On Sunday morning, we had a cloudburst at the White Wolf Mine. There is no way to tell for sure, but something around three or four inches of rain in half an hour. It resulted in the gravel from the driveway migrating to the concrete apron, blocking the drainage channels (covered with steel grates), and pushing 2-3″ of mud into the garage about sixteen feet.

Most of Sunday was spent filling sandbags with the gravel on the concrete apron to be better prepared for the next one.

The flood cut deepwater channels all over the mine property, including the driveway. I’ll be mitigating it and eventually cutting some flood channels (I have some, but need to put larger rocks in them to avoid erosion, etc.)

There was some damage in the garage, but frankly, not that much. Most of my stuff is in Pelican cases or plastic boxes and racked.

So more work – oh joy, I was just saying to myself, “I wish that I had more chores…” It’s mountain life. The forecast calls for more rain every day (mountain thunderstorms – monsoon) for the foreseeable future.

So far, we’re nowhere close to the record. Cold comfort.


Avia S-92

The S-92 was a multi-role fighter built by the Czechoslovak company Avia. During World War II, the Germans built assembly plants in Czechoslovakia for the production of the Messerschmitt Me.262.

After the war, the production infrastructure remained intact, so that production could be resumed very quickly. The first S.92.1 was built at the Letnany Research Institute. The first production S-92 was delivered to the Czech Air Force on June 12, 1948. A total of nine S-92s and three CS-92s were produced. All of them were in service with the 5th Fighter Regiment. In 1951, the aircraft were transferred to training units.



How do you feel about French ladies? Who can also cook…


The Arizona Vote Audit

AZ Audit found 74,000 Ballots Returned and Counted in 2020 Election with NO RECORD of Being Sent Out! It sounds like fraud to me.





“[T]he States can best govern our home concerns and the general government our foreign ones. I wish, therefore … never to see all offices transferred to Washington, where, further withdrawn from the eyes of the people, they may more secretly be bought and sold at market.”

— Thomas Jefferson


P1 Mle 1915 grenade

Manufactured in France c.1915 for the French army. 30g PETN explosive charge, aluminium scoopoid arming lever with a cloth streamer – secured by a small cord, lead screw-in percussion plug in the base, internal fragmentation grooves.

Surprisingly it was not the worst grenade design from WW1, the Pércutante N°1 of 1915 was one of the few contact grenades – like the British N°1 grenade – that exploded immediately upon contact.

It was hazardous, and even with a streamer and a heavy butt the explosive would not always detonate upon landing/contact.

They would occasionally detonate in the hand of the owner because they sneezed too hard.

The British N°1 stick grenade takes the prize as the worst. It was a stick grenade with a top detonator that was supposed to be thrown with a wall of mud less than two feet behind you.




It IS proof


  1. Sorry to hear about the mud and other mineral migration, that’s always a PITA.

    The weather should be good for knocking down the fires, anyway


  2. When the Trump administration proposed moving portions of the department of Agriculture to Kansas City, to be closer to the actual farming industry, the wailing and gnashing of teeth was deafening. I’m not sure if they ever were able to accomplish that or not.

    • They were going to move the Department of the Interior to Grand Junction CO too. Maybe those from Colorado will bring us up to speed.

  3. Water makes things happen. The toughest mountains know that. Give water time and it will change you. To be prepared is a wise strategy, you never know when the water makes trouble for you.

    • I’ve been in cloudbursts before, of course. But never at this place. It showed me where my planning was flawed.

  4. Ms. Broaddrick- That guy, geez. Been reading Baldacci and Childs, and in every one they weave in the politics of the upper echelons of the branches. Humans are still flawed regardless of where they sit in the pecking order.

    True story: My wife’s parents regularly had a Danish relative from Aarhus over for a visit, morning coffee was always good strong, but they kept a jar of Tasters Choice in the cabinet for the visit…regular sturdy brew wasn’t strong enough so into her cup went a few tablespoons.

    A tempest finds the flaws in waterproofing and drainage…all you can do is watch it knowing clean up and repairs will be needed. Hoping it isn’t too bad. Still rather hold my own on the weather than assume some government facility will do the clean up.

    Iconic picture of the French gal…evokes a certain mood (in a nice way), like the movie “A Good Year”…something about slowing down for a simple task.

      • And sturdy coffee makes a good tarnish remover to boot.

        Proves that flood damage can happen anywhere…with…you know…Climate Change/Warming/Cooling/Arctic Ice Melting/Sun spots/”The next Chicken Little” narrative. Cousin in a Philly suburb sent pics of his neighborhood after a massive storm blew thru last week, parked cars with water up to the door handles, some homes up to the middle of the garage doors. Hard to plan for that as water seeks it own path. He purposely bought one block over that’s 10′ higher up, only a little water seeping under the basement door. Took four days for the street to clear out, storm drains got overrun.

        • I thought that I’d fare better, to be honest. I live on a frigging ridge and water spills off in both directions, but you put ENOUGH water down and it gets ugly.

          • You’re new to your AO, and reality has a way of changing your expectations/predictions/planning/yadda/yadda/yadda.

            I’m surprised we didn’t have floods from the spring rains and melt-off. We lost a LOT of forest last year.

  5. Paul M ,
    Plus 1 on A Good Year,, my wife and I watch it every year on our anniversary. One of Russell’s best.

    • One of ours as well, yet panned by the wine and movie “experts”, which is why we never listen to those types. Movie made us want to explore Provence…but not in a “little caaar”.

  6. any beautiful woman that’s handy with a knife, and flyswatter, is tops in my book. until she gets mad at me, then i’m gone….in the mountains here nobody rides motorcycles for a few days after a storm. the roads are covered in gravel in every sharp curve. lately that’s all of the time. you can’t beat the mountain nor can you beat the water. you just adapt. or move away angry. the mountain won’t care either way. good luck with the mud.

    • You should always respect a woman who sharpens her knives to a razors edge while cursing under her breath.

  7. I spent a week I’m 2018 outside of Marrakech learning tadelakt with a fellow student, a 28 year old woman from Avignon. I have never seen anything like it. She would walk into a room and completely own it. We would go into town in the evenings and have a few drinks before going to our instructors family home for dinner, cooked by his sisters. It was like watching a seminar in charisma.

    • Did you plaster your Arizona house?

      Yes, there are people who can walk into a room and own it. One of those people is former President Bill Clinton. He’s one of the very best at that. I’ve seen it. Even people who don’t like him agree. I don’t know how it is now that he’s older, but he was magnetic.

      • That is/was the reason I went to Marrakech but I don’t really trust myself with such short exposure to the craft. I suppose I should practice on plywood some. Milena has a standing offer to fly over and help :).

        I think Arizona is a great place for tadelakt but every new house in Preskitt is so cookie cutter it will never catch on.

        • I think that I’d fly over and get hands-on experience.

          The new Preskitt homes are not inspiring. Cheap knockdown on the walls. You need to do your home and post photos on a website. It’s art, not just a wall.

          • Oh, do I ever have plans. Terrazzo floors with under-floor heating and a single stringer stair.

          • I thought about that for the pool house. If building materials come down in price. Essentially it will be a third floor down (not under), stretching downhill, Small pool, jacuzzi, steam, restroom set up. It may be complicated by the alternative septic system, which would be uphill from the pool house – leach lined downhill. I’d need to work out the engineering details with somebody more experienced than I am. I like the idea of Terrazzo tiles with some sort of water/moisture resistant tiles on the walls. It would be expensive to build even with the old prices in place but it would be ever so cool.

          • I think that I might have to raise my rates because I also want a boat (RHIB). Though with inflation, they are going up anyway. I just quoted a rate to a prospective client with the price doubled. It’s not because I’m greedy, but the cost of everything is up between 20-30% and I need to hire people and they doubled their rates. It’s a death spiral for America, but they voted for a corpse and a whore and corporate oligarchs to rule them.

          • Lumber prices continue a slow drop, might equalize…as long as it’s not the retail “raise prices then offer a sale” where prices are still elevated, get us grateful for $28 a sheet OSB that should be $8.

  8. I have a rain gauge called a Stratus, made in Fergus Falls, ND, that has an over flow tank which allows measuring rather large amounts of rainfall (6 inches maybe). I don’t know for sure because I’ve never gotten that much.

    While house hunting with a realtor in July of 2013 hear in beautiful Preskitt the realtor asked me how I liked the town. This was immediately after we had sheltered for about an hour in one of the houses I was checking out because of a raging storm. “Well, the streets are kind of rocky.”

    • The rain gave me work to do. Life is never easy. But life does offer lessons. You just need to learn from them. I’m learning.

  9. Interesting about the Avia S-92. I did not know that. I was curious what (if anything) they did to improve the engines. According to Wiki, they went with the BMW 003 in place of the Jumo 004.

    Back when we were house hunting here in DFW, I was surprised at the number of cement driveways sloped downhill and aimed right at the garage door (obviously). Most of the garage floors have an inch or so drop off across the front right behind where the door closes. Still…

    Our driveway slopes down to the street.

    • My driveway slopes toward the house (mia culpa) but in my defense, I have storm drains protecting the driveway, the garage (it’s a drive-through garage with a 7 car capacity) openings, and the house. They’re deep and I have powder-coated steel grates covering those drain channels. The drains flow down to the side of the house, and from there to a canyon that drops about 500 feet. I never thought that they would fill completely with debris. The house is. on a ridge and there’s not much opportunity for water to flow in any way that would tend to FLOOD.

  10. This is a high-class joint. Not one person has suggested the Frenchwoman needs to be fattened up. “Someone feed her some cheeseburgers!” Good. That’s a normal, healthy build for her phenotype.

    Sorry to hear about the water damage.

    My informant at Univ AR says that even after all these years, Bill Clinton is infamous among senior hospital staff of a certain vintage. Seems BJC had a compulsion to take things. He was known for borrowing pens, signing (or whatever), then looking at the pen, locking eyes with the pen owner, and saying “nice pen, can I keep it?” Didn’t matter if it was an expensive pen or a disposable. Sounds to me like a power/personality thing.

    • You nailed William Jefferson/Slick Willy.

      Not much damage, just clean up. I’m taking a break right now, back to the salt mine in a minute.

      • Not one person has suggested the Frenchwoman needs to be fattened up. I don’t know about THAT. Naturally, after you’ve given her half a dozen kids or so, there will be a bit more cushion.

        • Change in body shape/increased BMI because of kids is expected and natural. Not to mention plain normative aging.

          But I’m not a fan of the “I like plump women so you need to fatten up” school. If that’s so important then just find a plump gal to begin with. It’s no different than “you’d be really hot if you lost 20 lbs.” But that’s just my opinion.

          • I don’t like getting older all that much. I don’t know anyone who does. There are a few advantages as we sail toward our dotage, but not many.

  11. I had a rain gauge at the place in northern Minnesota, found it overfull (6″) at noon one storm … that was a lot of water!

  12. Yes, I get what happened to you LL. Sorry that it washed into your garage; what a mess that must be.

    We had a storm like that 2 weeks ago here in Bandera County, Texas. Washed a nice 6 inch deep groove into my gravel drive way. Up front, the neighbor’s driveway washed about 50′ into my yard. There were new piles of dead dried cedar needles up to 3 inches or so around the property where the sheeting flow washed them into piles.

      • Cap’nBob had to regrade some of his property in Wickenberg after the first few rainy seasons. Had to add new ditches, increase the capacity of others, and put some culverts in to carry away the flow without causing damage.

  13. I call my place Laughing Water Farm. You need water, sometimes you don’t. It never comes at the right time or winds up in the places you want it. Ha ha.

  14. LL, sorry about the water damage and hope you don’t run into problems cleaning it up or mitigating future damage. Small compact tractors can be your friend moving dirt and gravel around.

    I met Mr. Clinton when he came to Whiteman AFB to thank us (B-2s) for bombing the dickens out of Bosnia. You are absolutely right about owning the room. After he went down the meet and greet line shaking hands saying a few words to everyone all I could think of was that would not buy a used car from him.

    • Slick Willy made a career out of that and had carnal knowledge of many hundreds of women other than Hillary through harnessing that. Hillary has a repellant, reptilian personality, used power to find lesbian girlfriends who would otherwise not have had anything to do with her. Hillary’s path to success was Bill.

      I’m working on getting a tractor in, I have to get a new tire on the car tomorrow. You know, life. Sometimes it’s a lot.

  15. Lesson learned, and now it’s innovate, adapt, and overcome. Sorry for the extra work, but at least it happened while you were there, so you ‘know’ what happened rather than coming home and doing a WTF???

    • We had an event while I was gone – but we were smashed while I was here. And you’re right, lucky thing. Going forward during monsoon season, when I leave, I’ll deploy anti-flood hardware and put up caution cones. Even after I’m finished with backhoe work, those precautions have to be taken up.

    • There was planning, WSF. I didn’t think that the drainage channels would pack up with gravel. They’re large with 12″ conduit lines to discharge water. But I was obviously wrong. As I type, most of those channels are cleaned out and I have a 12″ wire chimney sweep brush coming to deal with. the under driveway drainage if it clogs. That part didn’t clog but I want to be able to run the sweep from time to time.

  16. I grew into being a licensed general.building contractor in two states, California and Oregon through growing up helping my carpenter dad on weekends, a formal state-accredited four year carpenter’s apprenticeship, a journeyman period, and passing written state tests and securing bonds and licenses as a general building contractor.
    I learned the Critical Path Method of construction scheduling and management working for big companies (you would know their names) on multi-million dollar projects.
    It is a good tool.
    Just to build a house there are between fifty and seventy planners, permits, sub-contractors, architects, etc,.In todsy’s world.
    That is why there is a general contractor to coordinate this operation.
    The first thing to consider before pencil hits paper and a shovel is stuck in the ground is drainage.
    On a simple residential ranch style home the first thing you look at is drainage and downspouts for the gutters.
    One of the last if not the last things to go up are the gutters and downspouts, so many people don’t think that far ahead.
    Water and gravity never quit.

    • Hail clogs rain gutters and downspouts. Ask me how I know… There was 2″ hail in the area but mercifully, it didn’t hit me. I’ve heard of baseball hail in Colorado. Wow – just Wow.

      I knew that it was advisable to dig channels, but Arizona has been rather dry since I moved here and I didn’t do it. That’s 100% on me. Call it lazy or unprepared, whatever. I’m with you on drainage and in the past, I’ve paid closer attention to it than here and now. I have channels, I have drains, but not enough to handle 100 fire hoses all at once. But trust me, I will.

      • WSF can tell you many more horror stories about hail in Colorado than I can. The Kid’s place in Bellvue got clobbered a few years ago, and it looked like a couple of squads opened up on with M60’s. Just blew the daylights out of the siding on two sides of the house, and trashed the roof.

        The house now has a metal roof, and more modern siding. “High Impact” shingles and siding are commonplace out here, items I’d never heard of before we moved here.

  17. Can’t mitigate against what you don’t know will come down the pike, or the mountainside in this case.

    It is what it is. And you learned what you need to do. If’n you know a good civil engineer, have him/her look at it and see if they can come up with any suggestions that are better than what you can think of.

    At the House, before I moved to the Apartment (long story of woe and sadness, eh, I’m alive) had a problem with water, even though it was 2/3rds up a hill. When they cut in a road above the house, the 4″ drop or so from curb top to road served as enough buffer to funnel even hurricane-level precipitation.

    So, well, look up slope to see where you can berm, or cut channels.

    Have fun. Good luck. Glad the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been. For your shelves, get those half-height cinder blocks and jack your shelves up off the ground.

  18. I use that heavy duty shelving you can buy at COSTCO the bottom shelf is 25” up heavy duty plastic storage boxes on the bottom.

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