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GLAAD (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is an American based organization that monitors the media to promote the image of homosexuals. They have a twisted sense of priorities as set forth below.

It was GLAAD that went on the attack against reality TV star Phil Robertson who suggested that sodomy was a sin (which it is according to the Bible). They are strangely silent when it comes to Muslims castrating homosexual men or executing homosexuals. I wonder why that is? Maybe they fear being labeled “Islamophobic”?

16 thoughts on “GLAAD Meter

  1. GLAAD are cowards. They know the islamists will kill them if they squawk. And since they live proudly in gun-free dwellings, they must stay silent.

  2. The GLAAD people need to go on a pilgrimage to mecca…spreading the word of Gay Liberation to all the land…

  3. It's the double standard of the postmodern mind. Or, it could be that they really are a bunch of cowards who only pick fights where they know no one will fight back – namely against Christians.

  4. The A & E folks are a cobbled together bunch of homosexuals who thought that it was amusing to poke fun at the bearded rich bumpkins — until they became the #1 reality show. Then quoting scripture, etc. became too much for them and they decided to shoot the duck.

  5. Yep, it smells more and more like a setup, with A&E sitting in on the interview, knowing what would be published….

  6. Well, ole Phil said it hisself, anal sex just ain't logical, so we can't expect the folks at GLAAD to issue logical statements either. Any man who elects to have/give fecal sex just ain't right in the head.

    Now, when do I get my fatwa from GLAAD?

  7. I think that the ratings will soar – until the show moves to another network. These guys have plenty of money and success. They don't need the TV show to validate who they are.

  8. A&E has some decent shows. If you watch them, you will think that one in ten are gay. I think they bought in to their own propaganda.

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