Frankly, the looters and arsonists are picking the wrong targets. There are much juicier targets than the shops on Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue.

The Star’s homes house a collection of the finest wares in the world, and they’re all ‘woke’, and wouldn’t mind if somebody paid them a visit, stole what they wanted and set the place on fire, would they? No.

A lot of stars are paying to promote looting and pillaging. They’d welcome a little more attention, because if there is one thing about Hollywood types, they are ATTENTION WHORES.

In fact, there is little that would be more ‘woke’ than traveling to various ghettos and handing out maps.

In New York City the DA won’t prosecute and they don’t require you to post bail if you’re caught. But we know that actors wouldn’t press charges anyway, would they? Of course not.

In Los Angeles they are significantly de-funding the police, so there’s not going to be anyone to catch you anyway.

Star Maps for Looters


  1. Can white, chunky, crippled guys get in on the Star’s home shopping network and home fires and gardens? I can use some “woke” Picassos and Rembrandts… and some fine “woke” bone china…

    • I don’t see why you can’t self-identify as being black. That makes you black. If you want to take it a step further in the progressive sphere, you can self-identify as a black lesbian, and when you’re done stealing, you can just re-identify as a white, heterosexual chunky, crippled guy while you enjoy your new wine cellar, your 150 year old Scotch, your Rembrandt, and $350K in Krugerrands. Maybe write a book, “I was a Black Lesbian” and go on a speaking tour to elementary schools

        • Don’t limit yourself once you’re in the star’s mansions. Take two dozen men’s wristwatches, antique whatzits and rare thingmejigs before you set the place on fire. They’ll all thank you for unburdening them, particularly if you identify as a black lesbian.

  2. Oooh! That is evil. I like it.

    You may also want to tell them that newspapers get awarded a Golden Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. The medal, about two and three-quarter inches in diameter and a quarter-inch thick. It is silver with 24-carat gold plate. That is a lot of silver and like most of the media is a gilded untruth. The LA Times has won over 40 Pulitzer Prizes, but only the Public Service prizes get the big shiny medal. The LAT has won at least five of the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. They are multiple winners like the New York Times and Washington Post. I bet they are on display somewhere at the HQ too.

    • Looting the major newspaper publishers is an excellent idea. There is paper to burn there. I’m sure that The NYT or WAPO wouldn’t mind. Steal the Pulitzers and melt them down into dory bars and peddle them on the black market. There are also a lot of really nice cars in the parking garages. Once the inner city youth are in the. building, I’m sure that the newsies, who would all prostrate themselves, would hand over the keys as tribute and reparations.

    • Exactly. After all, they’ve all come out in support of the looters, arsonists and rapists. If they’re going to rape, why not in a star’s home where they’ve been publicly welcomed.

    • Inner city people could expand their own personal collections of Oscars, Emmys, etc. It’s their right, after all.

  3. WSF complains that I am not aware of all 52 genders and he’s right. You know, I really am somewhat limited in understanding how all of the parts work in all 52 genders. The Kama Sutra doesn’t even go there. You’d need a 52 volume encyclopedia to research all that stuff. Maybe there is an on-line resource, but I wouldn’t look at it if there was.

    Gender 46 – Woman who has a lesbian relationship with a goat. — stuff like that.

  4. Have they’re been any festivities on Long Island? I’m surprised the elites haven’t walled it off by now.

    For the children, of course…..

      • Yeah….got a red face here. I thought Manhattan was part of Long Island. Just looked on the map, and saw they’re two, separate islands.

        Duh……no wonder they need all those bridges…..

    • Why sack an old woman’s deli when you can loot and torch the home of a progressive icon?


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