Jeffrey Epstein was scum, but his murder to silence testimony against the great and powerful who enjoyed sex with children that he promoted (and provided the source of his influence) was so blatant – and so emblematic of the Swamp, that it resonates.

We are ruled by a corrupt state that remains willing to murder people to hide their filthy secrets. Epstein got what he deserved. We, the people, did not.


Arizona War Drums

For when those pesky ducks fly overhead. Load the war drums with rifled slugs to demonstrate your proficiency against mergansers and mallards.



Get your fear-based “booster” shot at an abandoned mall in a crime-ridden metropolitan city near you. It’s all about boosting Big Pharma’s profits…repeat business.

(Fox News) U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) were ordered to start arresting visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask on the House side of the Capitol complex starting Thursday, according to a police memo issued by new USCP Chief Thomas Manger that was obtained by a member of Congress.

Police were also advised not to arrest members of Congress for failing to wear masks but to report the lawmakers’ noncompliance to the House sergeant-at-arms, the memo says. Pelosi is said to have walked the regal decree of “off with their heads” — back to some extent because the peasants were revolting.


FEDGOV today – said to rely on PCR Testing employees… right.

After more than a year of committing scientific fraud to push false “positives” via PCR testing, the CDC has announced it is withdrawing the RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel on December 31st of this year:

After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.

The use of PCR tests for covid illness diagnosis is a global scientific fraud, since no PCR instrument can produce quantitative results that might indicate a specific viral load. Yet this CDC-approved testing protocol was relied on to fabricate the “casedemic” illusion which pretended that hundreds of millions of people around the world were infected with covid.

The PCR testing approved by the CDC to diagnose covid was fraudulent from the very first day

PCR instruments are not quantitative instruments. They cannot tell you how much of something is present in a given sample. Every lab scientist familiar with PCR instruments knows this. Yet they continue to go along with the global fraud of diagnosing “positive” cases via PCR testing.

The entire covid “plandemic” has been based on fraudulent PCR testing, and now the CDC is announcing it is pulling the most frequently used test, perhaps in an effort to replace the test with yet another fraudulent protocol that can be controlled by health authorities to worsen the “pandemic” on demand (or, perhaps, claim covid has been eliminated and declare victory).

From the very start, the entire pandemic has been nothing but a globally coordinated PCR testing fraud. As Thermo-Fischer sales representatives told me in face-to-face meetings, PCR instruments cannot determine quantitative results.

They do not use quantitative instrument calibration curves or quantitative external covid standards. This means PCR instruments have no legitimate role in diagnosing any person with illness or covid infections. The mere presence of a single viral fragment, multiplied trillions of times through PCR cycling, does not indicate anything of scientific or diagnostic value.

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.

The court stated, the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used and the viral load present. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court concludes that:

“if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”

Similarly, the Austrian court has ruled that PCR tests are not suitable for COVID-19 diagnosis and that lockdowns has no legal or scientific basis.

The court pointed out that “a PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis and therefore does not in itself say anything about the disease or infection of a person”.


As Zero Hedge reports, even Dr. Fauci admits PCR testing is essentially a fraud when it comes to diagnosing covid illness:

Dr. Fauci, mid-November, 2020:

“What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard… if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more … the chances of it being replication-confident are minuscule… It’s very frustrating for the patients as well as for the physicians, somebody comes in, and they repeat their PCR, and it’s like [a] 37 cycle threshold, but you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle. … So, I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you got to say, you know, it’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

There is no such thing as precision when you’re multiplying genetic material in the sample itself. This process, by definition, destroys any meaningful knowledge of the mass or concentration in the original sample.

If the same approach were used in breathalyzer tests for possible drunk drivers, every living person would be arrested for a DUI, since there is at least one molecule of alcohol circulating in the blood of everyone.

The CDC is withdrawing this PCR method most likely because they know the test cannot withstand reasonable scientific scrutiny. They’re trying to cover their tracks and memory hole the fraudulent test that was used to drive the fake covid pandemic in the first place. But we already know the CDC is a criminal front for the vaccine industry, and that the CDC has no scientific credibility or authority whatsoever when it comes to legitimate infectious disease testing.


Food Blog Entry


Pirate Jamboree

Mark your calendars for the Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree happening October 29-30 in Ocracoke, NC!

I’ve been working on a pirate novel (based on a true story) for a long time now. The plague interrupted things. Life will interrupt them further because it’s doubtful that I’ll make it to the Carolinas in 2021.


Space Elevator

Things will get serious in Space once we’ve built one. Until then – we’re just screwing around – in my opinion. We need to work out the kinks by building one up from the Moon.

A space elevator is a proposed type of planet-to-space transportation system. The main component would be a cable (also called a tether) anchored to the surface and extending into space. The design would permit vehicles to travel along the cable from a planetary surface, such as the Earth’s, directly into orbit, without the use of large rockets. An Earth-based space elevator would consist of a cable with one end attached to the surface near the equator and the other end in space beyond geostationary orbit (35,786 km altitude). The competing forces of gravity, which is stronger at the lower end, and the outward/upward centrifugal force, which is stronger at the upper end, would result in the cable being held up, under tension, and stationary over a single position on Earth. With the tether deployed, climbers could repeatedly climb the tether to space by mechanical means (an elevator), releasing their cargo to orbit. Climbers could also descend the tether to return cargo to the surface from orbit.

A Martian tether could be much shorter than one on Earth. Mars’ surface gravity is 38 percent of Earth’s, while it rotates around its axis in about the same time as Earth. Because of this, Martian stationary orbit is much closer to the surface, and hence the elevator could be much shorter. Current materials are already sufficiently strong to construct such an elevator. Building a Martian elevator would be complicated by the Martian moon Phobos, which is in a low orbit and intersects the Equator regularly (twice every orbital period of 11 h 6 min).  Phobos would have to go…



  1. Late-breaking news and I haven’t determined the extent to which it’s happening, but many French Police have joined the protesters in opposing vaccine passports. That’s always problematic for governments. The protests in France are becoming more strident. Jo/Ho ought to take a look.

    • Very interesting, especially after the yellow vests protests. Could this be the beginning of the Europeans leaving the zero and heading for jackboots?

      • It seems isolated to the French, but I think that they’re tired of being told what to do by a government that does not have their best interests at heart. Not jackboots, but possibly a genuinely representative government.

        • there are anti-mask/vax demonstrations in greece, ireland and the uk as well. i suspect there are some here but are being covered up. every time i bring up the subject so far it begins a cursing stream of slursand insults hitherto for unheard.

    • Cuba citizens revolting (only took them 50 years), now the French Police joining the crowd…we are more patient, but God help the Dem’s if they continue, it’ll make those other “protests” look CNN calm by comparison.

      • Yes, it could get bad here. Democrats are accustomed to certain minorities tearing up their neighborhoods and looting. The next round won’t be minorities burning down their own houses.

  2. I think you’ll need some serious vibration dampeners on that elevator.
    A couple of sites are claiming that mid and upper level military officers are being told to stock up stuff in their household, as things are about to get interesting(for various definitions of interesting).

    • His main contribution was radio beam landing aids. The elevator was first proposed by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
      However, Clarke’s book “Fountains of Paradise” did a good job popularising the concept.

        • Incidentally, the elevator for the moon would be tricky as the moon day is a month and the moon-synchronous orbit intersects the Earth. You could however orbit a “skyhook” with the lower end flying close to the lunar surface.

  3. I’ll believe the space elevator when I see it. That contraption is gonna take one hella foundation to keep it from shooting off to Mars or thereabouts.

    • Supposedly, as I understand one version, the pull of gravity toward the ground will be offset by the force trying to sling it into orbit. If they can pull that off then it would not need a ground anchor, but would need really good load balancing with weights so whatever is being sent up and/or down would not throw things out of balance.
      It will also require some really strong material. Last I looked (quite some time ago), they didn’t have anything commercially viable that could be made for this.

      • There aren’t materials that can be used to construct it on Earth today, but we could construct one on the Moon or Mars (if Phobos wasn’t in the way). I recall an AC Clarke quote that went like, “It will be built 50 years after we start taking it seriously.”

          • That might work. Phobos’ orbit is decaying and it will eventually get log enough that the friction from what atmosphere Mars has will accelerate its demise. Too bad it’s not made of ice.

      • That version might be right, Frank. But I’m of the mind that as long as we have wind and plenty of it, somethings gonna have to keep the down end in one place, and provide a stable platform to attach loads to the climber. I guess. I really haven’t looked into it so probably I should defer to your judgement.

  4. Dem’s are overplaying their Rules For Radicals subversive crap. Covid was a fear-monger tool to overthrow the Constitution, nothing more. Considering the mask is known to not do a damn thing…other than finding the compliant vs. us independents. The vax is bogus. And the CDC is showing their snake underbelly, they are irrelevant.

    Yet in the face of facts and truth The Potted Plant comes out “as the nice guy” this time (at least until Doocy asked a question), imploring people to wear a mask and get the vax…or we will hunt you down. Last I checked it was illegal to ask people their health status or demand they get injected with ANYTHING, let alone some Mengele Potion cooked up in the basement of Big Pharma (who got 100’s of millions from our taxes to produce it.) Luckily I have enough parts on hand to build a nice spud launcher in the event some health official shows up (need some AquaNet tho). Pity the fool.

    The tea leaves show the Dem’s are getting ready to triple-down on the full-court press bravo sierra.

    Space Elevator…reminds me a 2 cans a string, only vertically. I’ll stick with terra firma, my trust level for anyone outside of my small sphere is pretty low these days.

    • No one is watching the Olympics because the drama of America-hating narcissists, instead turn to RFD and watch 100 Rodeos in 100 Days…that’s real America, always start with the Pledge and a prayer. Refreshing.

      • More on the Olympics later (subsequent blog).

        The Democrats are poised to lose majorities in the House and Senate in 2022. They know it and without the ability to manufacture votes, it will be a bust.

        • Too bad the election isn’t this November, gives them a year too long.

          Don’t forget today to wear your mask now…at home, in the pick-up, walking outside in the 90 degree heat, oh and the kiddos too so compliant parents can screw up their respiratory system for life. Can these people get anymore pedantic and moronic. Probably.

          • I’m sure that they can dig deep and be more stupid. The daily outrages continue…always something new and more outrageous – like “Men can have babies.”

    • AquaNet? For the spud cannon fuel? We always used lighter fluid. Not as flammable, but still launched them a block or two…

      • Both are acceptable, lighter fluid is the long range load. Pretty sure YouTube will have some suthun boy with an epic spud launcher that uses some fuel recipe for max power. Wonder what LL uses…maybe Tannerite.

  5. Arizona war drums. Now if those rounds just came with proximity fuses, which by the way, work on the way down too.

    • Same with the WHO.

      Whatever credibility they had is gone.

      They’re revealed as political hacks.

  6. I think there won’t be an elevator on Earth. Not because it has to be made of unobtainium but because there’s too much stuff in space now. Things will be hitting the cable all the time.

    The elevator is more likely to work on a world that doesn’t have the first 500 miles filled with satellites. Not sure about Mars with the Phobos problem. It might be possible to change its orbit enough to get it above the end of the cable, and you’re not going to have to deal with green activists saying moving the moon is bad for the environment.

    • By the time we solve the elevator problem, we might have the junk in low Earth orbit problem solved as well.

      Long after I’m gone and forgotten.

  7. Comment on the military officers being told to prepare for interesting times. I don’t know any active duty personnel , at officer level ,but I use to shoot with some retired military on the coast. Some Green Beret and special forces type dudes. I contacted one today , who I had become good friends with. He gave me the scoop. Said a volcano was going to erupt off the Maryland coast and Godzilla would be reborn and attack DC. The entire country would shut down to watch the attack on CNN. To cheer on ,,,,Godzilla.
    He may be full of sh!t.
    He is an interesting dude, was a Navy Artillery Officer, Gave up his commission to go into “the teams”. Ended up flying with the Hurricane Hunters.

    • I think that the country would cheer on Godzilla if he was able to take out Jo/Ho, Pelosi, Schiff, and Swalwell. He should be able to do that. He’s king of the nuclear lizards.

  8. i’m fully convinced everything comes to a head by december/january. three major commands are set to deploy then. one to iraq, where uncle joe just said we’re pulling out of by then. so where is the natty guard going? the other two brigades are set for kosovo which when i was in the area was a task force of a couple companies in strength. why so many? answer: not their real destinations. one part of me is glad i’m losing my job over covidiocy. now i’ll have time to prep the battlespace. they’ll get me but they’ll have scars to remind them i was there.

    • They have to do something before the 2022 elections to hang onto power or release their grip and they’ll all go to prison.

  9. Space elevator? How do you support it while it is being built? The base alone would cover an area 1/2 the size of Arizona. Built on the Equator, the problem with venal governments and restive natives will be daunting to solve.

    • Build it at sea… in international waters. Not too deep, but the seabed would help to stabilize it as would the weight of the water. Too bad DC isn’t on the Equator. We could drop it there.

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