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Barbara Walters has her top ten most fascinating people of 2013. I figure if she can have ten, I can have eleven or even twelve. Think about it, Barbara is just a dried-up liberal has-been with a speech impediment. 
The top twelve most fascinating people of 2013.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

He might be the next US President.

Opus #6, famous blogger and doctor

Who wouldn’t want to chat with Doctor Opus #6? Who doesn’t find her fascinating?

Bill O’Reilly, Talk Show Host/Author

The spin stops with Bill.

Old NFO, famous Naval Flight Officer
and firearms instructor

Some say that the spin starts here…  ;^)

He’s below Opus #6 on this list because despite his strident assertions, he’s NOT as cute as Opus #6.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation Pres.

Russian strong man – I’d like to go deer hunting, trout fishing or something along that line with Vladimir. Neither one of us think much of Obama – or Biden – or Holder – or Pelosi, etc. Sodomites are not high on his list either and you’ll never see him wearing a cotton onesie, drinking cocoa no matter how cold it is. He’s not a communist and Obama is, in a strange, surreal reversal. So even though he’s the enemy, I have more in common with the godless Russian czar than American political leadership, which is very friggin’ weird.

Putin even likes women – go figure. How politically incorrect is THAT in the USA? (unless you’re a homosexual woman, then preferring women to men is just fine)

WoFat, famous crime fighter

Rumor has it that both Putin (above) and the Pope (below) go to WoFat for advice. Thus he makes the ‘fascinating list’.

Pope Francis

I’m not a Catholic, but I’d be interested to understand more fully what the new Pope plans to do and how he plans to do it.

Woodsterman, uber famous blogger

Woodsterman, icon of the Internet, ends up on the other side of the Pope, but in an enviable position none the less because he’s on top of Charlize…

Charlize Theron, movie star

Charlize Theron makes the list and if anyone wants to know why, they need professional help that I can’t provide.

I privately suspect that Charlize harbors feelings for me even though we’ve never met…

Brighid, blogger – cow and mellon
farmer – trout slayer

Birghid made the list simply because she has nice legs and a Jack Russell terrier.

EAFTINFO (alias Wm. Keller),
famous marksman

The eleventh entry, thus throwing down the gauntlet to Barbara Walters is EAFTINFO, who Barbara would not want to challenge to a shooting match. He’s fascinating because he can hit a crow in flight in the eye at 100 meters with a broken pellet gun…while blindfolded…on a moonless night…in an ice storm…while he has chicken pox and a fever of 106 degrees…and a two fractured hands with severe frostbite.

Race Bannon, famous cartoon tough guy,
and blogger.

Let’s face it, Race Bannon, seen left, hurting after a work out, is no spring chicken. BUT, even though he’s getting just a little long in the tooth, he can still snap necks and cash his princely government checks.

His show was canceled and he’s not guarding Dr. Benton Quest anymore, but he’s still blogging for justice.


CS Swanson, famous Norse god

16 thoughts on “LL’s Top TWELVE

  1. So, ask me how it is being on top of Charlize. Hint … it feels good in all of the right places. Thank you sir for the honor, but that photo was a spoof to see if anyone would figure out it was me. Opie was the only one who caught on, but then she and I are part of the "Lunch Bunch" as you are.

    See everyone … silliness pays!

  2. HA! Profoundly humbled to be included on such an august list!!! But it is painfully obvious you and I have not spent any time on the range what so ever . . . . 🙂

  3. A few words on some of your choices:
    * Rand Paul – Not sure he knows what he's doing.
    * Opus #6 – A winner is any season.
    * O'Riley – so-so.
    * Putin – Smart man; knows heis people and what most of them want. One has to look at history and the Russian viewpoint when judging this guy.
    * WoFat – Wonderful human being. And EVER so modest.
    * Pope – Looks like he's doing a good job.
    * Woodsterman – Good blogger.
    * Theron – Movie star.
    * Brighid – No opinion.
    * Wm Keller – Ditto
    * Race – Good Blooger.
    *LL san- Doer of things, Goer to places, Raiser of good children

  4. An inspirational group. I am tempted to put up a list of my own fascinating people, but I fear that would only cause trouble. So I will comment on yours.

    Rand Paul: If he suffered a massive stroke and could not think or talk he would still be a better president than Obama.

    Opus #6: {smiling ruefully}

    O'Reilly: He treads the line between conservative and liberal to appeal to a larger audience. By doing so he can educate across party lines and there is value to that.

    Putin: Frickin' HOT. And a man of decent moral character. A Benevolent Dictator in this world and a better leader than most.

    WoFat: Loyal friend and dangerous enemy.

    Pope: I pray he does good in the world. Obama hates him, so that's a good sign.

    Woodsterman: Making cashiers stammer and shake since 1979.

    Theron: Only a fool could not see her good qualities.

    Brighid: Has fabulous taste in men. And a confident woman is cool in my book.

    EIAFTINFO: I'm always up for more training. I'd like to meet him.

    Race: Good blogger and family man.

    LL: Belongs at the top of the list. James Bond.

  5. Looks like the paparazzi snapped that one…I never go in public in the red hoodie.

    I'm no fan of Theron or Putin. I have tough standards for movie stars and world leaders. But they ARE both interesting.

  6. For those of you who didn't make the top twelve this year, there is always next year. CS Swanson (Daily Time Waster) would have ended up as unlucky 13 if I'd had a photo of him with his manly beard.

  7. Putin is a raging heterosexual world leader who likes to ride horses, hunt and fish. Sure he's a dictator, but he's one that I can understand.

  8. Wild Bill e-mailed me. He's not in his cave at the moment. I would have put him on the list if he'd stayed in the cave with the Swedish lady who is far less than half his age. alas.

  9. I didn't say how BADLY your hands needed to be fractured. Just a couple of broken fingers and a wrist and I'm confident you'd still hit the crow in the eye.

  10. The lunch bunch is a rogues gallery of nare-do-wells, brigands, spies, veterans, mercenaries, pirates (and the lovely Opus #6).

  11. I am "simply" stunned that I made the list. Although I'm sure there are others more deserving, I have printed out a few copies of this post, and duck taped it to every front door within a 1 mile radius…

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