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Welcome to Hell, Fidel

Fidel Castro, the communist dictator who ruled Cuba for nearly half a century, is dead at age 90 according to Cuban state television. Castro rose to power during the Cuban Revolution, toppling Fulgencio Batista’s regime in 1959 alongside his brother Raul and Che Guevara. He then transformed the nation into a single-party, communist state and installed himself as dictator. In recent years Castro had largely retreated from the public eye, rarely appearing in public since relinquishing power to his brother Raul in 2008.
Most young Americans don’t know who Fidel Castro is but they recognize Che from the t-shirts — not knowing who he was either. It speaks to our university system (below).
Sanctuary Universities
Will vastly expensive private universities be handing out full-ride scholarships to illegal aliens in an effort to keep them on campus?
I haven’t heard the result of their kibitzing yet, but a number of universities have declared themselves to be “sanctuary campuses”. I don’t know how many illegal aliens can afford to be there at $60K per year + numbers. Any thoughts?
The Weather
Myron Ebell

The United States has bankrolled much of the “environment industry” worldwide to date. There are a lot of non-government organizations (NGO’s) and a lot of countries which feed at the trough to try and change the weather.

The US spent $77 billion between 2008 when Barack took office and 2013. President Trump has said that withdrawal from the nearly endless waste of effort in this regard would save the country $100 billion during the next four years. I think that’s a fair number. There are better places to put $100 billion, even if you planted trees or improved roads (reducing traffic jams that waste fuel and pollute the air).

President Trump appointed climate sceptic Myron Ebell, who is in charge of the the Environmental Protection Agency transition. Mr. Ebell may become Secretary of the EPA to oversee it’s downsizing. There is no word on that as of this writing. The climate change lobby hates Mr. Ebell with a passion. Naturally, it speaks well for him in the circles that I move in.

Inconvenient Truth

Worldwide Industrial emissions have stopped growing over the past two years, largely due to changes in the Chinese economy that are not connected to any green agenda. Moreover, the US economy is set to substantially de-carbonise because hydraulic fracturing has unlocked VAST oil and gas reserves, which resulted in gas prices falling below well below coal

Donald Trump’s historic election win and repudiation of climate agreements does not mean that emissions will climb. Emissions are reponsive to changes in economies, in particular changes that occur in the gigantic Chinese economy. Major policy shifts such as the Chinese government ordering a rationalisation of smelting capacity, which it is reluctant to do, would probably have more short-term influence than generally worthless agreements at international meetings.


Popular wisdom is that Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president, who didn’t win a single county in America during the recent election, is calling for ballot re-counts in battleground states for one of or all of the following reasons:

  • To boost her name recognition for political purposes.
  • As a shill of the Clintons, who are unwilling to open that can of worms for fear of backlash.
  • To raise money that she’ll keep in her political war chest — $5 million so far.
My sense of the matter is that she wants to be a player in the post-Clinton political scene and she is raising money to do that through this re-count gambit. When you consider that nobody really knows who she is or what she stands for (besides being ‘left of Bernie’ – and full 1984 commie), it’s not a bad idea to do this because she got her mug (above) on this blog and she’s raking in the cash. Politics is like that. Bernie did well and she’s trying to grab his base for the Green/Rainbow Coalition.

Barack is Bitter

Old NFO discussed the bitter melt-down going on inside of the Democrat Party, citing the article below, which was a re-hash of an article from the New Yorker magazine.
(Hot Air) You see the narrative emerging. Clinton has let down Obama and has made his legacy vulnerable because her greedy desire for tarnished money allowed her to be painted as an unseemly, untrustworthy grifter. And Obama and his team should know, it’s exactly the playbook they used against her eight years ago. 
But Hillary’s failure in 2016 has the opposite effect for Obama as it did in ’08. This time around, the president campaigned on her behalf and laid his own legacy on the line by stumping with lines like, “All the progress that we’ve made these last eight years,” he said, “goes out the window if we don’t win this election!” 
The post-election niceties are starting to disappear in the rear-view mirror and now, since he set the narrative that Trump’s victory would undo his entire presidency, Obama and his surrogates will start sharpening their criticism of Clinton and her failure.
Barack blamed George W. Bush for everything including the Bubonic Plague in the 13th Century, but that is nothing compared to what he and his friends will unleash on Hillary Clinton. The so-called Obama Legacy is about to be undone almost completely as he is revealed as the worst president in American history, but that’s not who will get their ire. All that blame will land at Hillary’s flat feet.  Hillary is blaming the Weiners, but nobody listens. 

Meanwhile the cash drop to the Clinton Foundation is as dry as the Arabian desert – no more oil money for them. Chelsea Clinton’s chance of winning an election for dog catcher anywhere in America is somewhere around zero, as the Clintonian dynasty crumbles
The press will continue to lash out at President Trump, but Trump will smile and side-step them.

Nothing irks the press more than simply being ignored. And so long as they behave like partisan children, that’s how they will be treated not only by President Trump, but by the public as well. They threw it all in for Hillary and the public repudiated them.

As much of a malevolent hector as Barack prepares to be, his words will fall on deaf ears as President Trump works to make America great again and reverse the miserable Obama years.

25 thoughts on “Current Events (a review)

  1. I'm sure if we follow the money coming to Jill Stein, we'll find Hillary fingerprints on it. She can't openly go after a recount because she conceded. This also gives George Soros a chance to tune up his voting machines … hang on to your hats because anything can happen on a Democrat watch.

  2. The Republicans don't need Wisconsin or Pennsylvania. Michigan has been thoroughly recounted. That's why it's a joke.

    BUT you're right. They could do literally anything.

  3. Thanks for the link, it will be interesting to see what happens in Cuba (my bet is nothing changes)… Re Stine, agree that she is a shill. The dems will try the same crap they did to get the comedian from MI in a few years ago.

  4. The power elite in Cuba have a vested interest in keeping the population as slaves with a military that enforces the status quo. Fidel's death, while nice, means nothing except that they'll erect a monument to his memory somewhere and pigeons will dump on it. Maybe one day the people will pull it down the way Stalin's and Saddam's were toppled.

    I don't think that America will erect a statue to Hillary anytime soon.

  5. Now that Fidel is in Hell with Che, I wonder if they will team up to overthrow satin and make Hell a Communist Hot Hole? I know Fidel's sister and niece are doing the Snoopy Dance this weekend. Hate is strong there. And I felt that Hillary would lose simply because Obama backed her. Every other cause he backed, except Obamacare, failed.

  6. Barack used his pen and his telephone to secure his legacy. It makes the problem an easy one for President Trump to fix.

  7. Even though "We Won", this is no time to stop praying for President Trump. The leftists, in their determination to destroy America, will stop at nothing to see their dream fulfilled.

    And that includes assassination. I'm sure President Trump (I really enjoy calling him that) will be well liked by his Secret Service detail, and while the SS guys may have hesitated to stop a bullet for Barack, I think they'd willingly jump in front of President Trump to stop one.

  8. President Trump's acceptance speech when he took office praised the Secret Service. Barack and the Clintons only scorned them.

  9. No sorrow over Fidel or his ilk passing.

    A really good local man, husband, father, friend went to heaven this past week, I'm going to be thinking on that.

  10. Now Hilly wants a recount. She has best pack up her bags and go. She knows not whom she is playing with. What a raving twit.

  11. I devoutly hope your are right about Trump. Being a bone deep skeptic keeps the enthusiasm level flat.

  12. I've heard or read somewhere that Killary is supporting – personally or monetarily or both – this Stein person's recount. (She looks like she is gritting her teeth to smile in that picture.) Maybe some judges with throw it out?

    Obama will show his lack of class, yes, as he has promised to stay in D.C. and whine about everything President Trump does.

    That is good news about Mr. Ebell. I don't know him, so thanks for his update.

  13. Hillary is joining in the recount – at least her organization is. She would have to get the election results reversed in all three states to "win". And I think that even if she won those, the race would be thrown into the House of Representatives — but I haven't looked at the numbers that closely.

  14. Grunt, His first name was Harvey. Thank you for the prayers.

    LL, Yep, Harvey was a very good one, and will be dearly missed.

  15. Shill Stein, nothing quite like a millionaire commie to get the sanctuary universities out of their safe spaces and into the, er, streets.

  16. Millionaire commies – like Pelosi – all want you to sacrifice for the "greater good" while they remain behind gates in their mansions.

  17. Lots of millionaire commies in Hollywood, and just about all of them want you to sacrifice. They need not sacrifice jack squat, since they are needed to encourage the rabble onward towards that Utopian future, where there is no tear in any eye. And how can they lead the masses towards a glorious and perfect future if they are obliged to eat Cheez-Whiz on Ritz crackers like they suggest the rest of us eat, rather than their accustomed brie and table carved Chateaubriand? Their strength just won't be there to hold that bull horn, or to climb up on that soap box.

    Or commies like Sheryl Crow, who want us all to conserve resources by using just one square of toilet paper. She, of course, can't be caught on camera scratching her poorly wiped butt, she's too important to the cause so she can use as much toilet paper as she needs. The rest of us, Sheryl dismisses our sacrifice as necessary and simply suggests we just scratch away, we of the Great Unwashed. Or Great Unwiped, I think either works here.

  18. Fredd, do I detect a bit of cynicism when you are writing of your betters? Sheryl Crow is a singer and we know that profession requires a great deal of intelligence. The same is true of people like Whoopie – the name says it all. She's famous for — being black, I think. Thus she makes millions of dollars a year because of her erudite superiority.

    Barack was famous for being a rabble rouser/community organizer and for being a mulatto. On the prog intelligence scale, that makes him the adult in the room.

    Criticizing your betters for trying to lead you to a better place (the promised land) will only earn you the scorn of college kids nationwide. However you can frighten them off if you write the word TRUMP on the sidewalk in chalk, or engage in other micro aggression.

  19. Yes, your 'cynicism-dar' (much like Gay-dar) is functioning correctly. And don't get me started on what I think of 'my betters.' TOO LATE! I' already started…

    Sheryl Crow and Cher, along of course with the Dixie Chicks, to a chick are all way, WAY smarter than you and me, you see. We're just dumb hayseed bumpkin hicks, who don't know enough to come in out of the rain. Cher, who dropped out of high school calls Harvard MBA grad George W. Bush 'stupid.' You just can't make this stuff up, LL.

    And Whoopi is indeed famous for being black, much like Jesse Jackson, Chris Rock and Kanye West. None of them have a lick of talent in their entire bodies, but they have that black thing down pat.

    I can criticize my betters until the cows come home without fear of them coming near me: I have chalk, and a sidewalk, and know how to spell TRUMP, even as dumb as I am. Those hated 5 letters letters shown to my betters is like thrusting a crucifix in Dracula's face.

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