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US Missile Strikes in Syria

There is a reason why the Russians reacted by threatening US ships and air bases when we told them that we were likely to strike Syrian chemical weapons facilities. Russian reactions to anything is to suspect a plot, if only because they are inveterate plotters and schemers.  
They are peddling their S-400 (surface to air) system far and wide around the world as the only integrated, multi-level, long/intermediate/short range system that can interdict US aircraft and missiles in flight. It’s a major source of hard cash and both Turk/Iranian are taking delivery so that they too can shoot down the Americans. Having the US fire missiles at Syrians, armed with the S-300 system (a subset component of the S-400 system) and have them impact their targets invalidates the ineffectiveness of the system.
The Syrians also followed another 40 missiles into the air the following day even though there was no US launch.
The Russians tracked the US/UK/French strike packages but did not fire on them for good reason. (1) they didn’t want a war and (2) how humiliating would it have been if they’d missed? International embarrassment and innate Russian paranoia of being laughed at as manure-speckled kulaks and relegated into second-world status drives Vladimir Putin into a rage, fueled by concern because that’s how leaders in Russia are toppled. 

Russia isn’t even close to keeping up with the Texas GDP… and there aren’t many products that they make which can be sold for hard cash abroad. S-400 was (and may still be) a great financial hope.

Is the Waffle House Shooting an Outrage?
Our friend and fellow blogger John Coffey has been to his local Waffle House more than once. I think that there has to be something seriously wrong with somebody for them to desecrate a waffle house when there are so many delicious waffles to eat there. It’s a place of happiness and love. What’s more love than a piece of buttery waffle smothered in syrup on your fork and a slab of delicious bacon to chase it?
Clearly, condolences go to the dead and to their families. 

9 thoughts on “Word on the Street

  1. Missed opportunity! Blame the failures on inbred ragheads while selling reloads and additional training cadres (for a fee, of course).

  2. Weird but… Australia and Texas have a similar landmass/population/GDP ratio (I think).

    Of course Texas is better.

  3. They said it was a gun free WH. I've never seen one. Believe me, in my WH, if there are more than three in there, one will be armed… two if I'm there. Now, the WH in Central Park in Atlanta is selling beer. Nothing like a good waffle and bacon with beer to start your day. Though a good burger with beer would work, too. They are only selling Miller Lite and Cooers Lite, so no danger of anyone getting drunk off those.

  4. Why on earth would ANYONE want a gun-free Waffle House? All of the moronic business owners with "gun free" signs on them are begging for an inner city person or a crazy person to rob them/shoot them up.

  5. I figured it was something like that, when the Russians didn't fire, after saying they would.

    We need to get guns out of the hands of liberals and socialists and America will be a better place.

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