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This isn’t the best of maps but it makes a point. This takes it to 2000. Let’s look at election tampering and regime change since then:
Iraq – Bush
Iran – Bush
Afghanistan – Bush
Egypt – Obama
Libya – Obama
Tunisia – Obama
Israel – Obama
Syria – Obama
Afghanistan – Obama
Somalia – Obama
Yemen – Obama
The US outrage at Russian mischief may be justified, however, we don’t have very clean hands when discussing this topic. In the past, we declared Russian diplomats persona non grata (PNG) and threw them out. They did the same thing to us. In the present, Obama PNG’d 35. Putin didn’t respond in kind, signaling the interest in a change. Whether it’s a genuine interest on his part or not is another matter.
The Russians want their sphere of influence respected. So does the US. We need to craft an understanding with the Russians where we treat them in much the same way as we’d like to be treated. It would be a novel arrangement, but it’s time has come. Would the agreement hold? As with all agreements, only if both parties want it to.

12 thoughts on “Meddling

  1. No, this agreement will not hold. When new technology is introduced, the intelligence community is always on the hunt to see how it can be used against those who do not share our interests. This is true on both sides. We just can't help ourselves. Hell, we even spy on the good guys such as Israel and the UK.

  2. Of course we spy on our allies. How else can we tell whether or not they are able to hold up their end of their treaty obligations. It reminds me of the FORMICA program.

  3. Most people live in such a cocoon of naivete that it boggles my mind.

    I have a friend who finds it incredible and beyond all rational thought that Trump might believe Assange over our very own pure as the driven snow CIA. I'd believe my kitteh and doggie over the CIA.

  4. It's not the CIA per se, but Director Brennan is and has always been Obama's creature. The Agency tries to deliver the straight scoop, but it can be politically bent at the top.

    The (further) demonization of Assange continues in US domestic propaganda. My only question is whether Wikileaks has lied in the past or if the leaks were genuine. I realize that some of the leaks have embarrassed elites in the US who either didn't protect their information or were engaging in skulduggery.

    The ONLY stock in trade that Assange has is his own personal credibility.

    I don't find it surprising that the Russians are meddling. Every nation state meddles.

  5. The CIA, FBI, VA and IRS needs a good cleaning out. Maybe we will get some CHANGE that is needed.

  6. Maybe we'll finally find out what was on Angela's phone when German elections commence later this year. Perhaps the CIA and GRU will act in concert to release what they found.

  7. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to see us working with the Russians to take out ISIS and associated head choppers. Simplistic? Perhaps, but surely more sensible than ColdWar.2.0

  8. Russia is not constrained by rules of engagement that we must abide with and that makes them a good partner in a war.

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