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New Role for the US Space Force

Taking a technological leap forward, President Trump will announce a new missile defense program, which will be managed by the newly minted US Space Force. (more here).

Any expansion of the scope and cost of missile defenses would compete with other defense priorities, including the billions of extra dollars the Trump administration has committed to spending on a new generation of nuclear weapons. An expansion also would have important implications for American diplomacy, given long-standing Russian hostility to even the most rudimentary U.S. missile defenses and China’s worry that longer-range U.S. missile defenses in Asia could undermine Chinese national security. 
Asked about the implications for Trump’s efforts to improve relations with Russia and strike better trade relations with China, the administration official said that the U.S. defense capabilities are purely defensive and that the U.S. has been very upfront with Moscow and Beijing about its missile defense posture.
Russia trotted out its new hypersonic cruise missile. Hypersonic weapons are not new. The US has been testing them for a long time. And when the Russian missile being tested splashed in deep water the SSN Jimmy Carter was there to pick them up and bring them home to pick them apart. (covered previously on this blog) 
American interests are being protected by President Trump and his administration and even though our traditional enemies are unhappy with it, who cares?
One More Thing to Boycott 
At first, feminist demanded women be equal to men, and this meant to no longer be treated like ladies, held in high regard, and to be free to sleep with Harvey Weinstein in return for lucrative careers. 
Today, the slatterns suddenly pretended to develop the puritanical and delicate sensitivities of Victorian matrons, without, you know, actually promoting or having the virtues, self control, iron discipline, or dignity of real Victorian matrons.
And the demand to be held in high regard, with the awe and respect the pagan Romans paid the Vestal Virgins, is nowadays the loudest coming from the lips of the modern Valeria Messilina, the Roman Empress who outperformed professional strumpets and slattern at their own career.
If women want their men to treat them like a princess, they need to begin by forswearing the wearing of vagina-shaped berets on their heads…madame comrade.
The Women’s March is coming. Let’s see how dignified they are. Let’s see their poise. Let’s see who they represent. Do they represent American women, or do they represent something far more sinister?

Tony Poe
(LINK) I was commenting about AN-2’s on OLDAFSARGE’s Blog and Laos and Cambodia came up…well, I brought it up. I wrote of Tony Poshepny’s funeral in San Francisco and was thinking that it was ten years ago, but he died in 2003. So fifteen years. One of my best friends would be killed in the War on Terror within the year. What happens to the time. I think that it’s true for all of us – we see things pass and realize that they’re gone for good. A lot of people didn’t like Tony Poe, but I got on with him, and with the crew that he liked. The man was not politically correct. His hand was mangled from a botched assassination attempt by USGOV. The CIA sent in second stringers to take him out. Even at that, they almost succeeded. Old times, not necessarily good times.

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  1. I know. Things that are fresh in my mind happened decades ago. Strange. I looked up Tony Poe's stuff and I find one thing interesting. It only says he died in CA. Strange that no city was listed and no cause of death. Did he die of natural causers, jealous
    husband or CIA?

  2. Jill-ette. I think this guy has a point–

    Tony Poe's story brings to mind a line from a Stephen Seagal movie concerning employment with .gov–"Your master is insane. And he is ungrateful".

  3. It's weird. The womxn want to abolish men and then get angry when they can't find any men.

    Of course Messalina founds lots… a sort of female version of Bill Clinton, come to think of it.

  4. A quick read of your blog turns into research on a Roman Empress I never heard of and a CIA guy I vaguely did.

  5. I think that it was a heart attack. He lived in San Francisco, and had been ill for some time before he died. Natural causes. RIP.

  6. Modern women want men with manginas, who are willing to wear their clothes and swap beauty secrets with them. Men (like Barack), who will use their woman as a shield from danger rather than to be a protector. That's just progressive women these days.

  7. You're welcome, Ed. Tony Po was larger than life. I think that Valeria Messilina was as well. Tony lived on his pension when he was finished and Valeria was finished by a jealous husband (one of many).

  8. Someone with a special kind of perverse humor selected a submarine named after "Jimmy" to do that kind of work. Bravo!

    Regarding his navy career, a good friend who was an officer on the Enterprise commented on Jimmy's career track. From submarines to the executive officer of a tanker didn't impress him.

  9. Jimmy Carter was a lack luster doofus of a president. He should have stuck to farming peanuts. What I know of his naval career, he had no friends, no colleagues, no buddies. He was there and filled a billet. A dim bulb indeed.

    The last time that I saw Jimmy Carter, he was stumping for his son in Nevada, who was running for the US Senate. There was a cheap stand in a supermarket parking lot and maybe two or three dozen people at most were standing around, having come out of the Safeway and wandered over to see what was going on. Nobody gave a rat's ass about Jimmy and nobody voted for his son. It reminded me of JEB! and his rallies. People only showed up if his mom was there. pathetic.

  10. yeah, that was my experience. it was making me insane. had to leave it behind. and then I found out the insanity was caused by people running the government who had consequences for their actions and zero desire or ability to learn from their mistakes.

  11. LL, carter was a fluff but, he did cancel/slow the B-1 preferring the B-2. the usaf rank and file felt betrayed but after the B-2 made it into the light we were all sorta kicking small rocks and wondering how we could say he was right without saying he was right. know what I mean?
    How on earths oceans did he get rickovers imprematre as a nuke officer if he was such a flake? that was what many blue suiters considered his only saving grace. even then it was difficult. and then, thank GOD! Reagan!! slayer of commie filth, slaughter of the evil empire! but I digress in that reverie. Carter was so eclipsed by Reagan. I never despised President Carter as much as barry obamma so that is also on the plus side for carter. He confused me more than anything else.

  12. Messalina was epic but Julia wasn't far off. Of course the unfortunate girl got herself exiled to Pandetria after cavorting on the Rostrum with Rome's elite.

    Would that a similar fate fell inside the Beltway.

  13. I have inside the Beltway stories that I will share person-to-person if you'd like, but they are not for a family blog.

    Suffice to say that abhorrent behavior 'inside the beltway' is often the path to higher office, to wealth, to popular notoriety and will thrust you into the position of a decision maker.

    You'll note that I have an insignificant blog and live in a compound in Arizona.

  14. When Carter was president, there were still a lot of "greatest generation types" around. He was nowhere as liberal as Barry O., or as weird as the present congressional shot callers.

    At least he served in the Navy. He screwed up the CIA royally by putting ADM Turner in as DCI and there were a long list of bad decisions. As you point out, then came Reagan and Carter was suddenly a sad footnote in history.

  15. There was a time, CAPT Fast when I was standing in formation at colors, the flag ran up the pole, the national anthem played, and I found that I was ashamed for the nation because of the actions of its leaders (Clinton era). It was the beginning of the end for my Naval service. I found other interesting things to do and so forth, but I'll never forgive Clinton and his minions for making me feel that way.

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