicians seems to do more than most. Biden is a legend in his own chemically enhanced brain, having done this sort of “embellishment” his entire life the lies come as easy to him as breathing comes to us regular folk.
    Musk & BSA (RIP)- Baden Powell would have ripped the “new and demented leadership” a new one. Character matters, and Musk is my new hero. Good for him, I hope it hurts.
    “ Ask yourself this one question: “Was I an American worth dying for today?” May we honor them and choose to live the life they want us to.”
    That is perfection…any American not immediately sensing a conviction in their soul to that question needs to reevaluate their principles…or leave. Not any more complicated than that.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, need to walk down the driveway to the entry for a moment of reflection while observing the lightly waving Flag posted there…which seems more blood stained and under attack than ever by the enemy within, but still flies proudly over our nation because of “We The People” who understand SISU MAGA! ™

    1. Pedo Joe is clearly a malignant Walter Middy character, yet he was installed as president. It didn’t happen by accident.

      1. Brings this to mind:
        “Everyone remembers how certain they felt when the vote count was halted on that fateful night of November 3rd, 2020:
        Trump held PA by 682,000 votes (15.2%)
        Trump held GA by 311,000 votes (7.5 %)
        Trump held MI by 307,000 votes (9.8%)
        Trump held WI by 128,000 votes (4.9%)
        Trump held NC by 77,000 votes (1.4%)
        Then the 4am ballots came in and we all woke up the next day to “BIDEN WINS!”
        Why wouldn’t 75,000,000 voters questions the results of a contest that went haywire like that?”

        Not so much that “Our Fallen” might be doing RPM’s in their graves, better would be some Heavenly smite-age for their ultimate sacrifice.

      1. Exceptional pick Ed…and yes…not shy to say it…got seriously choked up watching that clip.

        1. Pvt Ryan was part of the elite patriarchy. So it’s ok. If he’d been a person of color the comment would have been racist and hateful – a “dog whistle.”

    1. We sit, idling, because we know and understand the tremendous price all of us and our families would pay the minute we get overt. We are waiting. And praying that there is a chance we’ll step back away from the precipice, as we can’t step back once we take the great leap.

  5. Memorial Day. Remembering the fallen and the America they fell for.
    May we get it back soon.

    When I think of Pedo Joe and his lies and his treason I get a visceral reaction.
    And the range is closed today.

    1. You could always go on and throw things at the screen..probably won’t help and our focus today. One lousy day…that the Left would just as soon forget/eliminate…because…white man! (echoing WSF below) Today is for those who went before. But yeah, will people ever wake up to this insanity? Doubtful…that is, until November 6th once Trump trounces their Alzheimer Patient Candidate Puppet. Still betting odds the so-called debate will never happen, but I’ve been wrong on his ability to not short-circuit and having met his Maker already…3-1/2 years going. Something does not add up with this clown.

      Sad, really, that this goes on in America after everything we’ve been through. God help us eliminate the Regressively Destructive Enemy Within.

  6. Stuck in the memory bank is a statistic from the 1960’s. Seems the USA Forces in Europe averaged over 900 deaths a year among active duty personnel. While we honor those who died in combat we should remember those who died while serving.

    1. WSF, the Gold Star was authorized for just that, all persons that have died while in service: Gold Star Service Flag, The gold star, symbolizing honor and glory, honors the individual who has been killed in action or has died while on active duty…someone who made the supreme sacrifice for his/her country. The death does not have to be combat-related nor confined to either Iraq or Afghanistan. The military service person must have died while in active service

      1. The peacetime military environment is dynamic and dangerous. Personnel are killed or maimed all the time by equipment or in training situations that are, by their nature, hazardous. Even in combat, friendly fire, a fumbled grenade, or an auto accident is likely to exceed kinetic deaths inflected by the enemy. Moving through a jungle or swamp exposes you to many wicked things. Combat Swimming or military salvage in harbor water where raw sewage and industrial waste are dumped is hazardous.

        Honoring our dead should be extended to those whose health was destroyed, who lost limbs and so forth, but we don’t like to talk about that. It somehow tarnishes the medals. My son-in-law was 100% permanently disabled in Afghanistan while serving with the US Navy. What is the NAVY doing in Afghanistan? That’s not a Navy mission, and still we went.

  7. Wilfred Owen’s famous poem about World War I describes the suffering of young men sent by industrial powers to die in clouds of poison gas. It’s a warning: if you saw what Owen did, and visions of blood and death tormented your nights, “You would not tell with such high zest, to children ardent for some desperate glory/The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.”
    Owen was killed in November 1918, a week before the Armistice. In his poems, you read a soldier’s hope that boys would read them before they became old enough to want to prove themselves in combat. God didn’t design us to be killers, he said, noting we aren’t born with claws or talons, and a boy’s teeth are more suited for “laughing round an apple.” I know that’s true of my children, who’ll be taught to remember soldiers like Owen today.
    There is another side to that. I was on a phone call overseas last night. The annoying person on the other end of the line told me of provoking a person who has killed a lot of people in their lives. I asked what he thought the likely reaction would be. He said, “Maybe a lawsuit?” I pointed out, “he will fucking kill you because I would fucking kill you if you did that.” The point to this person is that there are people out there. MikeW comes to mind. Who is best left alone because muscle memory is still there even if they are mild and humble daily. They have talons and fangs, and they’re just retracted at the moment. We are not designed to be killers by God, but we can be made to be so, and once made, we are never unmade.
    In Matthew, Jesus said, “Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” This has been lost in translation. It should read, “Blessed be those who can use a sword but choose to sheath it instead, etc.”
    This may seem like a lot of ego talking but my greatest guilt comes from not having been – wherever. I say to myself, if I’d been there, that wouldn’t have happened, they wouldn’t have been killed or ambushed, or injured. Yes, it’s BS because it could have gone down the same way if I’d been there, but in my head, I still think that and can’t unthink it. That is part of my head problem and it’s the ONLY guilt that I ever feel.

    1. X100…spot on.
      Just came out that Hunter ‘Cocaine Head but I’m a Big Shot for The Big Guy’ is a CIA operative involved in getting the natural gas market controlled by NATO and out of Russian influence. This is why he’s “untouchable” and those 51 Bums in Sunglasses said his $!*#-stained laptop was “Russian Disinformation”.

      The Founders – if alive today – would line Pennsylvania Avenue with gallows and hang all the bastards involved, including The Drooling Husk occupying OUR Oval Office….they’d also leave these Bums corpses dangling for a week as a reminder to those who believe We The People work for their sorry asses. Time For A Reset ™

      1. You do work for them. So do I, and so do the bloggers who visit here. It’s just not through the taxes we pay but the Wall Street curs at Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street, who run the Puppet-in-Chief. We pay them one way or another every single day.

        1. That didn’t help 😠…even if true. More gallows please.
          – ”Mr Paul M, can you you step outside for a little chat?”
          – “Do you clowns have any idea what time it is, this better be good…and if you wake the Mrs she has some DEA controlled things you wouldn’t want to accidentally on purpose experience. Oh, and how did you get thru 2 sets of gates? You have no authority to breach private property without a crime being committed…expressive words ain’t a threat…and shouldn’t you all be rounding up those Chinese criminals you let in to our Country?”
          – “We just need to chat.”
          – “You all are trespassing, better have a warrant….and be quick about explaining yourselves.”
          – Uh, we don’t need one.”
          – Hmm…seems (produces my pocket Constitution) my copy of our founding documents says differently. Whaddya say to that boys?”
          – “See, a whole, bunch of people a lot braver than you clowns…excuse me…”gentlemen” died to protect my rights under this document and you boys seem hell bent on ignoring them and it…so I suggest you leave pronto or my next call is to my neighbors and the sheriff, who I know personally…and this will get real messy for you boys..and no one will find you.”
          – “Up to you but I’m not talkin’ anymore so get off my property.”
          (A lot of shuffling fading into the distance, engines starting.)
          Hey, a man can dream.

      2. The Founders, if alive today, would be canceled for being elitist, racist, misogynist, islamophobic, and above all, for being white males. All that based purely on what they wrote, did, and were.

        If the Founders returned, and had 24 hours to take in the actual state of affairs, to the above list would be added homophobic, transphobic, and probably an “anti” or two to boot.

        1. They’d also appreciate modern firearms and likely be quick studies on their use. My guess is those currently in Congress would get a good dressing down after TF’s did a quick observance walk around…and have 80 million SISU MAGA ™ supporters to assist in cleaning House and Senate. It’d be interesting to witness that righteous insurrection.

  8. My re-post for this day.

    “The things they Carried….

    They carried P-38 can openers and heat tabs,watches and dog tags,insect repellent, gum, cigarettes, Zippo lighters, salt tablets, compress bandages, ponchos, Kool-Aid, two or three canteens of water, iodine tablets, sterno, LRRP- rations, and C-rations stuffed in socks. They carried standard fatigues, jungle boots, bush hats, flak jackets and steel pots. They carried the M-16 assault rifle. They carried trip flares and Claymore mines, M-60 machine guns, the M-70 grenade launcher, M-14’s, CAR-15’s, Stoners, Swedish K’s, 66mm Laws, shotguns, .45 caliber pistols, silencers, the sound of bullets, rockets, and choppers, and sometimes the sound of silence.They carried C-4 plastic explosives, an assortment of hand grenades, PRC-25 radios, knives and machetes. Some carried napalm, CBU’s and largebombs; some risked their lives to rescue others. Some escaped the fear, but dealt with the death and damage. Some made very hard decisions, and some just tried to survive. They carried malaria, dysentery, ringworm, jungle rot and leaches. They carried the land itself as it hardened on their boots.
    They carried stationery, pencils, and pictures of their loved ones – real and imagined. They carried love for people in the real world and love for one another. And sometimes they disguised that love: “Don’t mean nothin’! “They carried memories. For the most part, they carried themselves with poise and a kind of dignity. Now and then, there were times when panic set in, and people squealed or wanted to, but couldn’t; when they twitched and made moaning sounds and covered their heads and said “Dear God” and hugged the earth and fired their weapons blindly and cringed and begged for the noise to stop and went wild and made stupid promises to themselves and God and their parents, hoping not to die.They carried the traditions of the United States Military, and memories and images of those who served before them. They carried grief, terror, longing and their reputations. They carried the soldier’s greatest fear: the embarrassment of dishonor. They crawled into tunnels, walked point, and advanced under fire, so as not to die of embarrassment. They were afraid of dying, but too afraid to show it.They carried the emotional baggage of men and women who might die at any moment.They carried the weight of the world.


    Would have posted this earlier, but today was my only day to get the over grown lawn mowed. 90 degrees F, 70% humidity. While I was out, a pair of F-18’s flew over high and fast. Heard them return a bit later. My guess is they went to be part of a missing man fly-over.

        1. X2…loving today’s Post and Comments…sort of a VM brother/sisterhood. Warms my heart beyond words.

  9. We never should have given Panama away.
    People usually look at me funny when I say “have a solemn and contemplative Memorial Day”.
    – Kle.

    1. The US should have annexed Panama, not just created a “Canal Zone.” Panama is about fifty billion times more valuable than Puerto Rico, which is a drag on the US economy and offers little strategic value. I’d rather have Cuba than Puerto Rico. We do hold Guantanamo Bay, so part of Cuba is US territory, but the whole Island is strategically placed and has significant commercial value.

  10. and second, that the moral basis of the relations between governors and the governed is contractual

    This is known as the ‘virgin birth of government’, where 100.00% of the electorate agrees to sell themselves into slavery. It is fiction. In reality the founding lawyers realized they could become an American aristocracy and seize title to the tax cattle away from the British aristocracy, because the Atlantic ocean was too expensive to project power across.

  11. Fun talking, as always, and I’ll confess this: A house full of young soldiers was, ahem, energetic.

    But today is pretty somber. I won’t bang on.

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