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Keep California, or Let It Go?
(Washington Times) Anti-Trump secessionists filed formal paperwork Monday launching their petition drive aimed at separating California from the union by first putting the issue before voters on the 2018 ballot. 
A petition submitted by the Yes California Independence Campaign calls for repealing language in the state constitution that describes California as an “inseparable part” of the nation and holding a vote on independence on March 13, 2019. 
Organizers, who filed the petition with the California attorney general, said they plan to begin collecting signatures early next year to qualify for the ballot. 
At the same time, the group is planning to hold #Calexit rallies in Los Angeles and San Francisco during the Jan. 20 inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump. 
“This is our chance to show the world that Donald Trump is not California’s president and that we are going to take direct action to defend our values, preserve our way of life, and protect our people,” said a post on Yes California’s Facebook page. 
The #Calexit campaign has six months to collect 585,407 valid signatures (nationwide), but the goal is to gather at least 1 million.
One thing is certain. If California leaves the union, the USA will need to build a wall around it to keep the progs in. As the Calexit movement grows, more and more progs are vowing to leave their east coast progressive havens and resettle in California – reverse Californication. Witches and freaks will flock to their new home, voluntarily segregating themselves in the worker’s paradise.

Personal Message: Brig, if that happens, the progs from Washington and Oregon who are moving south are likely to inundate you. Sell high, move north to the now evacuated Oregonian forests and buy low.

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22 thoughts on “Let it Go?

  1. I recommend the rest of the US vote to rescind CA's statehood. Kick them out of the union. And maybe Oregon, Washington, New York and Massachusetts. Let them figure out how to prosper without sucking on the tax subsidies from the rest of the red states.

    And then see who flocks where.

  2. We need to keep one port on the Pacific. Maybe keep Washington State, but import people from Oklahoma or something to balance out the insanity.

  3. I'd let them go in a heartbeat. Thing is – it's stupid and it's not going to happen, but it does keep the libtards busy and out of our hair.

  4. Thanks for thinking of me, the plan is in the works.

    LOL, They (Calexit) don't seem to realize that all the multitude of federally funded: healthcare, social security, medicare, education, science, fire, parks, military, subsidies, programs, etc. will go away… idiots.

  5. You can just move to the other side of the lake. I don't know how they're going to split the lake…the wall would be challenging. It's a deep lake.

  6. Hey now Fredd…even though Oregon went Blue, it was kinda close since most of the state are actually pretty normal. When Cal leaves (its got my vote) maybe enough moonbats will leave Oregon to go with them that the tide will turn. Just gotta have a fence and a rule that once gone they can't come back. Escapees after the exit have to provide voting records that prove they are not progs.
    Brig…you're welcome down here on the southern Oregon coast anytime…Red outnumbers blue at the moment and the more the merrier.

  7. I'm very fond of the Southern Oregon coast and country. The progs can cross over into California – and you're right. They can't come back out – like a roach motel/Hotel California – they can check out but they can never leave.

  8. We already did that once: in the 1930's (Grapes of Wrath). Okies flocked to Bakersfield fleeing the Dust Bowl to pick 'grapefruits the size of your head' in the Land of Plenty. Those Okies of yore turned into Californians, and begot the current generation of liberal garbage that currently infests the state, and is spilling into other fertile lands.

    I say no to relying on Okies for anything. Whatsoever.

  9. I agree. Let them go. They are bankrupt. How long will they last? And don't let them back into the Union until they are solvent.

    Remove funding from all sanctuary cities, too.

  10. I think voting records can probably be faked? Here in Louisiana, you can change your 'affiliation' up until a day or two before a general election, so that changes nothing. Maybe a test on the Constitution, or proof of gun ownership or some such?

  11. After reading the time line. This is all the same stuff we get from the famous people, who promise to leave and then renig.

    By the time it goes to a final vote, Trump will be running for re-election and they will say 'only fooling'.

    They can't leave fast enough for me.

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